Rating my favorite youtuber apology videos.
Pewdiepie, logan paul , laura lee, tmarting apology video
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  • Caroline Granados
    Caroline Granados

    #2 - I don’t think she is sad at all. She annoys me, her video angers me. If I sat in front of her I would just walk away.. she is the type I would ignore. Sometimes it is better not to apologise...

  • Leibniz Arco
    Leibniz Arco

    Just when I thought when this was a new video

  • The_Mushroom_Lad

    Im waiting for the tana mongu apology to idubbbz reaction......

  • George Lin
    George Lin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="153">2:33</a> [summons Cthulhu]

    • Team Vetal
      Team Vetal


  • James Dunlea
    James Dunlea

    Hi How’s it going in the year 2020 we don’t know what grass looks like

  • Mark McCammon
    Mark McCammon

    Freaking love your videos pewdiepie.

    • Rich da Bunny
      Rich da Bunny


  • TheFozz

    pt.2 for katerino?

  • okyeah whatever
    okyeah whatever

    How does tmartin look 12 and 40 at the same time.

  • Barbara Ramovs
    Barbara Ramovs


  • PixelMation

    nono, the second apology starts off just bad, and then it does to so bad its good, and then it just goes back to bad again

  • Luke Bettencourt
    Luke Bettencourt


  • HadanPlays

    Ok I hate that second person. I feel like she just doesn’t want to say anything and just want to cry- Oop

  • LadyBellonaAPB

    Can we get a rating on Katerino's apology video?

  • [CULT]_Inspectah_Chill

    The last time I watched one of your videos you had 50m

  • marten laan
    marten laan

    He should react to jarvis banned video lol

  • Dave Ridley
    Dave Ridley

    I have been brought here due to isolation

  • Crvtbn

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="621">10:21</a> Pewdz: I’m not a waman Also pewdz: just kidding

  • Corona Virus
    Corona Virus

    At this point, What even is time?

    • Crvtbn


  • Hansel Barlowe
    Hansel Barlowe

    Let's see a video you criticising how you criticised yourself criticising your own apology video

  • Monster Gang
    Monster Gang

    Katerino apology is a 10

  • RangerWest YT
    RangerWest YT

    Dogs don't like it when you hold there paws like that 😑 especially when you squeeze them as tight as he did

    • RangerWest YT
      RangerWest YT

      Very painful

  • RangerWest YT
    RangerWest YT

    Aawwww poor boo boo baby

  • Ric Grim
    Ric Grim

    Can someone secretly install the claper light switch into putes film room? his lights be going nuts lol

  • Aidan Brannagh
    Aidan Brannagh

    Quarantine is making me watch vids I've already seen 10 times

    • Aidan Brannagh
      Aidan Brannagh

      Also he kinda talks to much its 26 minutes long wt f bro

  • Alexej Kacer
    Alexej Kacer

    Youtbure buried their past. piewdiepie hmmmm no no no noo



  • Josef Miguel
    Josef Miguel

    Quarantine sent me here

  • Bob The dog
    Bob The dog

    Where is faze Jarvis lol

  • Seema Shah
    Seema Shah

    How is james charles not here

  • Bri Cheese
    Bri Cheese

    Make a part 2!!

  • DeathTag

    Pewds apology is 0/10😂

  • T O X I C
    T O X I C


  • DeathTag

    Pewds, theres a second tmartn apology for faking a live commentary and he swore on his dogs life

  • Madhav Daga
    Madhav Daga

    I came here particularly for the Logan Paul part

  • milkshxae

    Katerino's apology brought me here.

  • Winning Ewald
    Winning Ewald

    Me too

  • Nur Hidayah
    Nur Hidayah

    everyone, what is the song ?

  • emma hirahara
    emma hirahara

    Every time Felix does a roasting video... Felix: laughs at people's pain Felix: This is so stupid Felix: Roasts the hell out of people Felix: but obviously don't take any of this seriously, you keep doing what your doing *no hate intended just thought this was funny*

  • Yoshi24

    Wait, there are people on the internet that still take death threats seriously?

  • Ellie Love
    Ellie Love

    Honestly he makes some good points though

  • Lucas Steltz
    Lucas Steltz

    I made a series and continuous lapse of my judgment

  • Syed ali
    Syed ali

    Did anyone else die of laughter when he laughed the first time when she was crying

  • Faiha Aisha
    Faiha Aisha

    The Indonesian subtitle tho 😂

  • Onewxrld Music
    Onewxrld Music

    How much did MacDonalds pay you for wearing this?

