SNEAKING Into Jake Paul Vs AnEsonGib FIGHT
Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib both had a huge boxing match, im going to be sneaking in to see KSI, the sidemen and maybe Shannon Briggs? SUBSCRIBE TO JOIN THE NDL.
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  • Dinna Dog
    Dinna Dog

    Looks like Lacazette

  • KingMazin Savage
    KingMazin Savage


  • KingMazin Savage
    KingMazin Savage


  • Dr Smmigley
    Dr Smmigley

    Ur a legend

  • Abdullah Naeem
    Abdullah Naeem

    Why would i take my glasses off im blind HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • memes is not here
    memes is not here

    you made a uae id card and your a saudi arabia prince????

  • Christian Silcott
    Christian Silcott

    'knowledge strength and integers'

  • Aldelinono LOL
    Aldelinono LOL

    🈲 corona time🈲

  • Enjoy _Thatt_Ping
    Enjoy _Thatt_Ping

    Security: i fear no one Ring Side **EXIST** Security: but this man is the only 1 i get scared of

  • Nicolasxsx

    found james harden

  • Sian Xun Ming
    Sian Xun Ming

    How stupid can the guard be disarming a freaking phone 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Guthrie Kalotay-Nemec
    Guthrie Kalotay-Nemec

    Honestly, by getting kicked out you only missed 2 minutes of the fight

  • Lakkzy

    this man is going to get blacklisted from the US lmao

  • Molten_Hawk 73
    Molten_Hawk 73

    You shmuk

  • Almuntha Salem
    Almuntha Salem

    Post a new vid mans takin time

  • Kiarash Nasimi
    Kiarash Nasimi

    Why have u not uploaded in two weeks

  • Enir Zina
    Enir Zina


  • The Brash One
    The Brash One

    Man, I’m so sad ringside is dead I’m honestly broken inside! 😞

  • Yash Dadwal
    Yash Dadwal

    Wait.. you know memulous.?

  • VysToSweat

    Ur a legend

  • big pimpin
    big pimpin

    The beard is a clean look on niko.

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross

    My man went through all this trouble just to watch a crab in his final form

  • Saffanah Tanjung
    Saffanah Tanjung

    You are seriously my hero

  • Ryan Balasingham
    Ryan Balasingham

    U r savag bo

  • Draism X
    Draism X

    "Would you look at that the greatest UK NOsoftr, Titan amongs men, A music genius, the one and only! *RENG SAYEED!!!"*

  • Marsel Nuraliev
    Marsel Nuraliev

    i feel like if u didnt make it too obvious, u couldve entered without them noticing. like make yourself fat or something with some facial changes.

  • Simon T.
    Simon T.

    I've been with Niko before he was ring side and when he had like 100 k subs. Like if you have been too.

  • Rama Ezzeddine
    Rama Ezzeddine

    when is you'r next vid

  • MoneyGod vG
    MoneyGod vG

    11:47 your idiot friend or subscriber already gave you up saying 11:32 we love you Niko so this continuation was pointless

  • MoneyGod vG
    MoneyGod vG

    They should have known princes dont act like that maybe if drunk

  • Trashy Doorknobs
    Trashy Doorknobs

    Your acting like this is monumental

  • Bodiisafa

    10:22 💀

  • Toxic Yt 05
    Toxic Yt 05

    Make a fake employee video in home bargain or B&M haha

  • Miliq

    0:46 holy sh*t that guy butchered your name

  • Yunas Adan
    Yunas Adan

    I am the only that realises this vid has 10k comments

  • The Joker
    The Joker

    U ARE A LEGEND !! 😂😂

  • Michael Chockler
    Michael Chockler

    4:57 what the fuck was that lmao

  • Paul Waweru
    Paul Waweru

    security guard: take ur glasses off niko: why would I take my glasses, IM BLIND

  • Yamal Aleem
    Yamal Aleem

    Was the music Santa Disstrack by Logan Paul?

  • DGB 01
    DGB 01

    There’s someone trying to be u on tik tok

  • Smu 1
    Smu 1


  • Xxyosif_ GamerxX
    Xxyosif_ GamerxX

    is this the dictator 2 movie ?

  • Denzel Kingi
    Denzel Kingi

    Next fight everyone better dress up as Reng Sayeed

  • jack wilson
    jack wilson

    Brilliant mate, your a proper funny guy keep it up its mints 👍

  • Dark Pool6
    Dark Pool6

    This was funny af 😂😂


    Gib is his good mate can't he just unban him

  • Xyrez 1
    Xyrez 1

    0:05 when when did i ask?????

  • Daniel Otto
    Daniel Otto

    while ringside make in the next match?????

  • LazarScream

    Lol why would i take my glasses off? im blind. omg lmfaoo and ksi your a legend man

  • Your Memes are trash
    Your Memes are trash

    Who else is waiting for the Logan Paul vs AB fight

  • Arman Bolouri
    Arman Bolouri

    this is so faked lmao, it's painstakingly obvious

  • Pyr_ Sxyef
    Pyr_ Sxyef

    The security took away the phone cause it was a weapon😂😂😂😂

  • William Newlin
    William Newlin

    how about you upload a video you dweeb

  • DaBoSsAMAR 75
    DaBoSsAMAR 75

    Hey niko, because you are banned from dazn how about you try Britain’s got talent?? Like for instance, sneaking onto the stage or on the judges chair. You don’t have to it’s just I’m giving my opinion.

  • gespin gondula
    gespin gondula

    man like Reng Sayeed

  • Son B
    Son B

    You look like aj

  • Premium Gaming
    Premium Gaming

    Pls sub to me

  • supadke

    Reng Saiyd Ringside! 😂 genuis 😈

  • Mahammadou Tunkara
    Mahammadou Tunkara


  • Mohammdd Al Ansari
    Mohammdd Al Ansari

    Ndl or nld is the best