Smartphone Durability Awards 2019!
We have reached the end of another year. Its time to assess the overall durability of all the 2019 smartphones! The great thing about phones, is that there are so many options out there, and there is something for everyone. What was your favorite phone of this year? Spoilers below!
Most repairable smartphone of 2019 Pixel 3a:
Least repairable smartphone of 2019 Royole Flexpai:
Least repairable honorable mention iPhone's:
Most innovative Smartphone Nubia Z20:
Honorable Mention Blackview Max 1:
Honeorable Mention Galaxy Fold:
Best looking smartphone on the inside Galaxy A80:
Least durable smartphone:
Honorable mention Pixel 4 XL:
Most durable smartphone Pixel 3a:
2018 Smartphone Durability Awards:
2017 Smartphone Durability Awards:
2016 Smartphone Durability Awards:
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  • jose fernandez
    jose fernandez

    I love your videos and I'm planning to change my note 9 this year 2020 for the note 10+ because the note 20 I think it'll be a lot more expensive than last year

  • FaN_of_SW

    Lol, where is S10+ ceramic ?! This is resistant phone ever .

  • Ellie's Adventure
    Ellie's Adventure

    Where’s the mate 30?

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    wanderson junio sales amorim

    So after all this years, Mr. Clean found a new hobby...

  • Luka Šlibar
    Luka Šlibar

    I got myself a Xiaomi mi 9t pro (redmi K-20 pro) and I love it

  • мιѕѕ Valadéz
    мιѕѕ Valadéz

    That phone case would look sick for an iPhone XS!

  • Sahan Gutta
    Sahan Gutta

    Bro was Johny sins ur brother??

  • brutha from anotha mutha
    brutha from anotha mutha

    Jerry award everything

  • Stayfitfree Com
    Stayfitfree Com


  • AwesomeManPlayz

    We need the Teardown skin back please, forever!! I want a teardown case when I get my new phone soon!

  • yvon1986

    I have the Samsung a50. I always liked Samsung phones a lot. I also still have my old samsung s5neo. And I still have my samsung qwerty but that is more for show.

  • Vic Redoble
    Vic Redoble

    Can i have one those 😅

  • Julián Zeppa
    Julián Zeppa

    Damn, his eyes are hypnotising!

  • Ghamouki Amin
    Ghamouki Amin

    What about oppo durability?

  • Ruben Raj
    Ruben Raj

    Who noticed that iPhone 11 pro still in good condition haha . Bastard.

  • Marco King
    Marco King

    2:55 a really old HTC had this.

  • Mr Oleg
    Mr Oleg

    Наших много?😂😂😂😂😂Украина,Россия

  • Winston

    He looks like if humans would have a default skin.

  • CartonOfMilk

    I got the Pixel 3a and I love it

  • Sara Linden
    Sara Linden

    I’m holding out for a folding phone that you can’t destroy 😉

  • Z1 Andika
    Z1 Andika

    give me one pls 😭

  • sunny steve
    sunny steve

    I feel like most of us watch jerry for memes and ASMR, as not many people care about whether their phone will easily snap in half

  • cidorunt

    LG G8X ThinQ.

  • Joshua Umbré Ackie
    Joshua Umbré Ackie

    The gaming phone agus shark 2 is my most durable phone and most lovable ... I am from St Vincent... the country, it's in the caribbean the shark 2 is very durable difficult to be broken in half or bend and is mostly made of steel... seeing U destroying it makes me wanna run on water; learn how to fly; or just break into the airport amd steal a plane and fly where you are amd rip U apart the way u rip it apart... sorry if i sound aggressive I know you're just doing your job... but in my opinion it's a terrible job... the first time i found out about this gaming phone i WANTED IT... seeing U destroying a brand new one... LITERALLY BROKE MY HEART... TBH... I even began to argue.

  • Ed SpeedBreaker
    Ed SpeedBreaker

    Please return the transparent skins with dbrand.

  • KeNi kth
    KeNi kth

    No wacho un pelado

  • Toney Flame
    Toney Flame

    Now this is the most unbiased, straight to the point/tell it as it is phone reviewing channel on NOsoft. This guy is not trying to be balance (i.e. being hypocritical) by not telling the whole truth... or his he seeking kickbacks or sponsorship from the phone companies... but he is doing a honest assessment of all the phones by using the same standards and tools to test them. Excellent!

  • GamingReality '81
    GamingReality '81

    Try to broke Ulefone Armor 7 !!!!!

  • bad dwarf
    bad dwarf

    agent 47 proudly gathered all the dead bodies, each victim died in an creative sick way.

  • ÆRO YT
    ÆRO YT

    Rog 2

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    carlos pabon

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    abouda and nour TV


  • Intool 25!
    Intool 25!

    Apple for life

  • CyganoOliveira

    S9 plus?

  • Deven1337

    my favourite phone of all time is lenovo x3 lite

  • jellona2022

    There is no huawei p smart 2019

  • Ahmed Mokhles
    Ahmed Mokhles

    note 10 + ganggg im still using it, waiting for the note 20

  • Airguns Channel
    Airguns Channel

    You can send any of these to me, everyone is better than mine.. 🇧🇷🤦

  • Bright Flight
    Bright Flight

    I bet all the companies are extremely mad

  • Rafiqi vq
    Rafiqi vq

    I'm using redmi note 7 to watch this video, wow

  • NobodyToRemember

    I have galaxy a80 3 months now. And i really like it. No notch huge display is amazing. Definitely can reccomend

  • Sarwana RK
    Sarwana RK

    I was looking smartphone that small enough to fit in one hand and also which passes your durability testing.. 😍 pixel3a small and strong.. thank you

  • Joan Kuan
    Joan Kuan

    I got the iPhone 11 ☺️

  • super turkey
    super turkey

    Royal flexpie

  • Volti Asroma
    Volti Asroma

    My god, MASTRO LINDO is real!

  • Coco Meilif
    Coco Meilif

    If I had to give an issue with the Red Magic 3 as I bought one last August, or rather an after-sales service issue, it's that if something like the screen breaks there's no way you can get it repaired by another company/person than Nubia themselves since they don't sell phone parts for it. It's not really a phone problem, the phone is fine but if anything happens it can be a bit of a bother. I'm from Europe and in Europe, if you have to deal with them and send them your phone, it'll be to a repairing center based in Czech Republic which I'm fine with, however, what's less fine is how impossible to communicate with them because of their poor level of English. So basically it took me more than a month to get my phone back because I felt like I was talking to a wall since they would not understand me and I wouldn't understand them since they would put non-English words in their sentences and such.

  • subscribe to me
    subscribe to me

    I don't think a switch is a phone

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith

    Getting a note 10 plus myself

  • Sullidave

    Where are the ruggedized phones? Durability tests without testing the phones designed to be durable is dumb.

  • sakisjim

    I have the xiaomi redmi note 8 Can you do a durability test?

  • Elias MT
    Elias MT

    i love the a 50

  • bacchj

    I ended up getting a iPhone 11 Pro Max been really happy with it so far

  • Hugo Cvz
    Hugo Cvz

    Alguien sabe de donde saca tanto dinero este tipo para destruir tantos celulares ?

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    Tish ww2 documentary look different

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    Roni Fernando

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    ThomasHD_ YT

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    I bought honor 8 x on november 2018

  • Federal Bureau investigation
    Federal Bureau investigation

    I have the iPhone XS

  • Luthien T
    Luthien T

    I don't know. I'm using a redmi note 7 right now without a screen protector and I've been using it for months. Worst thing that happened is a tiny little scratch on the screen, and I drop my phone a LOT.