Tesla's Cybertruck Tug-of-War Stunt Was Pointless
Here's Why Tesla Cybertruck Towing A Ford F-150 Is Meaningless
A tale of physics, electric trucks, and why tug of war doesn't matter.
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During the Tesla Cybertruck reveal Elon Musk showed the world that the Cybertruck can pull a Ford F-150, uphill! At initial glance, you might think wow, that's an impressive feat. Surely the Tesla's electric torque helps it rip the F-150 in this battle of "who's got the bigger driveshaft?" Unfortunately, physics informs us these kind of demonstrations are entirely pointless.
We'll discuss the actual wheel torque of the Tesla Cybertruck as well as the Ford F-150, we'll look into both vehicles weights, and we'll analyze the video to determine if the Ford is RWD or 4WD. Ultimately, we'll all land on the conclusion that everything we witnessed was pointless. That's the story of life. Enjoy!
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  • Yitong Zhou
    Yitong Zhou

    There are multiple fallacies in this so-called math analysis. Static and slipping frictions need two different mius. Static friction (what you get when wheels aren’t slipping) is usually larger than slipping friction. Also you shouldn’t assume you can get full gravity during pulling contest, the weaker side might got slightly dragged up, then losing further frictions due to that. To simplify this, we can assume the connected cars is a complete rigid body (like using a steel rod to connect them), then friction computation here is even more bs since the only thing matters now is the miu constant each tire can provide and the max torque the engine can provide. And of course, the max static friction you can get from tires should always be higher than the max torque (otherwise tires will keep slipping and cars won’t even start). So in the end, the only thing matters is torque and of course going downhill is an advantage.

  • Ferike2000

    The fact that you’re covering this proves you wrong.

  • skmetal7

    I wonder if Tesla had something heavy in the back of the cyber truck for that tug-o-war. The suspension looks like its lower than normal.

  • For College
    For College

    You nailed it why Tesla/Musk is a greenwashing POS.

  • Mongus Kooklord
    Mongus Kooklord

    Obviously at this point the truck will only sell to trophy wives in coastal cities, as an alternative to porsche SUVs or G Wagons. Gardeners, construction, small businesses, farmers, off-roaders aren't going to buy something like this until proven ultra reliable and with a healthy crop of aftermarket plug-in battery extenders and/or solar chargers. I think the future of personal transportation is in renewable synthetic/biodiesel, with fuel plants powered by adjacent solar or whatever. That will probably be cheaper with less environmental impact than establishing a massive network of lithium recycling plants. The nice thing about ICE is that you can just scrap and melt.

  • Victor Gamboa
    Victor Gamboa

    Literally no one cares

  • brockbusa21

    The prototype Ford Raptor did a little test too BAJA 1000. Let him drop this sack of ass in the desert and see it break in 15 miles.

  • TiagoTiago

    How is it pointless to demonstrate that the Cybertruck is better at pulling?

  • TiagoTiago

    Pulling a train is easy, there is very little friction, you just gotta beat the inertia.

  • Ash

    The tyre type?

  • British Expat
    British Expat

    way over my head

  • Justin Lumpkin
    Justin Lumpkin

    So I am with you that the demonstration is about weight, but did torque have any effect? If the F150 just had a ridiculous gear ratio could it win the tug of war?

  • John A.
    John A.

    Still calling it being little more than a joke. Elon is absurd and does plenty of things "just because I can", like the flamethrower or already naming his cars S.3.X.Y. Don't get me wrong I think its great that someone with billions is actually doing something with them that MIGHT (if even slightly) propel our species forward, but I don't put such things beyond him having a laugh.

  • Michael Crumpton
    Michael Crumpton

    If you think the video of the Ctruck pulling a Ford was about physics you are missing the point. The video was to say this new thing is better than that old thing you have. It works brilliantly, even if it makes no sense at all.

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith

    I think they made it ugly just to allow it to be cheap to produce. The machines to stamp out curvy, well-articulated door panels are expensive to make. This thing you can fabricate with little more than a basic sheet metal brake.

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith

    I agree that it was deceptively weighted towards the Tesla prevailing (it is a marketing video for Tesla after all). But it seems prudent not to discredit weight as an overall factor of performance. If being heavy and having a more even load distribution gives it an advantage in functionality then how is that any less significant than motor power or torque conversion? You seem very biased in saying "all we learned is that the Tesla's truck is heavy," and your follow-up disparaging remarks against heavy vehicles. Honestly, most vehicles are too light. The industry has prioritized making vehicles as light as possible for the sake of fuel mileage and roadway longevity at the expense of increased human casualties and lowered performance. The reason they compared the Cybertruck to this F-150 specifically is because they are roughly the same starting price. (The Cybertruck is supposedly $20,000 cheaper to own over the course of five years though.) It doesn't seem unfair to compare the trucks this way, but the detail that bothers me most is that the Cybertruck started dragging the F-150 before the F-150 showed any sign of trying to accelerate. It's like watching inexperienced arm wrestlers; if you let your opponent get a dominating grip right at the beginning, you've already lost.

  • Jason Strider
    Jason Strider

    Tesla is walking the same path as GM. If Chevrolet commercials have taught us one thing, it's that if you wanna make a truck look good, pair it with a Ford and give the Ford as many potentially unoticable handicaps as possible and just hope that the viewers are too incompetent to realise the deceit.

  • Jsmes Wagner
    Jsmes Wagner

    The only thing missing from this delorian truck is the cocaine.

