RIPPED-OFF on Ebay AGAIN! - Intel "Black Ops" CPU
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This is one of the most FABLED CPUs in Intel's line-up... and I finally got my hands on 2 of them. Was it worth the hassle?
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  • Dexsters 56
    Dexsters 56

    Blow money on the best X79 motherboard , and remake this again ans use a chiller

  • RomanoProductions

    Linus the small guy with great talents 💥

  • Warsun

    4960x was not the leader. Just making that clear. It was the FX 8350.

  • Resonating Productions
    Resonating Productions

    I wonder if utilization would be any different on a Linux OS :thinking:

  • Head Robotics
    Head Robotics

    Is “ripped off” SEO clickbait then??

  • MrDazana

    Didn't see it in the video, but I didn't see you disable the Speedstep in the bios

  • KKS Gaming
    KKS Gaming

    Well that was a waste of time and to Linus, he wasted 500 dollars as well lol

  • The Foolish Channel
    The Foolish Channel

    Linus: *buys offbrand products from Ebay* Product: *runs perfectly fine* Linus: why are you running?

  • Connor CZ
    Connor CZ

    I mean task manager is broken for older chips. My Core 2 duo is stuck at 91% usage max while other software shows 100%

  • northern marine
    northern marine

    160w board and you expect 250w cpu to work without issues? maybe try something from supermicro

  • Ischev

    #shameless plug

  • Voss Li
    Voss Li

    You just have all the X79 motherboards dont you XD

  • Sauyon Lee
    Sauyon Lee

    I guess it's unlikely you'll see this, but I personally didn't click for the longest time because of the eBay ripped-off thing, because I thought you didn't get a genuine part. (I got through to the video through autoplay).

  • greenrefrigerator

    Got ripped-off on Ebay . . . That can't be because Ebay says your purchases are "safe".

  • Benedikt Wirtz
    Benedikt Wirtz

    Why does the ebay listing say 2011 if it was made in 2013 ?

  • Cosmo_Plays

    The true successor to NetBurst.

  • Joan Uzunov
    Joan Uzunov

    12:35 wtf

  • Trystan Oowatie
    Trystan Oowatie

    it's really weird hearing people talk about ASIC's outside of my work, I build them 😅

  • purplegill10

    PLEASE DELID THIS THING! I wonder how much better the temps would be if you got some liquid metal on there

  • Mike Fish
    Mike Fish

    Hey Linus could you try this cpu in an oem system board? Like a Dell Precision T3600 or Fujitsu

  • gkingkongkev

    clock speed shouldn't be jumping around this much, it should be fixed. *looks at task manager*.... Uhm


    In all fairness! Just to say that is really the legit chip! The pins on it would be incorrect for the socket you have it installed in. It had its own special pin layout unlike CPUs of the mainstream in the same socket. Ever see a person put a 771 in a 775 socket? Same idea! it will work if you block a few pins so it won't ground out. will work if they do ground out just not so well.(Pins 16,23,61,103 need to be grounded.)( Pin 4,5,112 are dead shorted to ground should be blank). (Pin 11 Has voltage in. Should be blank) (Pin 66mobo goes to 72cpu) (Pin 111mobo goes to both pin 93,99cpu)But that is why your bios is reading weird shit in parts, cause of a short in the pins. If you look deeper! You will notice all your PCI-e lanes after row 8 are dead as well! they won't work till pin111 is attached to 93,99 of the cpu! If you want to really get down to what you have in your hand! It is nothing more than a LGA2011-v3 Chip with Middle finger on its pin layout before they went with sticking to the standard layout of the socket in a Xeon 10core v3. To explain why it was hush, hush and the pins were not correct! Intel could not figure out how to configure their new design on the socket they were selling. They actually had to design a new tech to get from point a to b on the dies holder and still keep the form factor they were selling! More of an I don't want to look stupid move to not talk about it. Because it's a nerd thing at the time to play Black ops it's how it got its project name

  • JustMe8800

    ngl this title crosses the line. You weren't ripped off on ebay, those chips were exactly what the seller said they were...

  • Salvador Flores
    Salvador Flores

    Linus Ting Tips

  • Ossie Dunstan
    Ossie Dunstan

    Haven`t used intel since Pentium 2 , the most waste of space processors and company on the planet. Thumbs down for the fucking adverts you scumbag

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega

    An engineering sample not performing to the spec. What an outrage. Definitely deserves the "got ripped off" title!

  • ph4nt0m

    "I'm not an intel fanboy" buys intel fanboy cpu

  • Zwen

    Wtf is that music they add now to there videos

  • Nicholas Simoneaux
    Nicholas Simoneaux

    As someone that owned an ASUS x79 deluxe and an i7 4930k CPU , this video speaks to me on a spirtual level. I managed to get that 4930k to run 4.4 ghz all core with HT enabled for several years, about 2 years ago had to clock it down to 4.3, and before i replaced had to run it stock because i was running into BSOD more and more frequently. (pretty sure the CPU was degrading as time went on i did have it cooled by a cooler master nepton 280l kept that beast under 90c even at full tilt at 4.4ghz)

  • Paul Mohr
    Paul Mohr

    So am I seeing those cinabench scores right? 700 something with one cpu and it looked like maybe 900 something for two cpus on the all core test? That is just sad lol. My ryzen 3600 will do 1630 ish stock. Even my old ryzen 1500x would do better than that.

  • ZeR036

    12:58 When u see the test subjects

  • Rickbearcat

    Why did you never actually say that you were "ripped off" in the video?

  • thomas allertz
    thomas allertz

    Stupid video as hell....and you Talk to much. And your Ads, are disturbing.

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly

    lol that was entertaining as fuck. I can relate with the "I_NEED_TO_TRY!" part...

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly

    It's the "Housing Bubble" chip.

  • Mike Soda
    Mike Soda

    Of course the gigashit board wouldn't even post lol.

  • Uvraj Ram
    Uvraj Ram

    "It's REEEAL"

  • Because of reasons lol
    Because of reasons lol

    Two taps on the right and the sponsor never happend

  • Simos Katsiaris
    Simos Katsiaris

    coming to this video after watching the LTT 8k fireplace special..... why so blurry, why so low res?

  • Styx.

    try it with that in-no-way-cost-effective-but-cooling-effective sink watercooling "system"