Real Doctor Reacts to DOC MCSTUFFINS
Doctor Mike
You have been hounding me to watch this rockstar of a Doctor in action and boy is Doc McStuffins an absolute legend of a Doctor! This was surprisingly fun to watch.
Shoutout to the homie Z-DoggMD!
Check out his review here:
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Doc McStuffins / Real Doctor Reacts to Doc McStuffins . If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction series please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv show you'd like for me to review next. I love you all!
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  • Limi Bosi
    Limi Bosi

    Michael u evil doc. When will you grow up. 😂😂 I am kidding who wants that, keep it up doc ✌

  • It's 4aron
    It's 4aron

    His cars name is ricardo

  • FrenxyRose

    She should be in medical School Already, Ahahaha.

  • Amethyst Wolf360
    Amethyst Wolf360

    i actually loved this show as a kid and when I went to Disney world I got my own stuffie of Chilly the snowman and I always wanted a Hallie(the hippo nurse)

  • Laurel Allison
    Laurel Allison

    lol. thats a dragon

  • Laurel Allison
    Laurel Allison

    lol. i was born in 2009, so i remember watching this exact episode

  • Pixiesnix

    I'm not the only one that noticed the guy playing Jack is the same guy who played Phil Dunfy on Modern Family, right?

  • Paw Blah
    Paw Blah

    Mike: "That dinosaur blah blah....." Me: I think that's a dragon........

  • •SummerFløwers•

    Mike just brought back some unnecessary memories from my childhood (thank you though😅)

  • Sham Atie
    Sham Atie

    Is this just me or are you actually enjoying watching doc Mx stuffins

    • Sham Atie
      Sham Atie

      Mc stuffins

  • Taysia Kaune
    Taysia Kaune

    He called the dragon a dinosaur...😂

  • Kara Ainsworth
    Kara Ainsworth

    He looks like the one guy from greys anatomy

  • Gabriel's travel vlogs
    Gabriel's travel vlogs

    Doc, McStuffins is a toy doctor... Just reminding you..

  • Gabriel's travel vlogs
    Gabriel's travel vlogs

    Why so happy?

  • Mercy Abrea
    Mercy Abrea

    Maybe because its different because there toys and ;D

  • Shelley Mulenamaswe
    Shelley Mulenamaswe

    I used to watch this

  • paw say
    paw say

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a> is exactly when my heart started to beat faster 🥺💕

  • Fj

    I just have a real life experience with the second opinion thing. A year ago in 8th grade I had this lump on my head. We talked to my doctor and a a couple other doctors. No one knew what it was. The “Funny” part is I used to dance competitively. It happened around that time. So for the first one my whole FACE swelled up. My mom said I looked kinda like the blue Avatar. Yeah what I Really remember is getting it drained and then that evening it swelled back up. I was scared that I would start High school with it. Thankfully it kinda went away. It sunk in and unless you knew, you can’t see it.

  • Caroline Arthmann
    Caroline Arthmann

    When I younger I watched this show every day and now I'm 13 and I still watch it with my 11 and 6 and a half year old cousin's

  • Cam the man vids
    Cam the man vids

    He do be thinking too much into a kids show tho 😂

  • Fe Goh
    Fe Goh

    i want a part 2 i love this

  • Bob the Small dog
    Bob the Small dog

    Why did mike actually enjoy this

  • Immortal Dylan
    Immortal Dylan

    Great stuff man

  • Leanna Valentina
    Leanna Valentina

    I've watched this show when i was 6 and I will confirm that doc mcstuffins mom is a doctor 😂🤣

  • idontneed one
    idontneed one

    Good luck with coronavirus :)💖

  • wolfie_eclipes

    Omg I remember watching that show xD

  • Dianna the Dolphin
    Dianna the Dolphin

    Doctor Mike: *Says secret* Doc McStuffins: *Says the same secret* Doctor Mike: *Happy cheers*

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi

    i-isn't he a dragon?

  • yazzi panda
    yazzi panda

    do the screenwriters for doc mcstuffins actually, do research???????

  • The Unknown P.23
    The Unknown P.23

    Plot twist: The animators of the show are doctor's

  • the bean
    the bean

    Am I the only one who watched the older version of doc mc stuffens when I was younger

  • Princess Nugget
    Princess Nugget

    The Doc Mcstuffins theme song is a bop. You can’t argue with that.

  • Hanako Chlala-Lubbe
    Hanako Chlala-Lubbe

    I love Doc McStuffins (I'm 10 and if you think that a 10 year olds can't like a show meant for 6 year olds then don't say anything at all) :)

  • Marthinneill Apoi
    Marthinneill Apoi

    a real doctor watch kids cartoon related to the toy medical support

  • Arielle Greer
    Arielle Greer

    Yo... why is Doc McStuffins more accurate than Greys Anatomy? Like what?!

  • MilkyCoffee

    'To get kids to trust me' Wait kids don't trust you? 😂

  • selen sariman
    selen sariman

    The fact that this show made this man a marshmallow😄

  • Coldi el Jocker
    Coldi el Jocker

    Did I just watch 9 minutes of doctor mike watchin Dc Mcstuffins?

