Tesla Model Y and Cheap Batteries | Fully Charged
People in the USA are beginning to receive the first orders of Tesla's latest SUV, the Model Y. In this episode of Fully Charged, Robert takes a look at the Model Y's specifications and compares with his very own Model 3.
Battery cost: bit.ly/2zf8r6f
Million Mile Battery: bit.ly/36iYrot
Austin Tesla: bit.ly/2TnF74a
Battery Announcement: bit.ly/2LLk5bC
Additional footage courtesy of Ben Sullins and Bryan Roschetzky.
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  • Jim Beeds
    Jim Beeds

    Never apologize for talking about Tesla. Without this company, all other car manufacturers wouldn't even be trying to make electric cars in any real volume.

  • william armstrong
    william armstrong

    Not a shame at all! There is nothing wrong with a car of that width. Taxi work? The S is not that large either. Love the show!

  • Bharath Vikhram
    Bharath Vikhram

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="380">6:20</a> well, you would know the value of 1mile when you are stuck pushing the car to the charging station 50m away

  • Ian Gregory
    Ian Gregory

    I've just seen the new Lexus "Self Charging" Hybrid advert......... Robert, looks like you may have upset then a little bit 😁

  • savedfaves

    Model 3 starts at €49,000 in Ireland. Model Y won't be starting at €36,000, not even in Romania. Large pinch of 🧂

  • Yang Guan
    Yang Guan

    Can you drift an EV, since it can at will send power to any one of the wheel?

  • tom black
    tom black


  • tom black
    tom black

    I don’t care if u hate or love Tesla I want to know is what’s the weird obsession with that Red Dwarf character...that robot dude ?...sometimes I even thick u act like him

  • DapaChrons

    you are the best

  • FractalPrism

    hi, im here just to tell you how much i hate the stupid "reaction" face you're doing in the thumbnail. i will never watch your content because of it. its tacky, its hideous (not the person's looks, but the TRICKERY), and i cannot support your channel.

  • Percy Prune MHDOIF and bars
    Percy Prune MHDOIF and bars

    Personally, I don't really like Teslas for one reason. I don't like the idea of giving someone tens of thousands of pounds to buy a vehicle THEY CAN DISABLE at will! I'm buying it, NOT renting it. My dream would be two Morris Minors. One original for fun and one electric for daily use! ;-)

  • Jeremy Wong
    Jeremy Wong

    “ICE we’re constantly breaking down” BMW: that’s cute.

    • william armstrong
      william armstrong

      What? Err no any BMW over 3 years old become a serious problem brand. Suspension issues, electrical connector corrosion cause spurious intermittent breakdowns and problems. Gearbox issues (Mini) etc etc etc.

  • Shaun O'Hara
    Shaun O'Hara

    Petrol engines before improvement: I remember that, if your car started first time, it was a real boast.

  • mariconor

    My next car will definitely be electric but my diesel merc gets better economy than any of these offerings - but only coz it doesn't move from my driveway as I cycle everywhere - way more efficient! Seriously though, the wife and I were talking about getting rid of the two ICE cars and just going for one leccy instead.

  • diamonddbw

    It's obvious you're bipolar. LOL. Just kidding. Always enjoy your shows.

  • Károly Bata
    Károly Bata

    Tezla is Tesla?

  • Daniel Bull
    Daniel Bull

    I'm so glad people in the UK keep telling me they are changing their Model S's for 3s and Ys because I personally love the S and don't really like the 3 and Y much at all - so hopefully it means I can get an S cheap :)

  • Vitaly Kroychik
    Vitaly Kroychik

    The difference between WLTP and EPA is that the EPA accounts for a lot more highway driving. Electric cars are more efficient in city driving than on highways. The performance version is a bit baffling to me though.

  • john evans
    john evans

    Your a tesla fanboy, no your not your a tesla boot hater. No your not your a 3 inch hater. No your not your a...,. Oh, I give up!😨

  • John Mead
    John Mead

    I'm from Austin Texas. And I approve this message

  • Thomas

    Could you please stop reporting European prices by converting us sticker prices. They are always without VAT/sales tax and ours are always with that. So it will always end up around 20% more expensive than you are reporting, leading to headlines later on that the new model is finally here, but a chunk more expensive than initially claimed. This is part of the "Tesla always makes false claims" story, which they really didn't, all they do it's mention US sticker price without VAT.

    • Thomas

      Plus, there are Tesla sticker for various markets available on their website. Performance model y is around 65000 instead of your 56000 and it's not because "new cars are expensive" but because of VAT (plus maybe some import tariffs, depending in giga 4 construction speed)

  • Auktion Ga
    Auktion Ga

    Fugly car. Looks like a fish.

