Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer
The saga will end, the story lives forever. Watch the final trailer for #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets now:

  • Sulo Pesonen
    Sulo Pesonen

    2019 " The saga Will end" 2010 Jar Jar a star wars story

  • Cuban King
    Cuban King

    2019:the saga ends 2020:tales of the old republic a Star Wars series on Netflix

  • David McCune
    David McCune

    3PO’s line made me so sad....

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    I mean....... the trailer pretty much gave the movie away..... and you know this isn’t the last star wars movie they are gonna make...

  • Cassy Small
    Cassy Small

    0:50 frozen. Anybody Like if you saw

  • MrVvulf

    "People keep telling me they know me. No one does". Yeah Rey, that's because you become whatever the latest poorly written gender politics driven plot needs you to be.

  • virgult

    0:52 Vitiate, is that you?

  • Rhett Lila
    Rhett Lila

    2019: The saga will end 2020: Frozen 3: A star wars story

  • Holy Heinz
    Holy Heinz

    Hello good Star Wars Ppl, what´s the name of the spaceship at 0:35 ? Can someon help me please? Greetings from Germany!

  • Panic Productions
    Panic Productions

    2019: end of Star Wars 2020: what a minute we’re smarter than this


    It will be saddddd if trailer long story shorts the whole movie Hope that im wrong

  • Rose Phoenix
    Rose Phoenix

    Every story that happened began and it must be finished by the end of the chapter will be a happily ever after the end it is amazing right from the past the 70s to the present to the millenia and now for this for all of you that you remember Star Wars that you could still watching on we play on well your home device your tablet or your abs there's always to have other to see something well collectible movies

  • TheeIcePanther

    2019: the saga ends.. 2020: c3po takes over the galaxy: a star wars story

  • greenmean230

    2019: The End of the Saga 2020: The End of the Saga

  • Fibrosis50 Creations
    Fibrosis50 Creations

    Palatine: It's not the north or the south side Vader: No it's not Palatine: It's not the east or the west side Vader: No it's not Palpatine: It's the dark side!

  • Truman Johnson
    Truman Johnson

    Man they trashed this franchise.

  • ItzSpoons

    When NNV starts 02:22

  • Truth Litter
    Truth Litter

    1:59 Jar jar Abrams- hey what did people like about the originals and the prequel trilogy.. Fans- Palpatine Jar jar Abrams- I know how we can me this new trilogy badass.. I’m a genius!! Fans-🤦‍♂️

  • KrusznickPL KrusznickPL
    KrusznickPL KrusznickPL

    2019 : The Saga will end. 2020 : There is another.

  • TyroneTheCalzone3

    Hol those were imperial star destroyers

  • Energy

    2019: star wars 2050: universe wars

  • Adam J
    Adam J

    What's this about again? Its says Star Wars, looks pretty, but the storyline...

  • Brandon Bennetzen
    Brandon Bennetzen

    I wonder how many people are camping out to see this film?

  • Swift

    Ngl yeah but why did Disney make a deal with Lucas films that there’s another 20 years of creation yet this is the last🥴

  • Lolimus Itali
    Lolimus Itali

    Jedi fallen order was better

  • Aston Martin
    Aston Martin

    Thanks the force this garbage is over.

  • JMP

    "people keep telling me they know me... no one does" says the character with little to no backstory or compelling qualities

  • Joey Chill
    Joey Chill

    2020 Jar Jar: a star wars story. sorry couldn't help it.

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      The final trailer of the Skywalker saga, this is it

  • Matthew Rainey
    Matthew Rainey

    2019: The Saga Ends 2020: Jedi Rocks: A Star Wars Story

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      10 episode , please ^_^

  • A-nonymousScar

    Wars star: a Star Wars trilogy

  • Camgoon500

    2019: “the saga ends” 2020: Maul: a Star Wars story

  • bogoss one
    bogoss one

    the rise of the senate

  • Erlix Antoniades
    Erlix Antoniades

    Star Wars work on the trailers more than the movie so don’t get ur hopes up

  • Gestrada031


  • Star Craft Gaming
    Star Craft Gaming

    2019:the saga ends 2020:Asoka tonu: a Star Wars story

  • 지탱이


  • lightning bones
    lightning bones

    i dont know whats real anymore. how is carrie fischer in the movie?? and palpatine?!?!

  • ThrawnCCB

    Can’t wait to watch this flop as well.

  • SliseN


  • K B
    K B


  • Ivaniceto

    Mandalorian comes out of nowhere

  • Blood Angel
    Blood Angel

    Sadly it won't be the last.

  • Nick Vepr
    Nick Vepr

    10 episode , please ^_^

  • Dyl Pickle
    Dyl Pickle

    The final trailer of the Skywalker saga, this is it

  • Polina Ilieva
    Polina Ilieva

    the worst trilogy ever

  • Phoenix PlayZ
    Phoenix PlayZ

    I’m so sad the story is ending

  • Kevin Cox
    Kevin Cox

    Waiting for the Jarjar Binks Story.

  • E

    Fire Disney, they're going to water this down just like they did by censoring the Simpsons - sorry Disney, the whole world isn't made for kids

  • Failaka79

    The saga is ending they mean there will be a new saga of star wars they change the saga every 3 episodes

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black

    I really want a movie of Life of Darth Maul .. We never really saw his story as a Apprentice .. Its kinda cool to know a Sith is born every 1000 years .. I wanna KNOW MORE OF MAULS BROTHER

  • Harsh katyayan
    Harsh katyayan


  • Lanewreck1988


  • Hunterbot12

    1:26 this point should make any true Star Wars fan’s heart break

  • MsnNova

    Uhhhh... so no head..? Orrrr?

  • Darth Tyrannus
    Darth Tyrannus

    If you don’t like Rey, you’re a sexist and you’re going to Hell.

  • znwyankfan

    Igors funeral

  • Jeff Richey
    Jeff Richey

    The images look semi-cool but the story will lack any substance or semblence of the Star Wars story, just like the last two.

  • Privateaccount

    look at 1:19, behind C-3PO, it's a B1 fighting droid

  • RickK RocKStar
    RickK RocKStar

    You have now witnessed the destruction of a good franchise.🤔

  • Talks with Josiah
    Talks with Josiah

    Just out of curiosity, I’d like to know what exactly some people were hoping and expecting of this new sequel trilogy that they didn’t get to see. Mine would be Luke’s New Jedi order New conflict within the galaxy New lightsabers Darth Plaguies