Robert De Niro: Donald Trump Is "A Fake President"
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
The star of "The Irishman" on Netflix makes his third visit to The Late Show and gives Stephen Colbert his honest opinion about President Trump and some of the people seeking to replace him in 2020. #Colbert #RobertDeNiro #TheIrishman
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  • Harvey Wallbuilder
    Harvey Wallbuilder

    DeNiro must be a fake actor.... I mean with 0 Golden Globe nominations and all.....

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray

    Bloomberg rather than Trump??? "Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss" - The Who

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray

    I could care less about what any entertainer has to say about politics - left or right - so just shut up and entertain me.

  • boobtuber06

    The Irishman was an 'irish carbomb' This show is quickly devolving from an already rocky start Robert DeNiro is living in his past reputation *I really think this thing between the president and Bobby is personal

  • MaryAnn Russum
    MaryAnn Russum

    Robert DeNiro has is right. He speaks the truth

  • Doctor Codias
    Doctor Codias

    Looks like Don Cicci was right about little Vito. Should've capped him while young.

  • Ricky Vallon
    Ricky Vallon

    disregard what this clip is about, Trump and what not, but this question is simply ridiculous; " You portrayed a lot of gangster throughout the do you prosecute someone who runs things like a mobster?"....Let's ask Ryan Gosling all the physics about space travel or Russel Crowe how it was like to be a slave and warrior in ancient Rome.... Geez, talk about pushing an agenda. (No, I'm not a Trump voter).

  • Jesse Reiter
    Jesse Reiter

    More garbage actors wanting to tell every one Trump is a bad guy.



  • Karlo Veliki
    Karlo Veliki

    De Niro should be worried about his acting. His performance in Irishman was beyond bad.

  • Christopher Carmickle
    Christopher Carmickle

    Robert De Niro needs take a quarter and have a rat naw that ugly cancerous mole of his face, cause it helps your worthless acting career, when your stealing money from public

  • Mark Burle
    Mark Burle

    California is going downhill where all the anti Trump celebrities live. Not a word about cleaning up the Democrat run cities and the state. Just pouting about Trump. This is why he won in the first place


    Hey clowns listen up we love TRUMP

  • Malte

    Why American people used to keep American flag EVERYWHERE, even in WCs??

  • CJsConfusedMama

    Ffs stop blowing smoke up Bloomberg's ass.

  • hani adel
    hani adel

    روبرت دينيرو بيقلد مارلون براندو في كل لحظة

  • Boem Boem
    Boem Boem

    Trump is the best president they ever have in the VS. A fan from Belgium.

  • AM MA
    AM MA

    It is what it is. Lol

  • Ruby Dey
    Ruby Dey

    I respect Mr de Niro but the way he exp his opinion he could have handled it other way just to get fake cheers from crowd.

  • Joes Phone No Name
    Joes Phone No Name

    Hopefully Trump drops dead in 2020 probably gonna be a long line to piss on his grave

  • Serboras Wizard
    Serboras Wizard

    Good acter and simpatizer of Neo liberalizem.Bob is democrats dogy

  • Leon Andrews
    Leon Andrews

    Hey Bob, go home and get your shinebox!

  • Royal Tap
    Royal Tap

    Robert de niro is a old grumpy jack off ran into him at the grocery store

  • Marco Spino
    Marco Spino

    That is why the joker kills him cause he is talking crap too old reading scripts putting his mouth where it don't belongs

  • Horror Show
    Horror Show

    Robert De Niro is good man and Trump is dirty and Bad man and fake

  • Nick Johanson
    Nick Johanson

    Trump is a statistical mistake... a dangerous one!

  • Guns n Wheels
    Guns n Wheels

    I love Robert Deniro, and the Irishman is an unbelievable picture but I just can't like Colbert no matter how hard I try, also BLOOMBERG? Bernie or bust I think.

  • Mcgee1077

    He is so small

  • Guy

    I think Trump is great 🙂

  • jimmyo1231

    That old guy is great. Doesn't he play tough guys in movies? Yeah, He always plays a fake tough guy. He is great.

    • Jimmy Gilstrap
      Jimmy Gilstrap


  • pao vang
    pao vang

    Dinero is zero when he starts trashing our President. He is as fake as flaky actor today. I hope he have a heart attack when TRUMP wins again in 2020.

  • cars !
    cars !

    Deniro sucks!!!....thanks for your time!

  • Sean Duggin
    Sean Duggin

    The amount of misinformed idiots in this comment section is baffling. No wonder no one takes any of you seriously😂

  • david stewart
    david stewart

    I love the actor calling Trump fake, considering his life's work & all. Best pretend tough guy I ever saw.

    • Truth Seeker
      Truth Seeker

      david stewart When an actor acts, everybody know he is. He Shows his skills to portray the character assigned to him. The spectator knows that. The actor is not deceiving the spectators. When a president acts, he’s fooling those who believe him .

  • Paul Belardo
    Paul Belardo

    2 Worthless pieces of Trash Clobert and Bobby De nothing

  • a v
    a v

    Politics aside I love De Niro. Great man

  • 3103200293

    Not only Robert is a trump hater I’m part of the club.

    • Robert B
      Robert B

      Ronald Reagan, sure, Mr. President, I hope you‘re doing well where you are, and are having fun with your buddies from Hollywood! Send my regards to Bing Crosby, John Wayne, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Clark Gable, and Humphrey Bogart, oh, and Danny Kaye too while you‘re at it. Rest in Peace, Ronald. You‘re out of the loop. Let the living deal with the living.

    • Ronald Reagan
      Ronald Reagan

      @3103200293 why would you hate him? He has been one of the best presidents ever, economic records, low unemployment, successful military, unlike Obama, etc.

    • Ronald Reagan
      Ronald Reagan

      @Robert B tell me a factual evidence impeachment has provided

    • Robert B
      Robert B

      Well, I wasn’t for Trump or Hillary from the get-go. I support Trump’s impeachment, and I would have supported Hillary’s as well. I never thought any of them would have been fit as a president from the start. So, for the Republicans, you have my vote to impeach Clinton, and for the Democrats, you have my vote to impeach Trump. Also, sadly, I do not see a viable running candidate for the next election.

  • Pippi Thunberg
    Pippi Thunberg

    De Niro is practically in LOVE with Trump.... he spends all his time on the dude... jeeez.

  • Trey Atkins
    Trey Atkins

    Tony Montana on coke in 'Scarface' is smarter than Trump.

  • Janita Müller
    Janita Müller

    The bad thing about President Trump is not that he has bad manners, is uneducated and makes America look ridiculous in the whole world. It's not the 50% or so Americans who stand behind him and vote for him anyway. The frightening thing is that the Republicans will fend off the impeachment and support Trump just to stay in power themselves. What about your conscience, dear Republicans?