Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 12
Corridor Crew
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Niko and Clint sit down with Amy Johnston to break down some of the craziest action sequences in your favorite films!
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  • Suraj Narayaanan
    Suraj Narayaanan

    bring jackie chan next time

  • Christian Rosales
    Christian Rosales

    Ip Man (2008) vs 10 Japanese martial artists. I’m surprised it hasn’t been reacted to yet!

  • Daniel Amor
    Daniel Amor

    One movie stunt you I think you should react to is the uncut corridor fight scene from Oldboy. The original one, not the american remake.

  • Miguel Gardoque
    Miguel Gardoque

    Review the jackie chan movie Chinese zodiac the scene where he's chasing the dragon head statue near a volcano

  • Jasmine Sher
    Jasmine Sher

    Can you react to the fight scene in Aquaman with Atlanna fighting the 3 guys

  • Zexian Koo
    Zexian Koo

    love to see more stuntwomen react with yall

  • Patient Hands
    Patient Hands

    Can you guys do the bathhouse scene in Eastern Promises (wherein Viggo Mortensen fights two hitmen while nude)? One of the most brutal fight scenes...

  • Jordan Serrano
    Jordan Serrano

    Road Warrior has some pretty rad stunts.

  • Owen Baxter
    Owen Baxter

    Do stuntman react to spencer confidential

  • Aidan Warren
    Aidan Warren

    Could you guys do a react video from a WWE match ex: The Greatest Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Tables Chairs and Latter, Any Cage match.

  • Facundo Morales Diorio
    Facundo Morales Diorio

    Last movie Clint has ever seen was Casablanca.

  • Rise the drake
    Rise the drake

    That old timey black and white video of yours got taken down or something? I can't find it for the life of me.

  • InfamousHN

    into the badlands ;]

  • Daryn Heim
    Daryn Heim

    You guys should react to some Deadpool scenes and the fight scene in GEMINI MAN with the woman DIA agent. The scene is on NOsoft and I think is one of the best scenes I’ve seen for a woman getting beat up in a movie.

  • daniel todorovic
    daniel todorovic

    Clint youre great

  • Williem Iman Wijaya
    Williem Iman Wijaya

    Please react to all the raid and ong bak series

  • James Waring
    James Waring

    Finally, some much needed female industry perspective! More of the same please, great episode.

  • Henri De Rooij
    Henri De Rooij

    I would love to see some Michael Jai White scenes like: Blood and Bone - Get the Money: Falcon rising - Dock fight

  • Josalt Diaz
    Josalt Diaz

    1. The divine move 2. The man from nowhere 3. Undisputed 1-3 some action scenes from Jason staham jet li

    • Josalt Diaz
      Josalt Diaz

      The good the bad and the weird

  • Javaughn Robinson
    Javaughn Robinson

    Can you guys react to the winter soldier opening fight scene

  • Unais Mohammed
    Unais Mohammed

    Altered carbon

  • andrew russell
    andrew russell

    How do you recommend a scene? Just post it in the comments? Yall should react to the last fight in "The man from nowhere"

  • Jaka Bodega
    Jaka Bodega

    Do the intro fight scene from 300: Rise of an Empire

  • Edvin Forsell
    Edvin Forsell

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="9">0:09</a> oh no dont dare becoming like american reality tv

  • OZ_Beatz x
    OZ_Beatz x

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="107">1:47</a> caps face 😭

  • Skyline9476

    Get Tony Jaa to come and break down Ong Bak! To this day one of THE action movies out there!

  • Spieler Eins
    Spieler Eins

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="569">9:29</a> all you had to do was follow the damn train.

  • Zeraphyre Trinity
    Zeraphyre Trinity

    I had a little heart attack at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="204">3:24</a> when I saw that thing staring me in the soul on the top right

  • XaviD

    Amy!!!! 🔥🔥

  • Nararya Gyaneshwara
    Nararya Gyaneshwara

    Do "The Night Comes for Us" the final fight scene

  • Frog Skeleton
    Frog Skeleton

    I think you should break down some of the fight scenes in the Witcher - there are some fantastic scenes in that

  • Govind Sreekumar
    Govind Sreekumar

    Rush hour 2. Jackie Chan squeezing through a counter in the casino.

  • Jonathan Bahlmann
    Jonathan Bahlmann

    why is there the joker theme from the dark knight at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="623">10:23</a> ?

  • Abdul Munam
    Abdul Munam

    Please bring stunt doubles more! Really enjoyed this episode!

  • Daniel Bent
    Daniel Bent

    Scooby Doo 2 : Monsters Unleashed. Any scenes with the monsters

  • TajfunStudio

    Android 18 !!!!!!! Amy please make more Dragon ball movies with RobotUnderdog !!!!

  • Pancake

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="510">8:30</a> bro, that nigga is knocked out cold. Dude doesn’t even move at all after falling lmao

  • Elijah Clair
    Elijah Clair

    You gotta watch Ip man vs 10 black belts

  • Brad B.
    Brad B.

