Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday
Artist: Stevie Wonder
Song: Happy Birthday
Album: Hotter Than July (EMI 1980)
Event : Nelson Mandela Day (July 19th 2009)
Venue: Radio City Music Hall, NY
From its release, the Happy Birthday song was campaigning for the establishment of a national holiday in memory of the reverend Martin Luther King Jr.
In 1986, Stevie Wonder's determination paid off when Ronald Reagan introduced into U.S. law the third monday of january as a holiday in his memory.
Dès son lancement, la chanson Happy Birthday bat campagne pour l'instauration d'un congé national en hommage au révérend Martin Luther King Jr.
La détermination de Stevie Wonder paya lorsque, en 1986, Ronald Reagan légitima le 3e lundi de janvier comme congé officiel en sa mémoire.
Update Dec. 5th 2013
Starting today, we will remember that day of december as a new date in the calendar of the Eternals.
Few days later, the Assembly of the United Nations has declared 18 July, the day of his birth in 1918, “Nelson Mandela International Day”
R. I. P. Madiba.
MàJ le 5 déc. 2013
Dès aujourd'hui, on se souviendra de ce jour de décembre comme d'un nouvel anniversaire dans le calendrier des Eternels.
Quelques jours plus tard, l'assemblée des Nations Unies déclara le 18 juillet, jour de sa naissance en 1918, "Journée Internationale de Nelson Mandela"
R. E. P. Madiba.

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    Happy birthday to myself thank you Lord for another year blessing me protecting me keeping me opening up doors and windows of have is a blessing amen thank you Jesus Hallelujah for another year give God all the praise for His blessings his Mercy has power has anointed edification

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    thank you Stevie for this beautiful version thank you rest in peace beautiful soul of God Reverend Martin Luther King rest in peace and be with our God happy birthday to you

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    I remember Little Stevie Wonder in the 60s. Am I old? Or just well matured?

    • Aldo Grandjean
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      I remember him too. On tour, Stevie was used to use voice computers to transform his voice onto Lil Stevie's one :-) If we still listen to Stevie, be sure that we're well matured. Period.

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    Happy birthday to you MLK RIP forever.

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    Today is my girlfriends 34th birthday how many likes can she get?

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    This is one of the Best songs EVER. I have to cry everytime when i hear this song, So much Joy in a day. My mom is STILL playing this song to me every moring on the 28th of February (my b-day). Today the 29th of November its HER special day, this woman deserves so much more, this woman ist the best human ever, i Love her so goddamn much. There is NOTHING that could seperate us. I LOVE YOU MOM. HAVE A GREAT TIME! btw im still crying while writing this.

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    It’s my birthday today❤️

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG ! THE BEST BIRTHDAY SONG EVER IN THE HISTORY ! I've always loved this song ! It was written for Dr.Martin Luther King ,of course ! If you'll listen to the 2nd & 3rd lyrics ,you'll realize ! Political ,or not ,it's just an amazing soulful song to beging w/ & on top of that ,it's about Martin Luther King & done by one of the most soulful singers all time ,the one & only Stevie Wonder ! Can't complain !

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