Stop this... - LWIAY #00109
people make fun of my hair not cool
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  • Ben Symons
    Ben Symons

    should have had this hair for his wedding

  • Kimberly Brown
    Kimberly Brown

    Pewds: we are four parallel universes behind History classes in May of 2020: Yes we are

  • Buki

    Everyone from Poland: POLSKA PRZEJMUJE TEN KLIPP

  • Christopher Melgarejo
    Christopher Melgarejo

    Hair short

  • Chia seed
    Chia seed

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="376">6:16</a> SHES A GODAMN GIRL UGHHHH

  • Att Chaiviriyawong
    Att Chaiviriyawong

    I got jump frucking scare when he shakes the camera. Omygod

  • Ro

    me, I was the trampoline owner.

  • Vladimir Terrazas
    Vladimir Terrazas

    Yo my dad shaved his head too ha ha not funny.

  • Afraid Bacon
    Afraid Bacon

    *fetus pie*

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez

    Yo-Yomaster64 uses attract: Italian girl is infatuated

  • martynblackburn1977

    Man crush.

  • Kermit says hi
    Kermit says hi

    My dad and Felix got the same exact haircut around the same hair.

  • Tessa Lunden
    Tessa Lunden

    What does LWAY stand for?

    • Kanishk Menaria
      Kanishk Menaria

      It's LWIAY - Last week I asked you

  • Misael Aguilar
    Misael Aguilar

    marzia cuts his hair cuz he said he's tired of going to the salon and people asking for photos, autographs, legs...

  • Matheus Aniceto
    Matheus Aniceto


  • Mutuma Karichu
    Mutuma Karichu

    Why is it that most people do this(Like Tom Holland)

  • Carter Han
    Carter Han

    PewDiePie Trebuchet™️ will be a thing in the future.

  • Griffin G4m3r
    Griffin G4m3r


  • Erick Vids
    Erick Vids

    My brother's name is edgar

  • gabe itch 69
    gabe itch 69

    For everyone wondering why he has a tape measure in his office, it's to measure pp's

  • Robert Mcloughlin
    Robert Mcloughlin

    he's not floor gang

  • thor Odinson
    thor Odinson


  • Weetabix Wånker
    Weetabix Wånker

    Felix please help I did what u said and put whiskey in my hair and now it’s all falling out

  • random ting
    random ting

    millie bobby brown when 13 year old guys in the thumbnail

  • Ashiq Muhammad
    Ashiq Muhammad

    Malayali undooo

  • Micaela Ferreyro
    Micaela Ferreyro

    I love Stranger Things

  • vi vina
    vi vina

    Felix: *I don't care if you're big or smol* Me: *I made him gae*

  • Stankynation

    PewDiePie hair left the chat. And that’s why PewDiePies hair left

  • Xellos Kaczor
    Xellos Kaczor

    At least my mom was always spot on. because she always said that girl doesnt like you what did u do to her.

  • Abby Angeles
    Abby Angeles

    Just imagine if Marzia Walked in when pewdiepie was like “ I wanna lick you “ to his camera.

  • Aamir

    Now I'm 19

  • Ruby Cairnduff
    Ruby Cairnduff

    you know Elle from stranger things is a giiirrrrlllllllllllllllllll

  • Eddy Tonina
    Eddy Tonina

    "Thats how my feet look like inside" *he has no legs*

  • That dude
    That dude

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="493">8:13</a> that is also the same ocean where beastmaster64 found a gyarados

  • GAME Master641
    GAME Master641


  • afro_man34

    Pewdie pie grew legs confirmed <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="198">3:18</a>

  • Nicolas Buren
    Nicolas Buren

    to be honest the second liway intro was better

  • Dixie Rect
    Dixie Rect

    s i m p

  • adnan ch
    adnan ch

    Do. Minecraft


    I like how comfortable he was with his viewers in this video

  • Yamin Taaha
    Yamin Taaha

    Pewds: I'm yoyomaster 64 also pewds: gets married to DEMONSLAYER64 in an online rpg theory: what if demonslayer64 was just demon slayer then she changed her name.

