Rebuilding A Wrecked Honda S2000 Part 11
It is time! After a fresh new complete paint job, we are starting to piece this car back together. We are super excited to make it to this stage knowing that their were many things that couldve went wrong. This S2000 had made it a long ways and we are super happy to share the entire process with you guys. Thanks For Watching!!!
-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741
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  • JiN CbF
    JiN CbF

    Killing it 👌 same spoiler and lip but carbon fiber 👌

  • mhawkins1975

    Bit of black graphics down the side would look awesome daaaan soooon

  • WhiteMTB rider
    WhiteMTB rider


  • daye3371

    Who pays for all of this ?

  • Kresan Moodley
    Kresan Moodley

    Please spray some black on the lower radiator panel. That's green overspray sticks out through the bumper.

  • RenfroesGaming

    No one: Goonzquad: "The corona and lime time green mean machine"

  • Brad Hunter
    Brad Hunter

    Why change out the stock steering wheel their worth money those

  • Evan Fetterhoff
    Evan Fetterhoff

    You need a huge wing

  • Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
    Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic

    Those new wheels look absolutely killer sheeesh 👌👌👌

  • Wan Aboyu
    Wan Aboyu

    Honda nxs

  • Omar Armendariz
    Omar Armendariz

    You gotta spray a layer or mayne 2 of clear coat after the sanding those headlights man that ain't metal paint lol.. gotta stop acting like mr.iknowitalls & ask or do research 1st lol.

  • Omar Armendariz
    Omar Armendariz

    'Today we're gonna teach y'all to stay wiping your corny asses with baby wipes like us queers'🤭😭🤣😂🤪


    "Very liru cisa" hahha

  • Gabe Hoing
    Gabe Hoing

    Made a lil spider friend

  • bobbyhosweden

    Go matt black on the wing and spoiler pieces! Tnen you will match the top and tires and make the gloss green pop more!

  • J C
    J C

    To bad about your clock spring but its cool that you showed us your mistake, most would of edited it out . Cool. 👍🏻😀😁 i am going get some merch, the hats look good. I must say you guys are slaying it, i remember your first videos and now you guys your pro's and have lot more money. 💰💵💸💷💶💴👍🏻💸💷💶💵👍🏻

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    Here's a nice hard top for the S2000 if you guys are looking for one.

  • Kyle Bairstowson
    Kyle Bairstowson

    should paint that start button to match the paint

  • Krishna Sriram
    Krishna Sriram

    put a black wing on!

  • Julio Castro
    Julio Castro

    Im interested in this s2000, hmu on insta. @jnlix_cvstrx

  • Derek Ortiz jr
    Derek Ortiz jr

    Like you could’ve put pearl on the paint

  • Skynet

    That candy green looks amazing

  • Mads Franck Schäfer
    Mads Franck Schäfer

    "I kinda like this wing" "It looks pretty damm CLEAN" 😂😂😂.... nah, idk

  • Ajiell Malague
    Ajiell Malague

    Use the spoiler on the totaled s2k brooos. Green!!!

  • Santiago Perico
    Santiago Perico

    F for the rat

  • bonesy p
    bonesy p


  • Ismael Rodriguez
    Ismael Rodriguez

    Throw a k serious in the s2000

  • Ismael Rodriguez
    Ismael Rodriguez

    Put some rpf 1 wheels on

  • justin bradford
    justin bradford

    You should go all out with this Honda build, throw on a turbo or supercharger and get some brake upgrades especially that e-brake


    Please make a video on aftermarket sound system installation.

  • rodhot rodhot
    rodhot rodhot

    dont forget to foil your tail lights it match perfect with your rear spoiler

  • Brandon Otero
    Brandon Otero

    Try brembo breaks from a TL Type-S with S2000 rotors for Big Break Kit upgrade!

  • Alain Hernandez
    Alain Hernandez

    y'all need to make a shirt that says "Absolutely Amazing" lol

  • Chris W
    Chris W

    Love the color, my civic had the same color. The black wheels look good with green.

  • Bobby Singh
    Bobby Singh

    You guys make me smile 😃

  • zacquey dun
    zacquey dun

    What the hell was In That drunk!

    • Adam Smith
      Adam Smith

      Rat or mouse

  • merchant joker
    merchant joker

    Wide body kit ?

  • Jazi Tiger70
    Jazi Tiger70

    OMG I love it so far

  • spoonWAW

    Wheels design is OK, but the width/offset is far from "perfect, duuuuuuude". Guys, it's terrible. And lowering car or cambering won't change it. Take tires off, clean the wheels, send back and order correct size.

  • Brandon Seymour
    Brandon Seymour


  • Brayden Goehring
    Brayden Goehring

    Black wing

  • Michael Rivera
    Michael Rivera

    There's a guy on NOsoft called Bode vision and he is a painter and He restored some headlights for a Civic he sending them down with a 300 and 600 then 800 than 1000 1500 2000 and then he reclear them and they look like Orion and they last a lot longer than just bluffing maybe you guys should try that and see how it works for you

  • firefighter3b

    Dudes! Have to paint calipers gold flake with black letters !

  • Justin Malone
    Justin Malone

    Really not liking that color. It screams high school 😂

    • David

      Ok bud

  • Christopher Daley
    Christopher Daley

    Dang son that rat was about the same size as Thomas

  • BlackDaRipper 82
    BlackDaRipper 82

    Im trying to find out if Thomas got that rat...

  • Sher Atakhanov
    Sher Atakhanov

    Guys, you gotta spray the U shape metal piece which holds the radiator. The half-sprayed green is visible even through your air deflectors in the front bumper. You guys always do better than OEM, I believe you will follow my suggest. With a great support, 1CASE team, Brooklyn NYC


    What ever happened to the new garage build?

  • Htd Beheer
    Htd Beheer

    I like these wheels but you use to much black wheels for the cars. It is boring. The Wheels on your grey pick-up truck are awesome. Greetings from holland

  • Lil Los50
    Lil Los50

    Black wing

  • shadow5115

    Color match the wing.

  • Levi Zurch
    Levi Zurch


  • Cesa Rivas
    Cesa Rivas

    Y’all should do a 2002 ford ranger customization i would really enjoy that

  • Mickey Dewease
    Mickey Dewease

    Bigger wing for sure. It is a s2000

  • SuperPaco1818

    That spider being there is now officially the Neon Spider theme for the S2K!

  • surfart guitar
    surfart guitar

    no mo money on the green weeny, sell it!

  • Rob J
    Rob J

    sic 'em Thomas. Take out that rat!

  • Noeljr chavez
    Noeljr chavez

    Why can’t the wheels be wider than the car?

  • Ganja Farm
    Ganja Farm

    You guys should add a turbo kit and some side skirts to it, add more power to the car🙏🏾👏🏾

  • T Money
    T Money

    Shift knob!!!