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▶︎Rudest Auditions EVER? Includes auditions from Andrew Fenlon, George Gerasimou & Roy Payamal
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  • lizard with 10k subscribers ?
    lizard with 10k subscribers ?

    Who did? Him *Simon* Me : ahh shit there we go again

  • OpenAdiago

    I personally feel really sorry for the first guy. Not everybody could handle the same amount of stress and the lady judge just neglected. He missed a huge opportunity. His singing was actually not bad but the lady was making it a personality contest, not a talent one. Every judge except Simon was not helping.

    • Darth Maul
      Darth Maul

      OpenAdiago well having an attitude could ruin your chance at everything. He even said that he was in a bad mood from all the waiting. There are a ton of people there that wait for hours and hours for there turn and still have a good attitude. Besides a salty attitude from something like that can say a lot about a person even if they are good at the audition

  • Ter beja777
    Ter beja777

    Are these people who get so pissed off about rejection the ones that are mad and murderous to girls who also say no? What happened to accepting reality for a sane mind? Delusion comes from people trying to emulate the celebrities who act delusional. it's like they idol insanity and distorted reality and how insane celebrities are. Think of the diva who acts like a whore and then these poor people are trying to act, look and present themselves in the same way.

  • Rachel Collins
    Rachel Collins

    Woww. The first guy was talented but he was really a dick.


    Immature contestants who may need a bit of psychological/ emotional control therapy! 😮

  • Hart Yu
    Hart Yu

    I like george, i want him

  • Mr. Krinkle
    Mr. Krinkle

    Second guy looks like Johnny Rotten from the sexpistols

  • sunil kumar
    sunil kumar

    Loooooooool George audition

  • sunil kumar
    sunil kumar

    Triple puffs

  • Sadie Earegood
    Sadie Earegood

    The first guy had a good voice

  • LightLaser

    The 2nd guy was bad but Simon did not have to say he was useless, that’s just rude

  • Rozerov Tanit
    Rozerov Tanit

    He didn't have a bad attitude that's just how he sounds. He's like me I don't cause trouble but people think I'm a troublemaker

  • Aleksandar Zivaljevic
    Aleksandar Zivaljevic

    I feel sorry for the second guy

  • Last mod anything you know on minecraft
    Last mod anything you know on minecraft

    4:38 hes gay

  • Mahaley Harris
    Mahaley Harris

    Genuinely feel bad for the second guy. He did nothing wrong and Simon called him useless. He seems like a sensitive guy. And he had a right to get upset. He wasn’t a crybaby. And Simon caused his outburst. Simon needs to hold back on some of the things he says sometimes. Because some people can’t handle that.

  • Chris Jhum
    Chris Jhum

    The one lady judge from American Idol totally instigated the argument with house of the rising sun guy she literally asked him what's wrong you seem angry and he just said annoyed from waiting for hours like anyone would be and then holy shit I'm disgusted with this peasant

  • Julia Kane
    Julia Kane

    Don’t you think that it is sad that these folks do not have people in their lives who will tell them the truth and make them aware of their true talents. I am an incredible singer IN MY DREAMS😂😂😂😂

  • Yoshi _
    Yoshi _

    The first guy had me dying 💀

  • Chris Noziere
    Chris Noziere

    He was rude then and he's rude now.

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson

    Notice how as soon as Simon supported that guy in the first one the girls had to immediately go to shallow insults like asking if the guy has ever had a girlfriend. Pathetic.

  • Abigail Vigil
    Abigail Vigil

    The first girl “ I really don’t like “

  • katerina z
    katerina z

    omgggg number three what a number two lol

  • katerina z
    katerina z

    number 3 😩

  • katerina z
    katerina z

    i got huge response with piano but socially was humilliated a,lot was,weird

  • katerina z
    katerina z

    that first guys,was,funny he,was so arrogant

  • staryboi boi
    staryboi boi

    So this girl asked him the guy are u mad, he tells her and then she starts being really rude and just attacking this guy.

