Shawn Mendes - Why { lyrics }
Shawn Mendes - Why LYRICS
I don’t own the song.

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  • JazzmineParis

    Hii, this song is one of my faves of the new album. I’m SHOOK. WIG IS SNATCHED. What is your favorite song?

  • anish agarwasl
    anish agarwasl


  • Rea Machaba
    Rea Machaba

    This song is one deep song🤧🤧🤧🤧💙💙💙💙

  • now or never
    now or never


  • Lern Jergi
    Lern Jergi

    OK tbh I ship camren (ik, I'm aware it's dead), but even I'll admit that this is definitely about Camila. I believe that Shawmila could actually be real so 🤷‍♀️ I kinda ship it

    • JazzmineParis

      Lern Jergi they’re together :D

  • Kanta Mondal
    Kanta Mondal

    Shawn is like the "Boyfriend goal"...

  • Rayana malissa reyes
    Rayana malissa reyes

    I love this song💙

  • Carla Trujillo
    Carla Trujillo


  • Elizabeth Eventing
    Elizabeth Eventing

    a year later when he’s confirmed it’s about camila🥺❤️

  • janaina ruiz
    janaina ruiz


  • Isabel D
    Isabel D

    This song was made for Camila is very easy to tell.

  • MVC

    To all you lovely ladies going through a special moment right now with that someone "perhaps your best friend" who has your heart and soul but yet cannot declare his love...because he is unsure or insecure....please don't waste more time by hesitating and/or delaying the inevitable. Just give him one clear sign so he can build up the courage to once and for all speak his heart. Your future is at play...and perhaps so is the life of your future beautiful children!

  • Yadira G
    Yadira G

    Why does song hit so much harder now that we know it’s about Camila ? 😭Im in tearsssss

  • Alfi Agustiani
    Alfi Agustiani

    Why is about Camila😍

  • Tania Dusza
    Tania Dusza

    IM SICK of seeing all the comments about Camila. C’mon, just admire the song

  • aM i A jOkE tO yOu KiD?! !
    aM i A jOkE tO yOu KiD?! !

    This is too cute

  • Fancy You
    Fancy You

    I read something about one time Shawn was about to tell Camila he was in love with her and he was about to tell her Why was about her and then she started to talk about she met another guy, I'm crying 😔

  • Mendes Army
    Mendes Army

    It's 100% about Camila

  • MariannaPpgrg

    Everyone here commenting that this song is about camila cabello, when I am just here to comment that I had to drew these flowers for an art project last year 😂🌹

  • Sparkly Pusheen potatoes
    Sparkly Pusheen potatoes

    Love this song 💘

  • farah Deeb
    farah Deeb

    Shawn dont think every song is about u be sure

  • Anna Rose
    Anna Rose

    This ain't about camila . It's about me ❤

  • Sweet

    What does 'she's like a curse' mean??

    • Sparkly Pusheen potatoes
      Sparkly Pusheen potatoes

      Hes saying that he cant get over her.

  • Noor Fatima
    Noor Fatima

    So it's confirmed by Shawn mendes that this song is about Camila cabello😘😘

  • Lisa Osma
    Lisa Osma


  • Quỳnh Chu
    Quỳnh Chu

    Write to her.

  • martta22089

    Shawn confirmed that this song is about Camila. It's like we knew that from the start but now when we know it is true.. It hits harder

  • Ifigenia B
    Ifigenia B

    Fan: "Why did you take so long to tell Camila you were in love with her?" Shawn: "I wrote the song 'Why’. I was gonna send it to her and I was with Scott and Teddy in the studio. I was gonna send it to her but they told me to wait. I was gonna go see her in New York or something. I was gonna tell her in person. 3 days after that, she said 'I met this guy'. She's always been a best friend of mine and I knew that if I said that, and she didn't feel the same way, then I would've been broken. The thing about Camila and I, we've always been more than friends. Even when we were younger. It wasn't that it was wrong or right, it was timing. When we were younger, I was immature and she was too smart and funny.” From @/MendesCrewInfo on twitter

    • jakeels

      He actually said that oemendjdjdjeijdjdjeir

    • Toni Rosario
      Toni Rosario

      its been about camila for four years. everything is about her ❤️

    • Ifigenia B
      Ifigenia B

      @ruhi tarafadr

    • ruhi tarafadr
      ruhi tarafadr

      Can you send me the link to that post or video

  • farida fayez
    farida fayez

    why hits different now 🥺🤧

  • Charz Charz
    Charz Charz

    Coming here after Shawn said all that stuff about the day Camila said she has a bf to shawn... sad sad news

  • s l
    s l

    these lyrics hit different now that its confirmed its about camila ...🥺

  • Jannete Sosa
    Jannete Sosa

    This IS about Camila. In a recent Q&A he admitted he wanted to send the song to her but his 2 friends told him to wait. 3 days later he saw her and they caught up, he was gonna confessed his love but then Camila told him “she had met a guy” so he then kept quiet about his feelings to not be heartbroken. Good news are that they are together now 😊

    • Cyber Alien
      Cyber Alien

      @natalie thnx

    • natalie

      @Cyber Alien here

    • Jannete Sosa
      Jannete Sosa

      Cyber Alien I don’t know how to exactly pinpoint which video but I follow this account on Twitter (they post updates) and the video was there. I also don’t know who asked him, as much as I’d like to give that person credit for the question, idk who it was :/

    • Cyber Alien
      Cyber Alien

      @Jannete Sosa what video was that? And who asked him?

