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  • Teague is Trash
    Teague is Trash

    u should name bebe cthulu

  • Barış Stüdyo
    Barış Stüdyo

    Exams start, you'll get 100 good 20 subscribers can do 40

  • 7. Killer
    7. Killer

    18:10 WaaHAHAAA Classic pewds

  • Agingger Gown
    Agingger Gown

    Why he's wearing headphones ?

  • Erik N. G
    Erik N. G

    When pewdiepie says your name first of the normal names.

  • JP Argentina
    JP Argentina

    Who else put there head up to the screen so u got pat on the head by the lord himself best day ever

  • Otamabread

    Kurt Cobain knockoff

  • XxPastel CloudxX
    XxPastel CloudxX

    pEWDiEpiE: welcome to LWIAY, let's watch memes. :) others: Welcome. So today as you see in the title, we are doing the 50/50 challenge and buy the merch... **8 minutes later** ok so let's start with the video now :) (I just realized Felix posted this on my birthday) :o

  • Aleka

    "the weirdest thing about growing up is that people born in 2000 are 19, IMPOSSIBLE" Me, born in 2000 : ok boomer

  • Ubeydullah Aydin
    Ubeydullah Aydin

    Let's all just skip the fact that he called Keanu Reeves, Kanye West.

  • // alex \\
    // alex \\

    I love seeing that ring on his finger.

  • Gabriel Kuhlman
    Gabriel Kuhlman

    my sister is 13 years old and she looks wayy biger?!🤔

  • David Liss
    David Liss

    My name is David Liss and I will also name my son Dick

  • Jag Kevinesh Jega
    Jag Kevinesh Jega

    pewds:i wonder what time there was where people like we're living the time like the 60s.... 40s.... people during world war 2 : :/

  • TTT Dr.Rabbit
    TTT Dr.Rabbit

    18:41 Pewdiepie noticed me :D

  • TTT Dr.Rabbit
    TTT Dr.Rabbit

    He doesn’t know who Ken Joung is?

  • Leztat Noveda
    Leztat Noveda

    "Terraria series" is basically T-series... Watch out Pewds, I sense great evil.

  • Iron Gaming
    Iron Gaming

    Why you don’t use iPhone instead of android..

  • Crazy Ninja 302
    Crazy Ninja 302

    Why the did I just get the *ORIGINAL* Tuber simulator ad

  • Joel Foreal
    Joel Foreal

    Joker stairs

  • Gabby loew
    Gabby loew

    “Prepubescent memes” 😅👍 sure buddy

  • Ada Aguilar
    Ada Aguilar

    6.9 million views lol

  • BlaNK

    His headphones lowkey on backwards

  • George Henny
    George Henny

    17:57 why he said Kanye west it’s Keanu Reeves

  • Isaac Jerez
    Isaac Jerez

    Felix, im named hildebrando, what do you think about that, isaac is my second name :,v

  • Maddox Lee
    Maddox Lee

    17:30 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Thats my favorite mythology!!!!!

  • MusicalMelanie

    So we’re ignoring the fact that Felix said he might have a kid soo guess we’re doing that

  • Uikeloop

    That intro is a copy of davie504


    Anyone else notice it was NF hold in the sign at 14:09 honestly a very under rated rapper on the mainstream

  • TraficCat

    you can tell he's becoming dad when he give pat on back.

  • Marne Celmar
    Marne Celmar

    What the.. you have the same aura right now with someone I hate but I loved... ahahhaha


    This went from Felix’s old photos to some weird meme review type thing.. NOsoft WHAT HAVE YOU DOEN TO SOCIETY

  • Erick Wise
    Erick Wise

    Felix calls my name common I'm just here like u wot mate🤣

  • Sirevix

    did he just say minecraft Yava version ? 17:36

  • superBersYT

    This has big 2015 pewds energy throughout the beginning. I don't know why, it just feels like an old video but you know it's not

  • Connor Grieve
    Connor Grieve

    Same Felix I am 14 and 5,1, in every picture I have taken I have been front and center that includes sports, family, and school pictures

  • FireboyYTGaming

    4:56 i actually cried, lmao. I also found out i'm like 10% swedish 10% irish through a DNA scan fricky.

  • Elliot Bowers payne
    Elliot Bowers payne

    What's the shirt/flannel brand hes wearing looks sick

  • bjarne smink
    bjarne smink

    Pewdiepie you already have the microsoft mc version if you have the java version

  • Tariq Alenizii
    Tariq Alenizii

    You should probably play mincraft story mode

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