That Time the Mediterranean Sea Disappeared
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How could a body of water as big as the Mediterranean just...disappear? It would take decades and more than 1,000 research studies to even start to figure out the cause -- or causes -- of one of the greatest vanishing acts in Earth’s history.
Special thanks to everyone at the MEDSALT project, including Aaron Micallef, Daniel Garcia-Castellanos, Angelo Camerlenghi, and Luca Mariani, for allowing us to use their incredible graphics and videos in this episode. Check out their work here: and the full version of their incredible recreation of the MSC and the Zanclean Flood here:
This episode was written by Gabi Serrato Marks!
And thanks as always to Ceri Thomas (, Julio Lacerda ( and Franz Anthony ( for their wonderful paleoart used in this episode.
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  • jbe678910

    LOVE :)

  • John Grey
    John Grey

    10:51 I like the picture of the giant predatory goose attacking a helpless elephant. The goslings will eat well today!!!

  • John Balladear
    John Balladear

    "What we know about climate change" - NATURAL Climate Change, happening all the time, like NOW?

  • DrDread

    PBS Eons : In all of your lectures, I've noticed that scientists and researchers never have discussions concerning the subject matter. These people are always "arguing." Silly scientists, immature researchers, will they ever grow up.

  • hydrolito

    American Football field counting end zones is 120 yards and European foot ball field is 115 yards so even Europeans would have a rough estimate. So they used term both Americans and Europeans would understand.

  • Dash

    Who else wants to have that giant rabbit as a pet?

  • suddenfootloss

    Music is really nice at the beginning of this one

  • star cruiser
    star cruiser

    It was CO2 from power plants did that

  • Ted Hutnik
    Ted Hutnik

    6mil years ago. Global warming. Damn humanity.

  • ItzMikeOmg

    So they had climate change 5 million years ago huh? Those damn natives and their SUVs.

  • Christine Shaw
    Christine Shaw

    The Atlantic and Mediterranean seas are two totally different seas ! As with the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea etc they do not mix they show a definite devideing line in Colour and texture !? So how do they explained this !

  • Black Mesa
    Black Mesa


  • T 50
    T 50

    They should lower it and get all the recycling. It would amount to 900 billion europounds.

  • Franklin Miller
    Franklin Miller

    And man gathered salt

  • immrnoidall

    face at 4:22

  • harold bryant
    harold bryant

    Imagine the die off that would have happened in the sea over that time, except that all die offs are peoples fault.

  • paul snor
    paul snor

    Wonderful explanations. Insular dwarfism and insular gigantism. You never hear those darwinists about insular normalism.

  • ferrer65

    So anybody want to talk about how people still believe that people are causing climate change?

  • Jason Markson
    Jason Markson

    maN-orca ??? You guys are usually much smarter than this

  • Jason Markson
    Jason Markson

    maN-orca ??? You guys are usually much smarter than this

  • A P
    A P

    How long ago did the Mediterranean dry up? I might of missed the timeline in the video.

  • Don farlan
    Don farlan

    It went to mars for a vacation

  • Tamara Heater
    Tamara Heater

    Yet you want to blame the change in climate on man, Oh such little minds!

  • Danny Boyo
    Danny Boyo

    The Pillars of Hercules.

  • richard bearden
    richard bearden

    Soooo .... people just don't it...

  • AQIL khan
    AQIL khan

    Mediterranean sea was connected to Tethyan sea 150 million years ago before the colossal of Persian gulf.

  • Bram Moerman
    Bram Moerman

    Wow. If there are 3 km thick salt beds under the Mediterranean, that is a LOT of salt. What would ocean salinity be today if all that salt was still in the oceans, and how would that affect aquatic life? And studies done on that?

  • Roberto Vargas
    Roberto Vargas

    What no humans caused these climate fluctuations? Climate deniers PBS! How dare you!

  • DIY Solar Homestead
    DIY Solar Homestead

    I would like some giant rabbits in the back yard.