    • Jannete Sosa
      Jannete Sosa

      Lauryn manon I know! I’m guessing because they’re together now he can talk about it freely lol

  • Daniela Gía
    Daniela Gía


  • In the dark Together
    In the dark Together

    Shawn just said that w this song he was going confess that he lover her and she said that she just met a guy

    • Marwa Abid
      Marwa Abid

      Where he dis say it can u send me link tnx

  • Jana

    Who's here after shawn confirmed it's about camila?

    • Lost child
      Lost child

      Jana bruh true fans known it’s about her 🤦‍♀️🙄

    • vsco girl
      vsco girl

      Jana meeee

    • sammyywasok

      Jana we knew it

    • Jana

      @Morena Howell i mean this time he confirmed it

    • Morena Howell
      Morena Howell

      Jana but we been knew

  • Yulita Triyani
    Yulita Triyani

    Finally.. he told that this song is about camilaaaaaaaa omg.

  • putri shw
    putri shw

    i watch video of his QnA today. and it's confirm this song about camila❤

  • romance shawn
    romance shawn

    Shawn just confessed today in Mexico, in the Q&A that 'Why' is definitely for Camila. HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO SEND HER TO CAMILA TO CONFESS HER FEELLINGS, BUT HE WAITED TO SEE HER IN PERSON. BUT SHE DID SHE SAID SHE HAD KNOWN A GUY. I'm oop-

  • Jana H
    Jana H

    Shawn has just confirmed that why is about Camila in today's Q&A session (21/12/2019)

    • Lost child
      Lost child

      Jana H yea right cause people are just NOW commenting about it 🤦‍♀️

    • Jana H
      Jana H

      @Lost child bro we all knew it of course but this was a confirmation

    • Lost child
      Lost child

      Jana H bruhhhhh you JUST realized 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    • Jana H
      Jana H

      @Salma Oun here is the video

    • Salma Oun
      Salma Oun

      On what interview I wanna watch it ???!!!! Please

  • Anette D
    Anette D

    "We want each other" that line hits me so deep. I know a boy and we're in love but he doesn't want a relationship. So we aren't together officially. We were at a birthday party and we both got drunk. I told everyone that I want him. That I need him and he just went away with another girl.. they were kissing and I didn't know that happened until someone told me and I'm so hurt at the moment I mean he doesn't have feelings for her but I'm so sad when I see him it hurts so bad guys what am I supposed to do now.. :(

    • Jennifer Divine
      Jennifer Divine

      If he knew you want him and he went off kissing another girl, I'm sorry but I dont think he's in love with you. How do you know he doesnt have feelings for that girl? Dont waste your time waiting on someone who'll only end up hurting you.

  • glyn letras
    glyn letras

    Should’ve said it explains why

  • Ankita Shukla
    Ankita Shukla

    Very nice song

  • Arianna Sanchez
    Arianna Sanchez

    Is it me or does it seem like this song about Camila 🤷‍♀️

  • Zorana Arizanovic
    Zorana Arizanovic

    From best friends through songs till relationship - what a great story, hope they will stay forever together 🙈😍

  • Sariana Ginting
    Sariana Ginting

    Senang bgt dgr suaranya, vocalnya bagus 💙💜

  • liana

    SHOULD'VE SAID IT.... if u know what i mean !

  • Sophia Domenica
    Sophia Domenica

    Nah this ain’t about Camila it’s about me (((:

  • zontagiousxx melody
    zontagiousxx melody

    so underrated ❤

  • Kevin Gob
    Kevin Gob

    This song and ''Lost in Japan'' are my favorites songs of this album.

  • I'm an ass
    I'm an ass

    Throughout scrolling this comment section, there is one word I see in EVERY COMMENT. Camila. DUHH

  • Yurianna Garcia
    Yurianna Garcia


  • Shawns beautiful hair
    Shawns beautiful hair

    I use to not like this, but now shawmilas been confirmed and I'm addicted 😭

  • Ally Mohamed
    Ally Mohamed

    Who's here after him and Camila are already together 😭😭♥️♥️♥️

  • Kiara Camacho
    Kiara Camacho

    if this song is about who i think it is i just want to say look where they are now it's amazing how love and what is meant to be always finds it way to the light! 💛 .

  • Unbreakable Ellie
    Unbreakable Ellie

    They finally got over themselves and won the AMAs soooooo all I can say is took them long enough

  • Heba Bashar
    Heba Bashar

    I'm here after Shawn said they started dating in July 4th

  • Maria David
    Maria David


  • Black Rose
    Black Rose

    Can someone reply. Did he release this song when camila is dating someone elsa?

    • Black Rose
      Black Rose

      Made sense

    • Duda Garcia
      Duda Garcia

      Yes! Listen to Camila's new song called "Should've Said It"

    • maritta01

      Yes he did...listen to Camila recent songs...

  • song covers
    song covers please listen to this

  • Rem Rawt
    Rem Rawt

    -no way- This is so beautiful 😍