Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max!
Full comparison of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, including camera, battery, specs, features, and price! Giveaway link:
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  • Mohammad elofi
    Mohammad elofi

    please make a video about battery test between iphone 11 pro max vs samsung s20 ultra

  • ESD HyouHaku
    ESD HyouHaku

    Its fucking 6 grams how can u even feel the difference??

  • no name
    no name

    8k is X2 the resolution of 4k tho

  • Marco Del Dotto
    Marco Del Dotto

    very cool

  • ShaGgGy

    Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰 ❤. You are the best in this industry. #mrwhosetheboss.

  • Aarti Katte
    Aarti Katte


  • Sag Nicht
    Sag Nicht

    15:13 Conlusion --> typo

  • Willem Cilcy
    Willem Cilcy

    s20 Ultra all the way. Typed from galaxy A20 LOL :P

  • Lorenzo -81
    Lorenzo -81

    People pleaser dont take this Apple Super fanboy talking points seriously! That's the only reaon I I can think on why he made some of those insanely ridiculous ass statements in this video! I just came from my local Best buy and have spent hours playing with some of the upcoming Beastly ass smartphones and also some of Apple's underwhelming stuff. This guy in the video is clearly biased and it's sad how he claims Apples major phone from LAST YEAR has The S20 ultra beat in so many categories! First off that camera setup on the 20 Ultra smoked the iphone easily in pic and video quality. The iphone does good pics but seeing it against the S20 ultra in person wasn't even close! He just likes the iPhone camera personally better, but it's not factually better. Also he clearly blindly believes the overly recycled Apple talking points about their A13 chips being so amazing and is faster than the one in the s20 ultra is straight up bullshit! My sons iphone lost every time we tested opened up apps and games on the S20. Not to mention even in all other areas like switching between programs, running, booting up websites, videos, social medial S20 Ultra was just easily faster. Oblivious fanboys always repeat the claim how the iphone doesn't need as much ram as competitors due to iOS and it's still faster is STRAIGHTUP A DAMN LIE against the 20 ultra. None of these phones feel anywhere near cheap at all. That elitist ass uppity comment about the S20 U feeling cheaper for any reason compared to the iPhone is a lame attempt to pass personal preference on how a premium phone feels as a straight up fact. Apple fanboys are still believing that their phones have the best, overall design and look. Those same old recycled to death Apple iOS talking points are so damn weak and full of shit! Every update All of these bullshit claims come from Apple and you fanboys just blindly believe it! Dumb shit like being 20% faster than the last iOS update and its improved battery life. Its The same shit every time with iOS you hardly get new useful features you notice or use. But you have the nerve to claim that standard ass weak shit is better than the feature heavy android 10 running on that S20 ultra? Man GTFOH with that shit! Did you even use that phone? I only have android 10 on my Note 10+ and this shit is amazing. But your biased ass opinions dont equal facts. You claim the S20 Ultra feels cheap because its a little lighter is straight up dumb. None of these majorpremium phones feel anywhere near cheap. I just spent several hours playing with all of thes phones at my local best buy. Apple fanboys always claim the iOS updates are so amazing and revolutionary and you said that's an advantage over the S20 Ultra running Android 10. Man GTFOH with that shit! You actually get new features that are incredibly useful with android updates especially 10 which I have on my Note 10+. That ios shit is always shit that's not even noticeable but you fanboys always eat up the shit. Bottom line it's so pathetic how much your cheerleading for a easily outmatched old device that couldn't beat some of the elite older flagships from Samsung, but to you the old 11 pro has the S20 Ultra beat in so many areas already. Jesus, I already know fanboys as diehard as you are going to orgasm all over yourselves when the iphone 12 comes out.

  • Ace Kent
    Ace Kent

    Apple is a better technology brand PERIOD. The specs don’t matter

  • Arie

    Really good review. I have a Note 9 and the upgrade bug is biting pretty hard but I've recently found a seed of interest in switching to Apple after being a solid Android user since the Galaxy S2 debuted. Now I'm all sorts of undecided on S20+, S20 ultra, 11pro, or wait until Note 20 and 5g capable iphone hit to decide. What a wonderful delimna though.

  • Arie

    I find Samsung not including a charger to match the capability of the device to be a really cheap move. It's the flagship of their flagships for crying out loud and the most expensive phone they've released.

  • Deej Sub-zero
    Deej Sub-zero

    Best review Eva!!

  • taking down keyboard warriors
    taking down keyboard warriors

    Apple has not released a 2020 iPhone yet and everything else is still trying to compete.

  • Tuvalu Quality
    Tuvalu Quality

    Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

  • Pallabi Mandal
    Pallabi Mandal

    S20 ultra is best

  • dan jam
    dan jam

    Imma wait five years till I can afford it 🙃

  • Somewhat Knowledgeable Geek
    Somewhat Knowledgeable Geek

    I have a PC with an RTX 2080 with an I7 and 16GB RAM. And that's enough to run most high end games at max settings on high resolution. It's laughable that a phone would even need this much. Definitely stick with the base with 12GB RAMif you get this. But even 12GB is ridiculous.

