Singers' Voices Before & After Fame
What did they sound like before they were famous?
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Have you ever wondered what Camilla Cabello for example sounded like before she got famous? Was she always a great singer. Today we get to listen and find that out about her and several other artists. From intimate settings, school recitals and home videos to arena shows. We listen to singers like Adele, Kesha, Billie Eilish, Katy Perry and more.
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  • All Over the Place
    All Over the Place

    I like powerful voices and Billie doesn't deliver that ...

  • I💚billie_eilish

    Listen to billie eilish No Time To Die thats a literal belt

  • Creative Caroline
    Creative Caroline

    Just watch No Time To Die from the Brits! Sososooss gooood

  • Gacha Queen
    Gacha Queen

    My bae Billie 💚💚💚💚💚

  • Claire C
    Claire C

    Funny that he doesn't show any male singer... who knows

  • EmberWindyhollow AJ
    EmberWindyhollow AJ

    2014 Billie looks like my friend :l

  • Nelson gamin
    Nelson gamin

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="501">8:21</a> was joel crying?

  • Haz4Shoot Gaming
    Haz4Shoot Gaming

    why dident u take zara larsson i know u from sweden lol

  • I Mahmood
    I Mahmood

    Ariana's voice's glow up. That is it. That is the comment.

  • Nico Reveco
    Nico Reveco

    Joel, man uttalar Cabello med ett J ljud. Två L i spanska formar ett J ljud

  • Donnie Campbell
    Donnie Campbell

    Singers' Voices Before & After Fame No' That's not Katie Perry, It's Perry like ( Perry Mason ) and he sang much better after selling his soul ( His words ) Just another boy with long hair most if not all these videos have the same story hidden with in them. watch and pay attention. This Agenda is right up there with covid 1-19 as far as the Bible is concerned. I shall not move. But instead Stay my ground. For I was placed on Holy ground. and on this ground is the rock on which I stand ( Jesus Christ ) ✝

  • Tiger Lily
    Tiger Lily

    "*KIDS DONT LOOK LIKE PEOPLE*" -RoomieOfficial 2020

  • peachy girl
    peachy girl

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="493">8:13</a> Billie and Finneas :) hope that helped

  • Rinoa Muhm
    Rinoa Muhm

    Billie no time to die live

  • Лена Деянова
    Лена Деянова

    ,,When she's *cough* xaxaxaxa :D :D :D

  • Candice Walters
    Candice Walters

    I thought camilla wasn't that good I just found it boring and generic

  • Huzalina Hussin
    Huzalina Hussin

    "kids don't look like people" Then what DO they look like?

  • Kyle Mason
    Kyle Mason

    “Kids don’t look like people” I’m dead

  • Josephine Colombo
    Josephine Colombo

    I'm sorry but what the heck are these pronunciations?

  • Ajda Jamnik
    Ajda Jamnik

    Go listen to no time to die by billie eilish❤️🤯omg amazinggggggg

  • Yana Chernova
    Yana Chernova

    Most powerful Billie vocals NO TIME TO DIE!!!🤩😍❤

    • Cassie

      He should've watched Fergies rendition of the national anthem 😂

  • Yana Chernova
    Yana Chernova

    Me just watching to see Billie 😂😍

    • Cassie

      you don notice it until he points it out 5:16

  • Léana Gaillard
    Léana Gaillard

    No Time to die

  • Martan Ebora
    Martan Ebora

    roomie: kids dont look like people me: answers that in my masters degree test

  • Angon Wangsa
    Angon Wangsa

    "A lot of good musician come from chruches" I totally agree.

  • Nalda Biersack
    Nalda Biersack

    Adele though😍😍

    • Nalda Biersack
      Nalda Biersack

      Always a queen

  • Conner Dux
    Conner Dux

    No ozzy?


    I don't like the majority of Billy eilish songs but sometimes she hits right in the feels

  • Wahyu Catos
    Wahyu Catos

    Oh god. Ilove billie eilish🥰

  • BZTrillion

    Country Billie

  • Chaddille Moshite
    Chaddille Moshite

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a> - Adele here sOunds like Tones & I..


    NO TIME TO DIE IS LIKE “no time to dIEEEEEEABAHAHAHHHAHHJJ!!!!”😂 P.S I love billie so much so don’t even try and make this a hate comment karen.

  • A Lonely person that doesn't know what life is
    A Lonely person that doesn't know what life is

    Who else just clicks random vids in recommended and saw this in their recommended

  • Ashley Krystin
    Ashley Krystin

    You sound like Pewdiepie. 🤔🤔🤔

  • faris nabil
    faris nabil

    Pewdiepie wanna be

  • Danica Andrewin
    Danica Andrewin

    you don notice it until he points it out <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="316">5:16</a>

  • ggm98

    He should've watched Fergies rendition of the national anthem 😂

  • Carmen Peralta
    Carmen Peralta

    I kinda don’t like that he is judging their voice and how they look. Anyone else?

