Santa Broke Sara's Nose | Botched
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  • Shanice

    Smh when she said she blames santa. I thought she was gonna say because she wanted to look like Rudolph or something

  • Bella Passanisi
    Bella Passanisi

    There’s something seriously fucking wrong with your kid if he he gets that upset and breaks your nose.... red flags get him some anger management asap .... eeeek 😳🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • alayka seputra
    alayka seputra

    she’s such a lovely womannnn

  • God Zilla
    God Zilla

    Yeah her son was the cause. Her son needs counselling. And her nose bridge looks crooked after this surgery

  • Sparks

    Santa?? no honey, it’s your violent son.

  • En Yang
    En Yang

    The fact that she blamed santa and not HER DAMN SON. Just shows what kind of mom she is

  • Johan Solórzano
    Johan Solórzano

    Potential mass shooter....

  • BlueLight

    Don't blame her for this.

  • casey murray
    casey murray

    Jesus don’t go golfing with the kid straight after getting it done! You’re in trouble if he loses 😂

  • casey murray
    casey murray further explanation on the nose breaking child? Ok it’s cool. Cool cool cool cool cool cool 👀

  • Sian Power
    Sian Power

    Is this Botched or Dr Phil that boy needs the RANCH!!!

  • ✿MJF✿

    Poor Santa for being accused of something her violent son did. Is she isn't going to teach the boy, who knows how he'll react when other person lies etc. pisses him off

  • Caitlin Dent
    Caitlin Dent

    Ummmmm, I’m glad I’m not the only one whose worried about this chick acting like Santa punched her in the face. UR SMALL CHILD IS PUNCHING PEOPLE IN THE FACE, WTF. Santa or no Santa that’s WRONG!

  • james dean
    james dean

    she's turned into Rudolph

  • nikki

    someone needs to call supernanny on this demon child

  • Horacio Albarracin
    Horacio Albarracin

    Honestly, I'm pro choice

  • Amy Purchase
    Amy Purchase

    why this comment section so negative 🧐 I see a well mannered young boy at the end. To me they seemed like a pretty close and honest family (especially since she did not want to lie directly to her son's face) and I believe her son was truly traumatized to think his mom had kept up such a tremendous tale for so long. She also didnt say he hauled back and punched her in the face. In fact, she said he hit her glasses and the glasses ultimately broke her nose. Obviously the kid would have been punished for hitting his mom. But they said they had a conversation and he admitted he let his anger get the best of him. I'm sure mom addressed that accordingly. Shes not fucking blaming Santa for the broken nose. It's a scripted show, and they obviously put emphasis on that fact considering she also said she had a "Rudolph nose." can yall seriously get a grip 🤦‍♀️

  • Johanna Juomoja
    Johanna Juomoja

    my nose sideprofile looks like hers and i hate it, i am so gonna do something about it when i’m old enough😬

  • 「bxbygirl無料」

    Have a son who punched you in the nose? Don't worry, we know how to solve that for you. *Call Dr. Phil.*

  • usedtobemyself

    Really hoping that story was scripted because wth

  • olivia whore
    olivia whore

    ofc she’s blaming ‘santa’ because she doesn’t want to make her son look anymore bad then he already does

  • Guldligan

    Put on protection before explaining tooth fairy, the easter bunny and Jesus 😩😆

  • Мария Совдагарова
    Мария Совдагарова

    I'm sorry, but wtf is wrong with the kid that hits his mom in the face because of something like that?!

  • ghostbanni

    That Lill shitstain broke her nose? Oh lord help this spoild crotch gobblin

  • Rosie J
    Rosie J

    What a little shit. If I ever have a son and they think it’s ok to break my nose, they’re gonna have a nasty surprise.

  • Bidayn

    ok we need to talk about parent abuse

  • SupaPLAi

    Stupid parenting

  • GrenDuckJay

    I mean- in my house that kid would’ve been beaten within an inch of his life for hitting a woman, especially if he messed up her nose that bad. Like holy shit, I hope he learned his lesson.