  • L-F-R

    my to

  • Terry Thomas
    Terry Thomas

    the Samsung Galaxy M31 also has a headphone jack .

  • Terry Thomas
    Terry Thomas

    Dude the Samsung Galaxy M31 has a 6000 battery .

  • Flaviu Drajan
    Flaviu Drajan

    Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro also has a sensor of 108MP and it does 8K at 30FPS. Try it, do a comparison.

  • TL1882

    The 87% of ppl in the poll to the 13%: why are you gay

  • the hog
    the hog

    apples for queers...

  • Paul Ramirez
    Paul Ramirez

    Apple has more resistant metal that's why you see most iPhones cracked someway or another compared to galaxy's. I guess I'll take the one with less resistant metal.

  • Dral22 B
    Dral22 B

    In a few years from now 128gb of storage will seem so little. 512 will be the minimum.


    Hi arun sir

  • Lbaby Tutorials
    Lbaby Tutorials

    What phone should I get if I edit and record youtube videos and have to take crystal clear pictures for my business?

  • Shashank Mahamuni
    Shashank Mahamuni

    Looks like you are apple fan boy...

  • Timothy baker
    Timothy baker

    Good job

  • mAL

    These 'phones' are huge and bad and you should feel the same

  • Patrick Wheeler
    Patrick Wheeler

    I'll always be a Samsung Galaxy S series kind of guy. Always.

  • Bryan Thompson
    Bryan Thompson

    How about gaming?

  • Gusta NCS
    Gusta NCS

    Man s20 ultra

  • Jestoni De Jesus
    Jestoni De Jesus

    I want s20 please thank you

  • Titox Leaks
    Titox Leaks

    Terrible comparison, sorry!!!

  • IliveinAnarchy

    Iphone has complete firmware, but Samsung s20 not right now. You must count with it.

  • wsmoon

    No removable battery then no thanks keep that shit I would not want it.

  • ☢ G-Zone ☢
    ☢ G-Zone ☢

    Can't wait for LG V60, probably the final phone with flagship specs with a headphone jack.

  • travoltor alexis
    travoltor alexis

    Samsung has done it . Coolest phone ever, a must have

  • Mystic Jsayf
    Mystic Jsayf

    i like both of them accuatlly...

  • Ghulam Din
    Ghulam Din

    Pls give me the Samsung 20

  • Josh Niles
    Josh Niles

    My car has an aux. No wireless options. Ill save my S10 untill i can buy newer cars

  • Umair Ali
    Umair Ali

    PPL: Apple has 4GB of ram Apple: Adds +2GB PPL: Wait, that's illegal

  • Aryan Ghn
    Aryan Ghn


  • Sandy Moyer
    Sandy Moyer

    I'm very happy I preordered my Samsung Ultra!!!

  • Ali Alhasani
    Ali Alhasani

    If only phones are more affordable! I'm cursed with liking to watch tech videos and wanting the tech but of course you can't afford so you just watch and feel sad and angry. Sorry i'm out of subject, just wanted to say what i have in mind.

  • Venu Sri
    Venu Sri

    🍎 11pro max😘

  • Maikeru

    If we dropped both phones on their sides he's going with the iPhone being ok?..... This is where I leave the video because the bias is real. iphones break if you breathe on them. Goodbye

  • Allan Jeraled A
    Allan Jeraled A

    Give me the phone Thank you

  • Dark Christian
    Dark Christian

    I want the S20 ultra. cheerz

  • Saraansh Jha
    Saraansh Jha

    the RAM and camera and everything on the phone are fabulous!!!!! truly an ultra and mega phone!

  • Bunds

    Just get on the point Apple Sucks!!!

  • Mahbeer malik
    Mahbeer malik

    waiting for iPhone to release iPhone 22

  • Hayaatudeen Muhammad
    Hayaatudeen Muhammad

    this is it....

  • Modern Day Martha
    Modern Day Martha

    Fantastic review

  • Saeed Saeed
    Saeed Saeed

    Wow u give us deep details regarding this two brand...thank you a lot

  • Rao Salman
    Rao Salman

    S 20 ultra is father of I phone 11 pro max.

  • Debraj Das
    Debraj Das

    Q. Why do you need $1000 mobile phones?? A. To do this 06:56 !

  • Tie Ridge
    Tie Ridge

    Haha you can tell this guy is an Apple all the pluses he gives apple but apple does not have 5g yet an the price in asia at this time is $400 more for the iphone x than the s20 ultra...I owned 2 different iPhone's just was notwhit I was looking for. Waiting my S20 ULTRA to arrive.