Tesla's Million Mile Battery
Battery Playlist:
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Why are you still reading?

  • Gerald Nordahl
    Gerald Nordahl

    I added twin turbos to my battery pac and now it kicks in like a vtec bro.

  • Naim Blakaj
    Naim Blakaj

    I meant him

  • Naim Blakaj
    Naim Blakaj

    Hes a bankrupt loser soon I will have to file for bankruptcy in he never made a penny for all this years the he was in a fucken business

  • Hey its me
    Hey its me

    But wait, you need an entire power plant to charge one car...

    • Gerald Nordahl
      Gerald Nordahl

      North Korea or Russia could build a Nuclear powered car.

  • Contessa Adella
    Contessa Adella

    The title isn’t technically wrong...but very misleading. A cynical person would call it click bait. It just means a million miles worth lifetime of charging cycles. This is still great because changing out an almost unchargable ‘dead’ pack is very expensive. A real ‘charge once every million miles’ battery pack would have 3000 times the currently available pack capacity. One day it might even happen...and Elon is the man to make it.

  • frank doster
    frank doster

    elon musk talks a lot delivers little.

    • Gerald Nordahl
      Gerald Nordahl


  • Boo Bear
    Boo Bear

    soon they'll make a car that you cant replace the battery of

  • Mike G.
    Mike G.

    Soooooooo, the battery will go almost 250 miles to a charge. Great, I'm sure the car will only cost $200,000 dollars. Next pay check and I'm in. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • laurence cope
    laurence cope

    More bs.

  • DelbertStinkfester

    Now I want a 1000 mile range

  • Kevin Kiser
    Kevin Kiser

    Always insightful

  • Kellie Kim
    Kellie Kim

    I don't care what tesla make, if they don't care of their customers, their products are not for me. Their customer service sucks, they charge $8extra to avoid their transaction fees. They impose the transaction fee to solar customers!

  • oldguy8177able

    eion musck is a joke

  • Graham

    So what landfill gets the battery after the millionth mile? Why isn't Tesla recycling any now? The world is already home to thousands of dud Tesla batteries. Additionally the vampire drain of Elon's packs is huge, over 100,000 cars or so it runs into megawatts of constant waste.

  • freddyzdead1

    I had hoped to find some real information here. Nope. Another example of how dumbed-down the internet is becoming.

  • Sane Fran
    Sane Fran

    King of overhyping......intellectuals trump = elon

  • T West
    T West

    Love your videos! short sweet and to the point every time. Many Thanks!

  • temesgen kifletsion
    temesgen kifletsion

    So we will have them in AFRICA which is the best news ever to Tesla lovers

  • Steven Arther
    Steven Arther

    Great sense of humor if this video does well haha so funny yeah I think we're far past the need for this as we continue to destroy the ionicsphere.

  • Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt
    Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt

    Throwing money onto something is very Americana ... however, there are quite a few things that money cannot buy. Thus far, there is no known procedure that stores electrical charge in a Battery that is suitable for Cars / Trucks etc. Replacing Internal Combustion Engine is the desire of everybody. Its conversion of Petrol / Diesel / Ethanol into workable energy is still unmatched. Electricity has to be produced somewhere from something. All you are doing is transferring the shit to another place. I call it shit shifting.

  • bfjb70

    I'd be interested to know how hundreds of thousands of households institutions and businesses could be using the electric grid to charge EVs? Seems there's a bit of a problem there, a 100% remove-and-replace upgrade needed to meet demand?

  • Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt
    Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt

    Haughty claim ... Battery is Electric Cars Achilles Heal ...Its discharge is Battery's Achilles Heal. There is no known method for a Battery to stop discharging ... The fuel tank of a car / truck can be up to 100 litres / kgs ...engine circa 200 kgs, the rest is body, altogether 300 kgs. Electric Car battery alone weighs more than 600 kgs ...an average Electric car can go for 100 miles / 160 km, whereas an average diesel car can go for 600 miles / 960 km with full tank ... Refueling of a Petrol / Diesel car can take 10 minutes, whereas recharging an Electric Car Battery takes hours ...Electric Cars are a boon to congested areas tooling around towns ...

  • Vernon McAlister
    Vernon McAlister

    Since Elon unselfishly supports humanity freely of heart propelling and eventually supporting all of us, I say we should support this great act and send his company a donation no matter how small it may be, you Go Elon!! Tesla, make a deposit sit,

  • Flying Up
    Flying Up

    We had electric cars for the elderly in Los Angeles back in the 50s. Gee, wonder why they did away with those little cars? Now, this guy has COME UP with it.


    Lemme tell you how much is actually 1,000,000 1000,000 mi= 1,600,000 km THE Circumference of the earth is 40,000km. I repeat 40,000. NIGGA , with a 1,600,000 we can go round the earth 40 times !!! (Assuming the car can go over land and water ) This technology is not gonna be available at least till the next decade for sure(assuming rapid technological advances in battery technology are made). I don't think this battery is coming for the next 20 years at least. I have so many problems with this 1. First is the the battery itself, will it retain it's battery capacity over generations! 2. The car surely won't last for generations to come. 3. Cars by then most probably will be maglev , so less friction meaning less consumption meaning the battery will last for even more longer. A natural calamity is also likely which damage the car and hence resources and money down the drain. 4. If the million miles feat is achieved ,then shouldn't it be used in rockets! Primary fuel or emergency fuel it doesn't matter! ( Im not from that background ,so I dunno the calculations and the battery can me modified or given a covering for the adverse conditions of space.) It could also be used in satellites and even the space station which is operational at that time. We are from reaching that technology to even think about it. I feel it doesn't make sense to use it in car. Maybe heavy machinery probably if that's the case like a crane or ooooh a submarine. The submarine would have to surface for supplies but would need less checkup and hence back in the water faster. I just wanted to give you'll an idea about the reality. I maybe wrong for all I know. But im open to comments and just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys Lemme know what you guys think. Peace!