  • 17:58

    Ford fan boys mad😂

  • MrWolfSnack

    Also you can tell in the F-150 video that it is lifted off the ground.

  • Armando Mazzini
    Armando Mazzini

    Donate Me A Telsa To Cash App $YuuYoo

  • Charlie Myers
    Charlie Myers

    TESLA's Truck Is TOO Heavy

  • Zack

    Tesla fans: *_but it makes torque instantly_* Seriously though I have been excited about ev's forever and the fanboyism just makes me want to hate the truck. Nobody questions the manufacture specs (even after watching "armored" Windows fail). They don't question how an electric truck is going to lose tons of range loaded or tesla solution to cold starts in subzero temperatures when not on the home charging system or the fact that a 70% degraded battery wouldn't warrant replacement under teslas warranty, all being innate problems within lithium ion technology. It's all just how amazing this non existent truck is already. I would love to see more conversations on how we can transition from gasoline powered work vehicles.

  • Richard Kim
    Richard Kim

    Cybertruck is like for those hipsters who live in big cities who don't work in hard labor but just want it for looks while real trucks like f150 are for people who actually have a hard labor work like farmers and people who live in the country side lol

  • Jonathan Drahoss
    Jonathan Drahoss

    Still if you got loads of torque but not enough grip to get it onto the road you’ll still loose the tug of war. That’s Teslas advantage with the electric motors because you can control them way more precise.

  • StuckInMyGarage

    Subscribed because ERIC told me to. 😂👍

  • other3176

    Just get a truckla

  • Mar1lyn

    The fanboys aint gonna like this

  • rathan kashyap
    rathan kashyap

    Why did u consider 6000lbs on the rear wheel of Cybertruck when you are considering 2000lbs for F150???

  • Albert Hibpshman
    Albert Hibpshman

    You assume Tesla wants to build a lot of electric trucks. Not Tesla’s stated goal... it’s clear they definitely want to force OEMs to build sustainable transport.

  • Jose Luis Meseguer
    Jose Luis Meseguer

    Your calculations are correct and from that point the demonstration was a bit silly... On the other hand, that video has been watched by hundreds of thousands of people, so for marketing purposes it is already a big success, as most people will not go into checking the Maths details

  • Daniel Siu
    Daniel Siu

    not even a click bait. legit the first thing i was thinking when i was watching the video

  • Ray Drouillard
    Ray Drouillard

    Tesla's styling succeeded in getting free publicity. Polarizing the public probably increased the brand loyalty. The preppers, Mad Max fans, extreme sports fans, outdoor fans, and others of that mindset like it. The whole (almost) bulletproof makes it really cool for someone who wants a truck that's rough and tough. I wouldn't be surprised if they sell something much like the prototype, but also sell something that looks more traditional. Those who are complaining that it's ugly will then have something that makes them happy.

  • O. V.
    O. V.

    An F-250 would've been a better test.

  • Sisteelin

    "This test means nothing, it just proves that the truck is heavy". Yet you just proved why the test is valid? If the truck is heavier it can pull heavier things, which is what trucks are meant to do... So how does the test mean nothing, even if the f-150 was 4 wheel drive it would have still lost, and you just showed us the math to back it up too.

    • Video Pipeline
      Video Pipeline

      re: "If the truck is heavier it can pull heavier things" - which is why the Cybertruck (which if it has a 3500-lb. payload, will have GVWR of somewhere around 10k) should be compared more closely to an F250/F350 rather than an F150. That said, heavier *empty weight* is not better, because it results in less payload at any given GVW, which is why automakers try to *reduce* the empty curb weight of their vehicles.

  • GameExplorer

    Of course it was pointless since we knew what would happen from the get go ;) Especially in a truck, you really need serious horsepower from the moment your wheels start turning, and only the Cybertruck can do that.

  • Abhijeet Kotwal
    Abhijeet Kotwal

    You assumed most of the stats, thus I believe your calculations may not be reliable to draw a conclusion. For example: the frictional coefficient, you assumed them to be equal and the tires to be the same in width etc. May I point out that Tires in a car make a whole lot of difference. Take two similar cars, if one had big thick grippy tires and other had worn out slippery tires and if these were pitted against one another, who do you think would win? My point, you can't take ignore the tyres and friction . And this is just one of the point I am against.

  • Thicc Boiii
    Thicc Boiii

    Someone hit me with a tldr?

    • shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      Tesla truck has more weight over driven wheels than the Ford and wins due to that.

  • Amaris A. Deva
    Amaris A. Deva

    Ok but what about Inertia and friction? The heavier things are the worse they become, specially on the inertia part

  • Dozer 806
    Dozer 806

    Im so glad you did this video, i have a friend who saw the tesla video and i told him it was a PR stunt and he proceeded to go on about how electric is better and no way the ford could out pull it, it wasnt a stunt, anyhow i was able to direct him to this video, he still wont admit hes wrong even with math, science and proof in his face!!! but yea i dont see electric trucks (as of right now) replacing internal combustion in terms of towing and doing work, battery and electric motor technology just isnt quite there yet! Theres plenty of videos out that prove how bad the batteries drain while towing, might be ok if you were only taking a load ~50 miles. Ill stick to my Gasser i couldnt imagine taking my boat to the lake, getting there having to recharge (if it made it, plus no lakes around here have charge stations!) Anyhow nice stunt on teslas part but like i said the technology just isnt quite there yet!