Rasputin vs Stalin. Epic Rap Battles of History
Rasputin and Stalin face off in this episode of Epic Rap Battles of History. Who won? You decide!
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▼ CAST ▼
Grigori Rasputin, Vladimir Lenin & Vladimir Putin: Nice Peter (of Russian Descent)
Joseph Stalin & Mikhail Gorbachev: EpicLLOYD (No Russian Blood)
Special guest bro: PewDiePie as Mikhail Baryshnikov
▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist
Directed by:
Dave McCary
Written by:
Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Zach Sherwin, Dante Cimadamore and Mike Betette
Beats Produced by:
The Unbeatables & Dizzy Productions
Song Produced by:
Nice Peter and Choco
Mixed by:
Choco and Nice Peter
Edited by:
Dave McCary and Nice Peter
Compositing and Background Design by:
Andrew Sherman
Directors of Photography:
Jon Na and Layne Pavoggi
Arthur Hong and Blake O'Neal
Assistant Editors:
Ryan Moulton and Marc Chester
Music Supervisor and Playback:
Dante Cimadamore
Costume Design:
Sulai Lopez
Makeup and Hair:
Eva Buinowsky and Tara Lang
Art Consultant:
Mary Gutfleisch
BTS Camera:
Jose Mendoza, Yev Belilovsky (born in Russia) and Trent Turner
Production Assistants:
Shaun Lewin, Trent Turner and Yev Belilovsky
Production Coordinators:
Shaun Lewin and Atul Singh
Produced by:
Michelle Maloney for Maker Studios

  • Soft Drink
    Soft Drink

    1:58 is that PewDiePie? 🤣😂😆

  • Epic chill guy
    Epic chill guy

    Try not to cringe challenge lmao

  • Mr. ET
    Mr. ET

    I haven’t watched these in a month but I have multiple of these stuck in my head. I even know this one word for word start to finish. This level of JAM should not be legal. I feel violated

  • TheGoldenNuggetYT

    Is anyone gonna question PewDiePie was in this?

    • TheGoldenNuggetYT

      The dancer wearing black during Miguel korbechov’s thing. Idk how to spell it obviously but the guy with the birth mark

    • bubble the bubble
      bubble the bubble


  • Michael Rogers
    Michael Rogers

    Ra Ra Rasputin.....

  • the jester wolf
    the jester wolf

    PewDiePie's in this

  • dryzabones atom
    dryzabones atom

    When there is a disagreement in the Kremlin

  • Absalom Bala
    Absalom Bala

    Make axis powers vs allied powers

  • e j
    e j

    It's hard it's either Lenin or Gorbachev

  • HazardousRiot

    Did somebody say real power

  • Michael Rodgers
    Michael Rodgers

    When you learn more with these than actual history class

  • Salvatore Sev
    Salvatore Sev

    1:28 you were supposed to destroy the bourgeoisie,not join them

  • ST kelen
    ST kelen

    *ух бля*

  • Saint Perri
    Saint Perri

    Putin made Stalin stay behind Lenin even before he started to spit

  • Kidsbestfury&sh#t

    Putin won that

    • SirNerdly

      Nah. He just assassinated anyone who didn't clap.

  • Bryce Aidan Ong
    Bryce Aidan Ong


  • glu skye
    glu skye

    Big dick mystic - Rasputin

  • Azaria Jones
    Azaria Jones

    "Tore down that wall like the Kool Aid man. Oh yeah!" Funniest line ever 😂

  • Jirair Ohannes
    Jirair Ohannes

    I like how all of EpicLloyd's characters have (an attempt at) a Russian accent while NicePeter's characters just get a normal voice lmao

  • Nikhil Oolut
    Nikhil Oolut

    Can we take a second to appreciate how fire Gorbachev’s beat was?

  • Kkqleb -
    Kkqleb -

    Stalin sounds like Mario

  • Nihilist Russian
    Nihilist Russian


  • Varg Leere
    Varg Leere

    The Russian won .