  • Louis Louistina
    Louis Louistina

    Хахахах ШакДоналдс ржу

  • jena ,
    jena ,

    Recomendation Brought me here

  • soo

    That guy looks like a pug

  • soo

    That Laura girl is too much cringe

    • kai bascombe
      kai bascombe

      Ik right

  • Jian Ceasar Samantila
    Jian Ceasar Samantila

    How to start an apology video : *breathe in Helium and let out a deep sigh and proceed to wipe face as if an ant is crawling*

  • Caeden O’Connor
    Caeden O’Connor

    Faze Jarvis?

  • Josh allen
    Josh allen

    So mature

  • Ciara Caggiano
    Ciara Caggiano

    LMFOAOAO when you replayed when there was sum coming outta laura lees mouth i died

  • jonathan wahyudi
    jonathan wahyudi

    Tapi Boongggg 😂😂😂

  • SpUder_ P00L
    SpUder_ P00L

    now everytime I look in the comments in any video, someone says their here during quarantine.....im here during quarantine

  • Qeta Melikidze
    Qeta Melikidze


  • Leeroy Weasley
    Leeroy Weasley

    cries in gucci got me dieded 999999

  • The tired ukulele
    The tired ukulele

    *next video is an apology for this video*

  • ZahoiN

    If I got famous I would just smoke up the boys everyday and throw eggs n shit at eager papparazis 4 real lol

    • ZahoiN


  • Draw Darkdz
    Draw Darkdz

    Me at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="720">12:00</a> : speak up wooman

  • Moonbyul Daddy
    Moonbyul Daddy

    Brought by Quarantine today

  • Brighton McShee
    Brighton McShee

    I hate you so much. You literally make the same mistake over and over again. And then you try and embarrass other more talented NOsoftrs

  • Brighton McShee
    Brighton McShee

    This is why I don’t like you. You’re a hypocrite.

  • Swannie Ms
    Swannie Ms

    Coronavirus made me watch this video

  • Brandon Murguz
    Brandon Murguz

    Sooooo basically be like trump

  • Sydnee Steele
    Sydnee Steele

    Did quarantine force anybody else to watch old vide? 😂 Just me? Alright!

    • Lena May
      Lena May

      Foxy Party THANK YOU!!!

    • Foxy Party
      Foxy Party


    • Sydnee Steele
      Sydnee Steele

      Lena May you are and so are the other comments. I just wanted to post what I thought. Why you gotta be like that? Have a great day though! 😊

    • Lena May
      Lena May

      Sydnee Steele like anyone reading it will be from 2020

    • Landen Klahn
      Landen Klahn

      @Lena May rude

  • Jesus Guerrero
    Jesus Guerrero

    That's not true you still cry during stress shes faking it

  • A H
    A H

    This is one of the best videos he has make so far

  • Code 6219
    Code 6219

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="665">11:05</a>, was that pewds or her? XD

    • Code 6219
      Code 6219

      Foxy Party that timing tho

    • Foxy Party
      Foxy Party

      I *think*

    • Foxy Party
      Foxy Party


  • Annie Tube
    Annie Tube

    I can't hear anymore the 2ond person ... REALLY..... I hope none of her viewers believed her

  • the duck
    the duck

    Finaly a comment section of pewds where people are not fishing for likes with stupid jokes

  • LSQ Dean
    LSQ Dean

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1148">19:08</a> if u pause quick enough you'll see a bunch of Logan old vids

  • Sohaib Ahmad Films
    Sohaib Ahmad Films

    NOsoft keeps recommending me this ... I wonder if they know that I am gonna mess up soon 😂🙌🏻

  • Bigbooty Man • 69 hours ago
    Bigbooty Man • 69 hours ago

    Why do people cry whenever they fucked up, r they just sad that they got caught or something like what did they expect.

  • Kaloyan Vasilev
    Kaloyan Vasilev

    Y u wearing T-shirt that says mc Donalds

  • Dhaen alkaabi
    Dhaen alkaabi

    Let me start this: Last

    • Conor McGrath
      Conor McGrath


  • William Gould
    William Gould

    Felix u da man

  • Vugar Guluzada
    Vugar Guluzada

    i just notice that your shirt is written in russian" шаклоналлс''hahaha

  • Anonymous

    How dare you!?

  • Not a Korgie
    Not a Korgie

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1100">18:20</a> listen super closely and you’ll hear the MEOWWW

    • Not a Korgie
      Not a Korgie

      There’s another one around 20:00

  • Gaming Theft
    Gaming Theft

    and your apology?