    The real question: Clint, did you get her number or not?

  • R and R adventures
    R and R adventures

    Revenge of the sith emperor palpatine twist


    Superman returns airplane rescue scene

  • Adam Lueders
    Adam Lueders

    You guys should break down the ally fight scene in Wonder Woman.

  • Corey

    I live outside Cleveland, OH where they shot the highway scene. They used the shore way for about 2-weeks, completely shutting down the highway during production. Not sure if they fixed the roads after the fact. But if you drive through Cleveland, pot holes are common as hell so it’s not like we would have even noticed. Fun fact, the first Avengers was shot in Cleveland as well.

  • MikeEl-Angelo - Speedruns and More
    MikeEl-Angelo - Speedruns and More

    The feminist bs was getting annoying. Seriously good for you wamyn but you are complaining about it; this isnt the video to rant about that.

  • John Abel
    John Abel

    Hey corridor crew try reacting to combat gods animation with that friend of yours who likes anime it's really good for a fight scene

  • Владимир Клобуков
    Владимир Клобуков

    It would be interesting to see an analysis of the fighting scenes from the "Equilibrium" by Kurt Wimmer.

  • Manish kr
    Manish kr

    i dislike, cuz he no see winter soldier :[

  • Max Ross
    Max Ross

    Don't worry, Clint, I haven't seen any movies either... I've been in that exact situation so many times.

  • Finley .W
    Finley .W

    Can you react to Clint’s sleeping dogs short film

  • Centurion MK.1
    Centurion MK.1 Can you react to this

  • puneet madaan
    puneet madaan

    Tiger shroff in Bollywood movie war (2019)

  • Isha Mhatre
    Isha Mhatre

    Can you check a Bollywood movie'Tumbbad'

  • Sourav Joy
    Sourav Joy

    Guys please make an episode on the stunts of movie "Tom yum goong"

  • Biotechnus

    how about the horrible choreography from the final fight scene in the gyuver 2

  • Eugene A. Schreder
    Eugene A. Schreder

    I would love to see stunt-men react to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, especially the car chase scene. And then the VFX guys should react to the face-melting scene and the other gruesome deaths in the series.

  • mskromlukens

    the hotel room fight scene with Gina Carano & Michael Fassbender in Haywire

  • Ben

    She’s got a real chip on her shoulder.

  • Garrett Hampton
    Garrett Hampton

    For the love of god.. can you guys please react to kill bill?

  • Killer Caritas
    Killer Caritas

    You guys should get your buddy those colorblind glasses .

  • new lol
    new lol

    Can stuntmen react to the Deadpool movie scene, the fight inside the car

  • Jorja Evans
    Jorja Evans

    Yall should react to the car chase scene in Death Proof, zoe bell is such a badass in that scene

  • Sam Edman
    Sam Edman

    Can you guys do the church scene in Kingsman?

  • Braden Kavalauskas
    Braden Kavalauskas

    Altered carbon. Hotel scene

  • Evan Taylor
    Evan Taylor

    Knife scene John wick 3

  • Allysha Zaelani
    Allysha Zaelani

    Clint LITERALLY asks an age old question everyone lowkey thinks about

  • bluecoldchocolatesalt

    The oil fight from transporter!! In the bus depot It's a burner fight scene

  • xyoxus

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="631">10:31</a> That's not *THE RAID 2*

  • Mike Hatfield
    Mike Hatfield

    You guys should check out The Forbidden Kingdom, Jackie Chan vs Jet Li scene and the rest of the movie is pretty cool too

  • deus_ex KB
    deus_ex KB

    Please react to one of the many kill bill fights

  • karun

    Do Chappie

  • videomissionary

    Have these guys reacted to Ong Bak or Tom Yum Goong? Some crazy fighting there, and the hits look really painful

  • Terror Fromabove
    Terror Fromabove

    You guys could do another marvel r rated when captain America flys into the bus and when the guy gets flung infront of the other vehicle

  • Reece Butler
    Reece Butler

    Hot Fuzz - Final Shootout in village

  • Flame Striker
    Flame Striker

    react to shivaay movie has awesome stunts

  • Zenil Chaudhari
    Zenil Chaudhari

    You should do arrow 6×10

  • Cobbsquad

    Bring in Drew Taylor and review 6 Underground, some awesome stunt scenes in that film that he did for real

  • Aram Zahwa
    Aram Zahwa

    Is this the girl from ' accident man' Either way, maybe do a video about ' accident man' , it has great fight scenes

  • NakulD

    VFX React to south indian movie trailer 'Saaho' Chinese movie 'wandering earth'

  • Kishan Jinde
    Kishan Jinde

    Street Fighter Assassin's First (2014) movie. It has some pretty brutal hand-to-hand combat

  • The Firesword Dragon
    The Firesword Dragon

    If the actor is scared, it's the actual actor. Only the stunt guys look brave in stunts. Especially if it is Chris Evans. Guy's a scaredy cat in a good number of things. He's no Robert Downey Jr.