Sky Katz - Crushin (Official Video)
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Official music video for Crushin performed by Sky Katz
Director of Video was Nayip Ramos @nayipramos
Producer of Video was Evan T. Cohen @treeboy_pictures
Running up them checks
Running up them bags yeah
Freshman up next
Pls don’t get mad
I been dippin and slidin
And winning and riding
You cross my mind on a jet while I’m plotting
I’m onI’ll see u when I get home
Just touch down when you hit my phone
And usually I don’t do this but I gotta tell ya
I really care about & the way you feelin
Trust me lil baby yep I wanna see you
Hitting my line like you wanna come through
Much as I want too ain’t stressing off a boo
Saying you need me & don’t know what to do
Know I
Gotta get it either way
No I can’t have nothing in my way
I like u but i don’t really have time tho
I’m crushin on money bags and bankroll
If it’s money or it’s boys you know what I put on top
I put in all them hours so I’m making back a lot
You pressed and actin up like u won’t wait now
Who else gon make you feel like outta space now
Gotta be patient
We gon have a celebration
Like you havin graduation
Like u popping with your favorite
Trust me lil baby yep I wanna see you
Hitting my line like you wanna come through
Much as I want too ain’t stressing off a boo
Saying you need me & don’t know what to do
Know I
Gotta get it either way
No I can’t have nothing in my way
I like u but i don’t really have time tho
I’m crushin on money bags and bankroll
Copyright (C) 2020 Sky's The Limit 23 Records.
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