  • jadaaa

    i understand the first guy, them girl judges need to chill the fuck out

  • Andrew Blayne
    Andrew Blayne

    Girl: I really don’t like you Me: I really don’t like you

  • Leon Jos
    Leon Jos

    14:29. The classic bitch please look... Should be a meme

  • Stiwi Kiwi
    Stiwi Kiwi

    To be honest, I never believed that this is all real. It all feels so awefully staged. Just to keep the people watching this show, because they know, how easily peoplle get fooled by such things and they like to make fun of those, who are presented like total idiots... Sorry, but I don't buy any of this 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Guesty Studios
    Guesty Studios

    The woman in the first one was so rude like Simon said "Yes" because that was his opinion not theirs.

  • Charles France
    Charles France

    The 3rd guy he wanted to be polite and then he just lost he was like hold my bad singing

  • Onais Omar
    Onais Omar

    What's the name of that judge in white dress when that 4th contestant George showed up

  • suburbio zero
    suburbio zero

    first guy is Clark Kent after he was exposed to Kryptonite for way too long but not enough to kill him.

  • PixieIra

    11:09 and 11:19 and 12:20 He sounded so childish😂😂

  • aldrin varela
    aldrin varela

    I love Kelly Rowland 😘😍

  • Ventox

    My Name is Guuuge

  • Ratatouille The Rat
    Ratatouille The Rat

    12:49 me when someone roasts the teacher back

  • Joseph Hill
    Joseph Hill

    Now it's time for my opinion.

  • Joseph Hill
    Joseph Hill

    She's horrible in the first clip. Should show this to her. She went too far. Her job is to judge the singing not grill them.

  • Osman Caliskan
    Osman Caliskan

    what the f*ck was wrong with the ladie in the first clip 😕😖

  • Hikari Akira
    Hikari Akira

    Auditioning is very unbelieveable and rare chance for someone. But these kind of dicks just wasted it. Unfortunate

  • Trilla Camere
    Trilla Camere

    I really like how the second contestant offended the judges. No offense, but I think he was right

  • Baba203

    the first judge woman was so cringe.

  • Kaylin Chea-McGee
    Kaylin Chea-McGee

    That George fucker needs a high five, in the face, with a chair.


    George should have been the most embarrassed be rude come back still be terrible and rude🤣

  • Busy banana
    Busy banana

    The last guy was funny and wasn’t really angry and his temper was really smooth and he went along with everything!

  • Whisky Actual
    Whisky Actual

    Am I the only one confused why Asia's Got Talent was in full English?

  • Christine Sales
    Christine Sales

    Bad tempered persons

  • FernandoXTS

    I missed "Tell me, woman" guy.

  • Darkside780

    The female judge for too angry way too fast. If she told me I needed a spanking, I’d have told her I definitely do.

  • Michał Górecki
    Michał Górecki

    The first guy probably sufferes from low self esteem :( This is a hell of a problem for a grown man and he should visit a good psychotherapist. And the lady who asekd him if he ever had a girlfriend is utterly stupid and rude.

  • Anime Whatifer
    Anime Whatifer

    90% of the comments:the first guy didint do anything wrong 10%of the comments: random stuff

  • staryboi boi
    staryboi boi

    George: "I have changed" me: looks at title "no u havent"

  • galaxy loves memes mlg
    galaxy loves memes mlg

    I like the first one singing voice tho ngl but he might be stressed but hes little bit mean but not... but some of judges are being rude and making him more stressed and angry so I feel bad for him and the judges:| I would love to see the first guy in the x factors I would want his autograph and I want him to get the golden buzzer Who can agree? (No hate comments if u disagree please say why in a nice way not like this``U IDIOT YOUR WRONG GO DIE`` so chill and thank you for listening =)..thanks again have a wonderful day!)

  • Addison Fender
    Addison Fender


  • Jake Allen
    Jake Allen

    Freaks at the bar be like: 4:19 My mom be like: 🤮

  • Melis Corakkum
    Melis Corakkum

    George and his friend are typical north London tramps. So rude and arrogant. Being mean to your own kind as well Greek picking on a Greek

  • let me explain STUPID
    let me explain STUPID

    The last one wasn't even mean

  • let me explain STUPID
    let me explain STUPID

    The guy who told Simon to shut up 😂🤣 "I wAnT eVeRyThInG tONiGhT"