  • Marco Lello
    Marco Lello


  • Frank Maskil
    Frank Maskil

    I have heard that at sometime in the past there were as many as 250 settlements of people on what is now the Mediterranean Sea floor.

  • Mandu Rugas
    Mandu Rugas

    and thats how Atlantis disappeared

  • Mandu Rugas
    Mandu Rugas

    the biblical flood made in Babylon

  • Sam Malacca
    Sam Malacca

    Or it is just capibara?

  • BZAKether

    Nuralagus Rex? What a weird name. I would have called "Esquilax".

  • Ron Abell
    Ron Abell

    How about u look how deep the inlet to the medatranian which is lower then the medatrainian a inlet is not as deep hwll with ur choices. Let me get a post

  • Ron Abell
    Ron Abell

    U kiding the ice age did drop it that much

  • John Falcon
    John Falcon

    There is no trace of evidence here that the Mediterranean disappeared, only evidence that it appeared. Most likely from a flood.

  • John Falcon
    John Falcon

    Simple really, separate water and it becomes gas, hydrogen and oxygen. Boom, now it's in the sky.

  • John Connor
    John Connor

    pre great flood

  • 65CSX

    What a waste of time; mislead by title and wasted my time viewing little more than a clever cartoon. Hypothesize....suggests.... may have....and, most likely, did not. Next week we'll have a whole new set of maybe's.

  • Alexandru Popescu
    Alexandru Popescu

    5:18 What? Climate Change happened before? And it was caused by... astronomical factors? BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Warren West
    Warren West

    Christ told people to heal themself by bathing in the sand by the sea, some cultures take it to mean bake in the sand/ xtream heat kill viruses which kill and sicken man. comments ?

  • Warren West
    Warren West

    rabbits do have a temperment

  • Warren West
    Warren West

    great discourse, thankyou

  • S SM
    S SM

    Universel Deluge

  • Nine year old.
    Nine year old.

    WAIT WHAT? Climate change before the Industrial age, how could this be?

  • P1a I
    P1a I

    The Mediterranean sea receives more water from the rivers than from Atlantic ocean. So if we close the Gibraltar channel it will overflow and become a freshwater lake!)

  • Brian M
    Brian M

    Wait, just wait. All this happened because the planet did it???? Gretchen is going to be raving mad when she finds this out.

  • Robin Brimalm
    Robin Brimalm

    You guys are the best. Thank you.

  • Gordon Cavanaugh
    Gordon Cavanaugh

    Would this explain the second Nile Delta seen in photos to the west of the current delta as a shadow type image?

  • zapfanzapfan

    So, the Mediterranean was the original Dead Sea :-)

  • David Lawand
    David Lawand

    i wonder how many meters the global water level fell when the atlantic gave water to the dried up mediterranean *thinking*

    • Joseph Fiore
      Joseph Fiore

      Meters no, maybe a inch or less or way less.

  • Yasser Ammar
    Yasser Ammar

    I liked the music


    I kept getting very distracted by the woman's crotch. Nice!

    • Art Neihaus
      Art Neihaus

      That's more a you problem

  • james pong
    james pong

    There is only one rational explanation for this climate change!! European Cow farts and SUVehicles!!

  • Giorgi Lockapishvili
    Giorgi Lockapishvili

    I hear "And Steve" a lot... Now wonder who this guy actually is lol

  • Snake Pliskin
    Snake Pliskin

    I’ve always wanted to visit the club med

  • AGVG

    Found a giant rabbit; Common people: Just some crane should have taken it there. Geologists & Biologists: No sea died with some complex hypothesis and we are left with the land for the rabbit to reach the Island. Me: Why is this Lady wearing the same dress in all videos?

  • cannabiscorpsefan

    Just imagine going back in time just to get yourself a giant rabbit for a campfire dinner in summer. That thing must have been TASTY as hell.