  • International Spec Ops
    International Spec Ops

    tbh i think he looks better with short hair

  • Robert ps4 Account
    Robert ps4 Account

    I hate that I'm late but the "hey Italian... What's good" killed me

  • Jaxson Zook
    Jaxson Zook

    Its ok pewds I have the same haircut

  • Morgan Haye
    Morgan Haye

    Well now Pewds is gonna grow 653,992 hairs cause of the likes!!😂

  • BloxZy08 Kimi
    BloxZy08 Kimi

    Can you play infamous 2 on ps2

  • Jud Reaves
    Jud Reaves

    I actually like your hair like this

  • Valeria S
    Valeria S

    Ikea bird(((

  • кетекр м е
    кетекр м е


  • Yellow Lee
    Yellow Lee

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="573">9:33</a> I’m still waiting for pewd’s hair to grow

  • kaileigh ur mom
    kaileigh ur mom

    Yo the kid from stranger things is a girl. Not a boy🤣

  • Pistolenkrebs HD
    Pistolenkrebs HD

    well how do you expect me to fu;cking write silence?

  • visioness

    is it me or is his swedish accent coming back

  • Michael Rowland
    Michael Rowland

    Pewds: "sometimes it's fun to just cough in public" Media: "Write that down! Write that down!"

    • Zhandae Vhandroon
      Zhandae Vhandroon

      Lmao this comment

  • NathanTheMan

    19-year-olds: Make memes upside down Me, an intellectual: Ctrl + Alt + Down

  • IceCubez

    Inglish? He said you can even speak inglish <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a>

  • Head Smasher
    Head Smasher

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="262">4:22</a> what do you mean by most

  • Rubber Ducky
    Rubber Ducky

    100% of the Martian was filmed on Earth

  • Otaku_Dude8153

    Where is Eleven??

  • Westchester Builds
    Westchester Builds

    I'm going to keep the PewDiePie videos running 24/7 on 20 computers to ensure you get $$$$

  • GAB


  • Tejaswa Singh Mehra
    Tejaswa Singh Mehra

    if you're here for the secret___________<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="855">14:15</a>

  • Alexandra Glowa
    Alexandra Glowa

    i love the polish version of bish lasagna cuz my family is polish and i would always blast it at my mother which doesn't understand english so it really helped wherever she annoyed the hecc out of me. Edit: She just really hates swearing and at least i can jam to it when i do

  • Natasha

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="211">3:31</a> wow that's romantic

  • Tobes

    team rocket are sibling

  • Tobes

    the shake scraed me yes scraed

  • Ty Ty
    Ty Ty

    I'll measure your peepees(PPs) iN ThE nEXt EPisOdE oF LwAiY

  • Yusuf Does Things
    Yusuf Does Things


  • - ᴛʀᴀᴘ -
    - ᴛʀᴀᴘ -

    "This hairline is straighter than you" Where's the lie tho

  • karloz


  • Mandar Garud
    Mandar Garud

    Eleven/Jane is a 19 year old confirmed 😳

  • Dark Bolt
    Dark Bolt

    Eleven and mike from stranger things are in the thumbnail

  • Isla Turner
    Isla Turner

    since when is felix a girl named eleven/jane

  • gabe itch 69
    gabe itch 69

    Hmm Demonslayer64 (felix's seceret lover) YoYoMaster64 (Felix) and in minecraft a stack is 64......conspiracy?

  • Snaek

    And do invite Marzia more often to your videos please

  • Snaek


  • Alex432 1
    Alex432 1

    I just relised, I am the trampoline guy, shit

  • Anil Antony
    Anil Antony

    Hey don't forget ,he looks like Jesse too

  • x x
    x x

    I like your hair

  • jordan johnson
    jordan johnson

    That ASMR