  • Eclipse Z
    Eclipse Z

    Me and my friend call Stalin our best friend forever and Hitler a friend.. So she ask me if we are a "commie" and I said... Idk so I said we are a "Capmmies" because we live in the USA.. And we act very drunk.. Mostly me ;-;

  • KSB-Pr0fit _
    KSB-Pr0fit _

    Id say Lenin won this one

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin

    I won

  • Demo Chan
    Demo Chan


  • majoras mask まじょら
    majoras mask まじょら

    Stalin won

  • Space Nomad
    Space Nomad

    They did kind of a crappy job on Putin

  • Diego Cardenas
    Diego Cardenas

    Vladimir Lenin

  • InsaneZylex

    Is it bad that I remember the entire rap?

    • bubble the bubble
      bubble the bubble


  • karthik golagani
    karthik golagani

    intense as communism

  • Ibrahim Bello
    Ibrahim Bello

    if only and only world conflict can be settle as so ooooh boy oh boy

  • Tess Espaltero
    Tess Espaltero

    Hold on... Did i just see Pewdiepie doing yoga or wasnt it someone who looks like him?

  • DoomMaGeddon42

    The guy that represents Lenin sure did a great job. Should become an actor.

  • Andreas Mihailo
    Andreas Mihailo

    Real power ? PUTIN

  • ethan zzz
    ethan zzz

    Is that supposed to be putin at the end

    • bubble the bubble
      bubble the bubble


  • Steven H
    Steven H

    Marx spins in his grave

  • chenrobbins

    It would be cool if ERB would do an epic rap battle and have just the people who it's a battle between, and where every team didn't turn on itself. funny concept becomes boring after you see it too many times.

  • Chris Stam
    Chris Stam


  • Angela Hsiao
    Angela Hsiao

    There’s always that one guy who looks like his eyeballs are going to pop out

  • John Sahm
    John Sahm

    Who knew PewDiePie was in this 1:57

    • bubble the bubble
      bubble the bubble


  • Kevin Jr
    Kevin Jr

    Me trying to sleep at 3 am: Brain: Reagan and McDonald's Me trying to sleep at 4am: Brain: Did somebody say real power? US trying to make OUR motherland glorious: THE PROLETARIAT MASSES

  • Starzone Neo
    Starzone Neo

    “Shriveled up like your right hand man!” *stalin looks at right hand*

  • Alexis Vazquez
    Alexis Vazquez

    Basically what they said was: Rasputin: You are horrible Stalin: Shut it pervert, I'll have you killed Lenin: Both of you were terrible so let me break it down for you Gorbachev: Stop, you all don't know how to act Putin:*laughs in the distance Pathetic

  • Benjamin Burch
    Benjamin Burch

    Lenin was a butcher. He is the reason the Soviet Union ended up the way it did.

  • Gabriel Yon
    Gabriel Yon

    A odd feeling this video is what inspired me to rap in the first place 6 years ago. Damn i can't believe this oof.

  • Constant Content
    Constant Content

    Ra ra rasputin

  • ching chong un
    ching chong un

    I liked it especially when the Russian one rapped

    • ching chong un
      ching chong un

      @Constant Content *cough* shut it *cough*

    • Constant Content
      Constant Content

      *chough* rip off comment *cough*

  • magma1lord

    after so many years i finally understand the 'you got of easy when they pickled that moose cock' line. When Rasputin died they cut off his cock and was supposedly huge. They pickled it and it can still be seen today in a museum somewhere in Russia i believe.

  • Rolf van der Burgt
    Rolf van der Burgt

    Actually СССР is pronounced as SSSR in English, phonetically also in Russian because translated it is С=S P=R

  • Norbert Zsolt Kovács
    Norbert Zsolt Kovács

    *Leonid Brezhnev entered the fucking chat*

  • Człowiek w Masce
    Człowiek w Masce

    Pierogi is Poland!

  • Arthur Kim
    Arthur Kim

    When pewdiepie is the dancer.

  • Sieuxerr1621 Yeet
    Sieuxerr1621 Yeet

    I've just realized that Baryshnikov was PewDiePie ... 2020 everyone lol

  • TrinityPayne

    I've always loved the ones where people interrupt. So many different flows make amazing songs.

  • austi12234


  • Ym Gaming
    Ym Gaming


  • Ym Gaming
    Ym Gaming


  • Henderman1

    “All your wizard friends *shot* Still kills me