  • Crysxxtal

    fergies national anthem really shows in her younger years :))

  • Stella Turner
    Stella Turner

    Why does he pronounce everything wrong

  • Philsons Lament
    Philsons Lament

    U sound like pewds

  • Delise Davis
    Delise Davis


  • Skylar Eidson
    Skylar Eidson

    When my dad was younger, at our church, there used to be a posted of Katy Perry in the childrens classes.

  • Ariella Lefkovits
    Ariella Lefkovits


  • Gus and Moo The cat bros
    Gus and Moo The cat bros

    Him:they are like us Me:u are a celeb to me

  • Amanda Butterfield
    Amanda Butterfield

    with good vids off billie try her new song no time to Die live at the brits

  • pseudonimo коммунист
    pseudonimo коммунист

    why is there no rock? i hate pop

  • Chiino :V
    Chiino :V

    Billie and Phineas: popular as heck and winning Grammies Me and my brother: getting candy p 3 p

  • Jasmine Die _Unsterblichkeit-e_
    Jasmine Die _Unsterblichkeit-e_

    I cannot see why my teacher hate Billy eillish cause she whisper. She super control that isn't easy

  • Chiino :V
    Chiino :V

    Roomie: 2011, not too long ago Me: was pretty much a baby

  • Jasmine Die _Unsterblichkeit-e_
    Jasmine Die _Unsterblichkeit-e_

    I prefer clear voice about Kesha then now

  • miss kaab
    miss kaab

    Are you from Sweden by any chance??? I noticed you have a PewDiePie accent

  • Jasmine Die _Unsterblichkeit-e_
    Jasmine Die _Unsterblichkeit-e_

    Side apart her vocal range fergie I still doesn't like her

  • Jasmine Die _Unsterblichkeit-e_
    Jasmine Die _Unsterblichkeit-e_

    She's confident but to me she lost depth on voice and maybe scales

  • Ethan Bell
    Ethan Bell

    Plot twist: roomie is Davie504

  • Ethan Bell
    Ethan Bell


  • auroramemes 123
    auroramemes 123

    Y'all talk about billie eilish but how about aurora? She inspired billie. She's so damn good.

  • Helpful_Hannah O3o
    Helpful_Hannah O3o

    Why does camila remind me of Melanie by her look

  • Makenzie Hubler
    Makenzie Hubler

    watch Billie's BRIT performance!! that is one of her most powerful prformances.

  • Maya fraga
    Maya fraga

    Do y’all remember when shakira was on wizards of waverly place

  • bella_ boo
    bella_ boo

    -Billie song- no time to die live at the brits omfg that belt

  • nirvana encinas
    nirvana encinas

    you should look up in NOsoft lol for billie there’s a bunch of notes especially her new song “no time to die.” She hits a good note

  • Marý

    Billie at 11: *writes her own songs, is really good singer* Me at 11: wat ys musyc

  • Madlen Berg
    Madlen Berg

    What‘s the Song called that Adele is Singing in the Library

  • Oeng Kayling
    Oeng Kayling



    review aurora's singing please~ her cover of Ariana for example chuchuchu

  • Elsa och Nora skrattar ihjäl sig
    Elsa och Nora skrattar ihjäl sig

    DOOOOODE U CANT ENGLISH 'Artist' är Singer or something, you know what. I suck too

  • Aaron Taylor
    Aaron Taylor

    Billie is still in before stage she’s not even 17


    Omg ur eyes 😍

  • Bella DeFilippo
    Bella DeFilippo

    Just listen to No Time To Die for Billie the belt is awesome

  • Sachi Suresh
    Sachi Suresh

    When Billie did that high note Me: 😳😍

  • lcvely

    i hate you.

  • rosalesenrique

    What was singing kesha before?? Please help me!!

  • Jessica Simmons
    Jessica Simmons

    Did anyone else catch him say from 2011 to now 2017? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> mark Camilla cabello 🤔

  • Mat Yiq
    Mat Yiq


  • fabiana _05
    fabiana _05

    I think Camila Cabello was and is over the top

  • Robert Chiaburu
    Robert Chiaburu

    What Autotune Makes Out Of You

  • Stephen Eckart
    Stephen Eckart

    No shit they all get better what auto tune does.

  • Phil Green
    Phil Green

    You should react to Lewis capaldi’s version of when the party’s over its insabe

  • singing4hope

    Why does he sound like pewdiepie