  • Mark Sommers
    Mark Sommers

    Amazingly , just a bit more than 100 years ago , we relied on fire and steam .

  • White Cobra
    White Cobra

    This is great. But you better not let democrats get there slimmy hands on it or they will vote it out.

  • Jeff Dunnell
    Jeff Dunnell

    It's got four wheels,two of them could be generating battery power,car would never need recharging

  • Steve Armendariz sr
    Steve Armendariz sr

    Ok, the word is “Maybe “, this means might!!!

  • Mr MEMé
    Mr MEMé

    Exposed: Itt was an Aprils Foolz Joke From Elon ¡¡¡

  • Rob Marrin
    Rob Marrin

    Brilliant information and then some 👍❤️

  • Amjad Khan
    Amjad Khan

    China will copy that soon..

  • Erick Morina
    Erick Morina

    They never talk about how expensive the motors are if they break 🙄 It’s so simple yet a huge bill not to mention all the other parts. There are pros & cons to everything in life. I don’t think ones better than the other (Electric vs Gas)

  • Naveen S Nair
    Naveen S Nair

    Musk needs more security, from the current battery makers

  • waynebow 2018
    waynebow 2018

    Is this battery better than the Lithium / CO2 battery that's just been invented ?

  • William Nix
    William Nix

    YANG2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • James Avery
    James Avery

    They charging time is the problem

  • Crazy Guy
    Crazy Guy

    Oil companies left the planet.

  • Tom Tutt
    Tom Tutt

    These batteries are practically Cobalt 60.

  • Paul Hawes
    Paul Hawes

    Can we use it to power your house for a year or more?

  • Ian Hollands
    Ian Hollands

    If this is true it changes the game. All my reservations about electric car are overcome. It appears to be ideal and would result in massive changes to the manufacture, distribution and servicing industries. Cars would literally last a lifetime.

  • Jon Conkey
    Jon Conkey

    Will tesla finally show a profit, or will he need a few more billions to perfect it first?

  • Ed Salinas
    Ed Salinas

    Elon has great concepts, but can he just make a battery that doesn't explode. And cause an environmental disaster.

  • #buzzofftoxic Blog
    #buzzofftoxic Blog

    John Goodenough Cool I thought glass and salt is interesting. Thank you Cold Fusion. A need to make massive changes with how our society is run and free up patents that big toxic oil/military hold from us! 😀​@​


    A million miles ! That's gonna take a hell of a lot of time to charge!

    • Contessa Adella
      Contessa Adella

      No no no.....that is not what the misleading vid title means. It mean a million miles worth lifetime of charging cycles. This is still great because changing out an almost unchargable ‘dead’ pack is very expensive.


    Naaaa Tesla future cars will be supplied with a million-mile extension cord!!!

  • Stanley Kania
    Stanley Kania

    Wow... I want an EV car now..

  • Stanley Kania
    Stanley Kania

    Carbon dioxide battery !!! Tesla's going 2100 Mile on one charge...

  • larrysheetmetal

    WHY would you give the tech for a almost trillion dollar industry AWAY?

  • David Hawley
    David Hawley

    We have already got a battery that is great. Why not all work together on this one. www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7592485/Father-eight-invents-electric-car-battery-drivers-1-500-miles-without-charging-it.html

  • Tom Varrette
    Tom Varrette

    @Elon Musk : MAKE A LIGHTNING BOLT DISTRIBUTION MANIFOLD TO SPLIT THE POWER INTO USABLE POWER TO CHARGE MASSIVE POWER BANKS ..........zero emissions on any electricity that gets salvaged sounds extremely appealing , especially since the main reason we dont think of lightning as a power source is the ability to store it, this i think Elon could solve

  • SylwerDragon

    well to be fair ..Elon is always saying these things ...But in reality it can com in 1 or 5 or even 10 years ..because after all ...all research is done in small ..but for full production you need much more money..and who will pay for it..Investors ofc..So he has to change of the minds these ppl to get more money to be able actually produce it...I'm glad all that research is coming out..and maybe in 10-20 years we ..We i mean normal ppl will see benefits from it..that is after all rate of progress that is done thru the industry

  • wilber nt
    wilber nt

    Y'all believe this? On "confusion TV?"

  • Astro Mars
    Astro Mars

    He lost me when he quoted NBC...fake news....And yeah, Elon where is your self-driving car? LOL

  • StreetPerfomer Channel
    StreetPerfomer Channel

    Elon Musk killed JOULE( South African EV Manufacturer)...used all their(JOULE) patents to form TESLA.

  • Earl Stewart
    Earl Stewart

    You don't suppose that the oil industry was holding back progress on the battery advancements?

  • Walter Lippens
    Walter Lippens

    Musk is an idiot.

  • Ramdharry Chandra
    Ramdharry Chandra

    Beating their batteries ahum drums 20 years ahead. Keep digging man, put it on a car run it for the distance you claim, then you will get people's attention.

  • Williamo Jaconsoona
    Williamo Jaconsoona

    Electric Planes, my god we can place these on electric planes. Oh my god!!!! WE WILL LIVE IN THE FUTURE!!!!!!

  • manoj tewatia
    manoj tewatia

    But these 🔋battery are way much costly than expected or told. It seems there's no vision of clean nd green environment