  • Tom Clark
    Tom Clark

    So thoroughly enjoy each of your shows! Carry on, sir.

  • Nick Boylen
    Nick Boylen

    Great episode.

  • mark totton
    mark totton

    Why can't they make a standard range AWD? Here in Norway you have to have AWD, but you don't need long range!

    • Jackson Callan
      Jackson Callan

      So just charge it less frequently ...

  • Andrzej

    Wooow <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="283">4:43</a> I had this in my Skoda Octavia since 2005, real rocket science :D

  • Bo McGillacutty
    Bo McGillacutty

    S is too big for me in America too but Americans seem to like oversized everything. Granted our roads are mostly wider but still.

  • Tesla Dude
    Tesla Dude

    Maybe the end of 2021 in the UK, you might be able to get a Model Y !!!!! Don't forget that SpaceX is sending the most recent astronauts to the Space Station by a US made rocket in 9 years!!!!! Elon Musk!! It is very exciting, pride for innovation and the human spirit!!!! I am waiting on a very long list of Cybertruck reservations, like 700,000 and growing.

  • Phil Rabe
    Phil Rabe

    :32 .Wow. I was just watching "a competitor's" T video, and cut during the end roll, switched over to some meat and potatoes Tesla, and your intro had me hypnotized to the extent that when my good friend Kryten popped on, I had a little moment stuck in the 90's. I hear that will get worse with age. See, Picard.

  • EdWilsonPhoto

    great presenter! lucid, prepared, genuine....Smart

  • David Chow
    David Chow

    If only it was going to be £32K for SR. I would be shocked if it doesn't start at £39K by 2022. I put the performance AWD range down because of the bigger wheels it has as standard.


    Why buy a tesla or any other electirc car as if you follow the news a landrover discovery will go from london 260 miles to county durham to durham hospital and back 5 miles, 30 min drive to barnard castle and back and 260 miles back to london all on 1 tank of petrol? This must be the most economical landrover in history owner DOMINIC CUMMINGS

  • David Morse
    David Morse

    So desperate for a model Y! Ready to place my deposit as soon as I can order. Not-yet possible on the UK Tesla website. How much longer does anyone think we, in UK will have to wait after Giga Berlin rolls-out the Left-hand drive? How much longer after LHD model 3 did RHD model 3 come? Will Y be quicker do you think?

  • Brandon Rodriguez
    Brandon Rodriguez

    Its funny bc to me and most Americans this is bearly even an SUV

  • jacob bogers
    jacob bogers

    Subbed, wonderfull show

  • jacob bogers
    jacob bogers

    197 dislikes, wtf???? Russian bots?

  • One Monster
    One Monster

    Robert, please stop with those face thumbnails, that’s a really bad idea in my opinion.

  • bikeman123

    That pricing is way off. A base model 3 is over £40k so why would anyone believe that a model y will start at £32k?

  • john johns
    john johns

    Made in the same country that brought you COVID 19 and put hundreds out of work

  • Gregg_J

    i like jaguar i pace. but its very expensive :(

  • klaqua

    I can't afford a Tesla, but i love where they have pushed the competition! I don't know how anyone could think we are so close to having reasonable electric cars without them pushing the industry that way!

  • Rudy Van De Walle
    Rudy Van De Walle

    The "y" should be available in Europe in the summer 2021 since Tesla stated that it will be produced in the Giga Berlin which should start operating in july 2021. Thus sooner than 2022...

  • FieryToast

    Loving the comments at the end about a certain billionaire who shall remain nameless 😂

  • jsouto77

    Im reserving myself to a model Y performance. Im starting to get a bit tired with dsg service, haldex service, oil service and the list goes on. Its an inconvenience and I have better things to be doing with my time. Enjoy the shows, thumbs up from me :)

  • Kyocera kitten
    Kyocera kitten

    Grossly misinformed episode.

  • Paul Cox
    Paul Cox

    Poor old Panasonic, are they not the company that to date have provided all Tesla vehicle batteries, they rarely get a mention. All the best to Tesla when they go it on their own & also LG.

  • Jeremiah Preszler
    Jeremiah Preszler

    Just test drove a Model Y. The sales rep told us that all production for July/August this year would be going to Europe for deliveries.

  • FY Hung
    FY Hung

    Stupid image

  • Ricky Bosephus
    Ricky Bosephus

    Totally automated factory, almost no people in it. ...but somehow they had to social distance? Automation = SOCIAL DISTANCE

  • EdgyNumber1

    wtf? Its only 10cm wider and longer... seems to not be able drive a car. if you need something to worry about, its their poor build quality and reliability...

    • EdgyNumber1

      @vidznstuff1 I don't live in an Italian vilage. Neither does Robert.