  • trashy gachagirl
    trashy gachagirl

    their heads remind me of BEANSSS

  • Avril Carbonell
    Avril Carbonell

    Un spanish she is know like doctorajugetes.

  • Nelly Milagros Huaman
    Nelly Milagros Huaman

    Xd u like dr msturffin uwu I don’t know how to say her name

  • Cheelai Marshy Mellow
    Cheelai Marshy Mellow

    Dude u have great taste in kids shows I love this show for many reasons * It stars a black character which is a amazing change from past kids shows * It's friendly and educational * The songs are adorable and catchy * The show itself itself doesn't leave u on a cliff hanger it always has a happy ending which leaves me happy and relieved

  • Sydney aying
    Sydney aying

    poor drasour

  • Emily Jayde
    Emily Jayde

    i kinda feel like being that jerk to like and respond to my own comment

    • Emily Jayde
      Emily Jayde

      omg he liked my comment im freaking out omg

    • Emily Jayde
      Emily Jayde


  • Kashlyn 4Life
    Kashlyn 4Life

    I want him to watch more of Doc. McStuffins! 😂💖

  • Darlene Ortiz
    Darlene Ortiz

    Doctor Mike: “..use a sticker or lollipop to gain their trust first-“ Kidnappers: write that down WRITE THAT DOWN!!

  • Blepis

    Ok but please tell me im not the only one without any social media except for youtube

  • A Moon's Sun
    A Moon's Sun

    Mike: that blue dinosaur My Inner Child: *THATS A DRAGON.*

  • Poofyheadcoble

    It’s not a dinosaur it’s a dragon

  • Pamela Mays
    Pamela Mays

    Too bad that show's been cancelled. You could do a cameo.

  • savannah windzak
    savannah windzak

    can we get more please

  • oifelix :p
    oifelix :p

    mike it's a CAR

  • Jeremy Gale
    Jeremy Gale


  • Diana Odjegba
    Diana Odjegba

    When I was a kid, I used to have Doc McStuffins check up kit and the little lamb. Ahh, the good times

  • Chris Janse van Rensburg
    Chris Janse van Rensburg

    I’m sick while watching this and I am watching this so much more because I am sick ironic isn’t it

  • JY Sam
    JY Sam

    Did u just say dinosaur Stuffy is a dragon nani

  • Wild Animal
    Wild Animal

    Doc McStuffins is more acurate than other live action doctor shows

  • Eva Fastová
    Eva Fastová

    I have a feeling they hired a doctor as consultant for this show.

  • Talon Williams
    Talon Williams

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> I mean, you also need blood, right?

  • anime geek
    anime geek

    "Be happy together" the most wholsome/sarcastic thing i've heard from doctor mike.

  • % P E A C E %
    % P E A C E %

    I used to watch that show and I used to think that it was *doc makes muffins*


    i got triggered when he said the blue dragon was a dino

  • M B
    M B

    I have novroomvroomatosis tbh

  • Adrianna Wright
    Adrianna Wright

    “ Yes, Bajillion exactly”

  • Bunny Williams
    Bunny Williams

    I'm watching a grown man watching a baby's show

  • Aonnalin House
    Aonnalin House

    It's a friking dragon you idiot

  • Maya

    I love how he always comes up with new and creative content that'll make you click happily👍🏻😂

  • DAHLIA ando
    DAHLIA ando

    New title: watching the most annoying show in the universe LOL XD

  • Yeonhee Lee
    Yeonhee Lee

    Doc Mcstuffins taught me to wash my eye out with water if I get sand in it. Only used that advice like once in my life, but still lol.

  • lone pix101
    lone pix101

    Dr.Mike @ Doc McStuffins: Perfection. Glorious. Amazing.

  • Chita Llanes
    Chita Llanes

    Mike: Dinosaur Me: dragon!!!!!

  • bang bang
    bang bang

    Hi Dr.Mike! How about Osmosis Jones? Loved watching it with my kids

  • EpicNitro AAP
    EpicNitro AAP

    i love how when the show isnt doing any medical stuff doc. mike is just smiling enjoying the show😍

  • Humane Reformer 5
    Humane Reformer 5

    Even do u muted the vid for cipyright reasons the tune played on our heads

  • Sabina Kayla
    Sabina Kayla

    Doctor Mike: **has a medical degree** Also Doctor Mike: **mistakes a dragon for a dinosaur**

  • Foxes For life
    Foxes For life

    Mike: YOU NEED TO DO THE WHOLE EXAM Me: they are toys. 👁👄👁 *bruh*

  • Castiel Cox
    Castiel Cox

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="265">4:25</a> you do realize they’re toys-? They don’t have heart beats to listen to-

  • MrsCarol Yuen
    MrsCarol Yuen

    Remember when Disney junior shows were actually really good

  • Muffins the Cat
    Muffins the Cat

    I swear the writers went to medical school just to make an educational show. It's Disney! They have money!

  • Mr Pepperoni Pizza
    Mr Pepperoni Pizza

    Doctor Mike just sciencefied a kids show

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