    • GrenDuckJay

      Julio Ayala not saying that at all. That’s how my parents worked when I was young. But that kid definitely should learn he can’t hit anyone, let alone break a nose and cause someone that much pain. I hope he was very very grounded at the very least, cause that’s not okay and he needs to know that. I just said that’s what would’ve happened to me. You read too much into it

    • Julio Ayala
      Julio Ayala

      GrenDuckJay No offense but beating an 8 year old to an inch of his life sounds even more disgusting. Specially cause you said if they hit a woman, basically if he broke his dads nose or brothers nose you’d be fine???? Confused. Lmfao.

  • Macarena Ariadne Arévalo
    Macarena Ariadne Arévalo

    OMG! her son was way too violent, that's sad

  • Vanessa Smalls
    Vanessa Smalls

    I love this mum ❤️


    Santa's not real?

  • MadAboutSaffron Red
    MadAboutSaffron Red

    Lady you kid needs serous therapy!

  • Harriet Alice
    Harriet Alice

    If my kid broke my nose, they'd be grounded until they reached High School.

  • Sarah Hindle
    Sarah Hindle

    Can people stop commenting that she’s a bad parent and that he’s gonna grow up to be a psychopath it’s completely rude and you don’t know them so who are you to have an opinion on their lifestyle choices and how she raises her children.

  • Coriolis

    And that's why single moms are terrible.

  • enver meryem
    enver meryem

    Its so annoying how positive she is about her psycho nasty son. Dumbass woman.

  • Kurokodairua

    Is that child skinning and eating small animals as well? Maybe some satanic rituals?

  • Kenza Smouni
    Kenza Smouni

    OH MY GOD that kid is crazy

  • Du Súndavar Freohr
    Du Súndavar Freohr

    WHAT the hell... Give that son some therapy!

  • Fernando F. Figueiredo
    Fernando F. Figueiredo

    Next week's episode: Tooth Fairy broke my jaw.

  • cataa mardones
    cataa mardones

    Discipline your kid.

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou

    This woman is an idiot....

  • Da Weird kid
    Da Weird kid

    I hope that boy doesn’t get a girlfriend

  • Victoria

    What an awesome mother!!! Veré in latin América he Would be punished with a whip..

  • J Km
    J Km

    Your son at that age hit you that hard that he broke your nose? Seriously? If i ever have a kid and he done that i would be so mad. I would be raging.. I bet she said oh honey its ok by the way she kept saying about how "santa" broke her nose.. no sweetheart your kid thats clearly too hot headed did.

  • Veronica Is here
    Veronica Is here

    Tbh she looks even worse rn 🤢🤮😐

  • It's the fox!
    It's the fox!

    She SHOULD be blaming her son

  • It's the fox!
    It's the fox!

    Her son should be taken to the psychologist immediately

  • Naya Amore
    Naya Amore

    No, your son broke your son

  • Fernash

    White people....

  • Poppy Seed
    Poppy Seed

    I know her son has problems, but you gotta admire how positive she is about it all...

  • Kasper Bruun Kristensen Marienborg
    Kasper Bruun Kristensen Marienborg

    8 years old and belives in santa. Only in the usa. Plus he is Violent and breaks his mums nose. Ffs

  • Patricia Aguiar
    Patricia Aguiar

    She's normalizing her son's behaviour. And now he's going to be a problem for many other woman (or men) in the future. This makes me so mad.


    If Santa wasn't real then who gives your son presents on Christmas

  • Awkward Bean
    Awkward Bean

    Lol I found out Santa wasn’t real at like 4 years old and I was just like, ok cool. I just want presents

  • Photograph

    Then she tells her son that her name is not even mom and she would get another punch.

  • ShiningBOT

    Everyone is a psychiatrist in the comments lol. You don't know the child's issues or what has been done to help him. Just let the parents handle it.

  • Haddy Gaye
    Haddy Gaye

    If that was my son I would beat the demon out of him

  • Blossom :D
    Blossom :D

    Her son got some issues

  • jami p
    jami p

    That kid needs to be sent to the ranCH