    • vidznstuff1

      You clearly have never driven through an Italian village

  • bollyblob

    elon musk is an engineer and a scientist dude, how can you not know that

  • The Observer
    The Observer

    It's all about the engineers, the executives and ELON MUSK etc. It's all about everyone in Tesla.

  • The Observer
    The Observer


  • Northern Ireland Foot & Ankle Clinic
    Northern Ireland Foot & Ankle Clinic

    How come the prices of the cars aren't dropping if the cost of batteries is falling?

    • vidznstuff1

      Because they don't have to.

  • daniel velez
    daniel velez

    excusem me one sec the 0-60 actully come in handy way more then you think for one passing another iv been to earop and you have the same issue we have in the usa with some on ramps being steep up hill and short as hell

    • vidznstuff1

      0-60 is not correlated to rolling acceleration. A Corvette will clean a Model S's clock in highway passing, despite having a worse 0-60.

  • David Irwin
    David Irwin

    Just ignore the comments Robert. It's a great show!

  • Benjamin Hippler
    Benjamin Hippler

    That thumbnail is just obnoxious. Don't do that.

  • George Holloway
    George Holloway

    "Massive rear-end capacity". What a turn of phrase.

  • Gonzo Kryllake
    Gonzo Kryllake

    The WLTP figures for the Model Y have not been measured officially yet, so the current figures on the Tesla Homepage are only estimates. I assume that the WLTP figures for the AWD versions in the end will be slightly higher than the EPA figures. Also: the length of the Model Y is 4,751 meters according to most sources.

  • Peter Semmens
    Peter Semmens

    " There is so much content " First Time viewer. EXELLENT ! Mosh Australia.

  • Paul Goffin
    Paul Goffin

    Disagree about the "static technology". Electric motors are an extremely mature technology. About the only thing that can improve is the batteries. ICE manufacturers could put in the software, could put in auto updates, mobile phones instead of keys, etc.. They choose not to because they see upgrading as a way to sell new cars.

  • MrBazsi888

    Tesla Y + ID3 + Honda E. Wow, amazing options in 2020. This is amazing for the air pollution in the cities.

  • Nils Frederking
    Nils Frederking

    "EV´s then cost the same as ICE cars" with a battery lasting one million mile and a comparable purchase price EV´s cost much less then an ICE car. So everyone who has a garage or carport with a plug makes the much better chice with purchasing an EV, emission restrictions are another aspect. Furthermore I am very confident about the fact that charge times will be much lower with Teslas new battery technology. In one of the patents a charge time of 9 minutes vs 30 minutes was stated (I suppose something like 10-80%).

    • vidznstuff1

      @Nils Frederking "I am very confident about the fact that charge times will be much lower with Teslas new battery technology" You didn't show a charge time reduction, you merely spewed off random things about a low cost battery that lasts 1M miles - yes, it's the electrolyte. Again, no free lunch - you do not get faster charging from that tech.

    • Nils Frederking
      Nils Frederking

      @vidznstuff1 You have several components in a batter, anode cathode electrolyte, some can be combined differently. I refer to the Tesla patent of Dec. 26th 2019, as far as I remember it is an electrolyte patent. No free lunch but a lot of research and effort from some of the best people in that field, for example Jeff Dahn.

    • vidznstuff1

      That battery is made for low cost, not for fast charging. So, doubt it. Mother Nature rarely makes free lunches for engineers.

  • Azar Huseynli
    Azar Huseynli

    Yo, european rodes are fine. Its the UK thats fucked up. Stop saying europe when you mean UK.

    • fullychargedshow

      Hmmm, have driven extensively in the UK, Europe and the US; Europe has plenty of small roads as well, especially when compared to the US. Thanks, Fully Charged Dan

  • Chrome book
    Chrome book

    too much tesla

  • DM 2MW
    DM 2MW

    They had to make it wider to balance out for the added height or else the car would look narrow like it would tip over easily. Also for aesthetics for the car to still look pleasing on the eyes as well giving it a sense of planted feel. Great show!

  • mkmm60

    You are right. Thinking back to my childhood, I remember cars with starting problems, overheating coolers on rising roads, problems with the "distributor arm" could be seen on a daily basis. Not to forget half of the cars covered with rust.

  • all things electric
    all things electric

    You're not a fanboi or hater bobby, you seem like a decent guy who is a fan and genuine advocate for cleantech. what you are is a FRAUD ENABLER. musk is a symptom of ZIRP along with other frauds like UBER, Spotify, Theranos, Softbank etc. Charlatans like Musk are inevitable when cycles go on as long as this one..........this car, this episode and your sycophancy and extraordinarily limited understanding of the technology you promote and frauds behind them will not end well. By all means keep on promoting the guy who called a national hero a pedo, sends workers back to work despite county orders, and seems to magically cook up a random profit with billions in A/R when he needs to raise and is such high risk the board cannot get D&O insurance so musk has to insure them himself........this piece of cr*p company has been losing $7000USD/car for nearly two decades...........honestly where were the signs................if you think elon is smart, its because you are not............. when the tide goes out we get to see who has been swimming naked.

    • fullychargedshow

      Oh dear, another one. What on earth are you on about you toxically isolated freak of nature. Only you and some sad sweaty palmed nut bags know what "ZIRP" means, I don't and I don't want to. But to start your comment all supportive and understanding and then suddenly go ALL CAPS accusing me of being a FRAUD ENABLER kind of gives the impression that you are a few solar tiles short of a full roof. I totally agree, musk is a nightmare. So fucking what? If you are right, and this musk bloke you're so obsessed with is a fraudster, a liar and a psychopathic murderer, then tesla will go bankrupt, thousands of people will be out of work and you can punch the air knowing you, and only you, could see through the lies. Or something And half baked fuckwits like me will be crying over our fallen hero, or some other utter bullshit fantasy. Get in the sea.

  • Eugene Bajema
    Eugene Bajema

    Dear Robert, don't worry about the comments whether you are the Tesla version of Schrodingers Cat, both right and wrong at the same time, one can never keep everyone happy. I like your channel and I think you all are doing very well in promoting EVs and renewable energy etc. I am a fan boy of everything EV and renewable energy etc. I don't have an EV, as I can't even afford a decent range EV yet (a Leaf won't work for our family in NZ) and that is taking ALL costs into account. But I will be buying one as soon as I can afford it (or convert my current favourite car as soon as I can find an affordable conversion kit). Please keep going with this channel as I do have fun watching it.

  • djt2412

    Tesla-sunami. Funny stuff. I think people forget that the people paying for their big-featured Teslas are paving the way for cheaper Tesla models for the rest of us. This is the way. 👍⭐️😀

  • Dave Turner
    Dave Turner

    Whether you are a Tesla fan or not, I think we all wish that other companies would make things to get excited about. I absolutely love my Model 3 but I'm disappointed that it has no real competition and thus Tesla can ask whatever price they want.

  • sleekitwan

    Teslahaterfanboy...anyway, Octopus Energy has asked our household if we could BURN ELECTRICAL ENERGY for a bit, between 5am and 7am this morning (Sunday 25th May 2020). They prefer we don't use hi-lo systems (I immediately think hi-lo security lamps, but they must mean stuff that varies the load a lot). [EDIT forgot to say the reason for this - the virus has shut down so much in the UK, it's going to damage the National Grid if we don't get some energy dumped out of it.] So we will put on a wash in the machine, can't dishwasher we don't have one, but I guess powering up the old PC Tower will help (at the start of 'Judge Dredd' he's called to a block war - my PC tower is a little bigger than that building. However, I have slotted in an SSD and now it boots almost as fast as the ipad). Anyway, they are advertising at the moment at the front of your vid, and they do claim all or most energy is from renewables, and they are not more expensive as far as we can see, than others. Carry on Robert, you Tesla-hating-FanBoy you.

  • hydrolife tech
    hydrolife tech

    Robert, you butchered pronunciation of Carvalho lol

  • hydrolife tech
    hydrolife tech

    Terafactory because its battery production capacity is over 1 Terawatt hours per year

  • hydrolife tech
    hydrolife tech

    2010: Battery costs USD 1,500/kwh 2020: It's rumoured Tesla&CATL battery costs USD 80/kwh At that cost, EVs will be cheaper to manufacturer than vehicles burning fossil fuels. Insane improvements!

  • j Cornish
    j Cornish

    Great episode. Love ev.’s and Tesla but evs in general are for rich people.. really hope the battery price will fall as we need to replace our 15 year old car

  • For The Love Of Noise
    For The Love Of Noise

    I am still most excited about the Cyber Truck and Roadster.

  • Robert Van Zant
    Robert Van Zant

    Plonker !

  • Alexander

    No info on Energy Web Token? Impossible to miss that, links between Tesla's new P2P power grid, Autobidder and Energy Web Token. Aemo that is using this system currently in Australia and even the company Tepco is listed by the Token creator. A small update on the Model 3 and its live, especially with the new million mile battery. EWT reached all time high today. You are welcome. Finally a crypto that is used for something other than speculation. Research it yourself guys, this should be enough to get you starting. To be honest, Bitcoin cant be used for anything like it is. Its like version 0.1 of the technology that has risen. All credit to the one/people that have created bitcoin but we are not driving the first car ever made, are we?

  • Darren Palmer
    Darren Palmer

    Robert, you Tesla loving hater you 😂 .....still waiting for the time I can buy mine....I’m about 18 months away and counting 😄