The 2010s in review: the decade's defining moments
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What a decade it's been. From tech giants transforming our lives and major political upheavals, to triumphs in health and science, tragedies that brought the world together, and the evolution of pop culture, Eric Sorensen recaps the moments and movements that defined the 2010s.
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  • Will Phipps
    Will Phipps

    Boring decade

  • TheLaneSplitter MC
    TheLaneSplitter MC

    This video also exposes the bias prevalent in the 2010s.

  • MrPlasma


  • Akil Alleyne
    Akil Alleyne

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="175">2:55</a> "Rap's rise to the pre-eminent genre"?? Um, excuse me-that happened in the '90s, not the 2010s. You're a bit behind the times there, Global ;)

  • Deej Price
    Deej Price

    Who misses the 90s?

  • marta Skórzewska
    marta Skórzewska

    Ok boomer

  • Mcheetah

    This trash video has so much far-left bias to it.

    • ⒡uture nostalgia™
      ⒡uture nostalgia™

      Far left? Where 😂

  • Boyd Odell Tyler Baire
    Boyd Odell Tyler Baire


  • Boyd Odell Tyler Baire
    Boyd Odell Tyler Baire



    “Screens are a tool, not a toy”

    • AM SA
      AM SA

      😂😂😂 I was like "huh"?

  • Arnab Sadhukhan
    Arnab Sadhukhan

    2010s- The decade of governments going crazy all across the world, climatic conditions drastically degrading & memes taking over the internet.

    • Eric Cartman
      Eric Cartman

      Arnab Sadhukhan congratulations dick head aside form memes you summed up every decade ever.

  • Will G
    Will G

    Australia burning anyone?!? 😡

    • Rafael Fonte
      Rafael Fonte

      And Portugal burning 3 years ago no one cares 100 people died and no one cares about it

  • John hendrickson
    John hendrickson

    America made its biggest mistake since Vietnam last decade, electing an orange clown for president. Hopefully we learn from that mistake this decade.

    • John hendrickson
      John hendrickson

      Joppe644 in the long run yes. Trumps destructive policies and judge picks are going to have negative consequences for decades.

  • Nicholas Harmon
    Nicholas Harmon

    All of the decade recaps I have seen are just liberals rewriting history

  • CringeyChase

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="496">8:16</a> this section made this video lose all of its credibilty, what enormous bias

  • Rafael Guzmán
    Rafael Guzmán

    The first black president was elected and the worst president of all time too

    • Plastic Dinosaur
      Plastic Dinosaur

      Rafael Guzmán ok boomer

    • Alexandru Andercou
      Alexandru Andercou

      a ballanced decade

  • I don't think
    I don't think

    Am I the only one who fell for the clickbait thumbnail?

  • Julidé UNAL
    Julidé UNAL

    What about Notre Dame's burning?

  • The_Boss

    What a terribly biased overview of the decade. Every moment this video highlighted was spot on, but how they described it was incredibly biased, over-exaggerated, or just flat out terrible and misleading. Horrible

  • Uli Christine
    Uli Christine

    A re-cap of corporate media propaganda.

  • Jon Hohensee
    Jon Hohensee

    THIS IS STUPID. The first year of this decade is 2011. The last is 2020.

    • ⒡uture nostalgia™
      ⒡uture nostalgia™

      How do the 2010s not include 2010? That wouldn't make any sense

    • Jon Hohensee
      Jon Hohensee

      @Ren 2020 - Do you really get it, boomer?

    • Ren 2020
      Ren 2020

      Ok boomer

  • TheMercilessElf28

    10 years later: remembering the 2020s


      TheMercilessElf28 VR Has taken over the world, Minecraft is still a thing

  • Cokesloth

    This was a pretty good recap

  • kieran

    on another episode of dragon ball Z

  • David Agiel81
    David Agiel81

    Defined by trans loving SJWs

  • Starlord

    2010s, the decade of populist rebellion against the globalists.

    • TheGhostKidney7

      @200 subs with no video challenge That's why democracy sucks!

    • 200 subs with no video challenge
      200 subs with no video challenge

      People voting against their own interests, sadly and ironically.

  • Basilick


  • astroWhisper

    What about MH370????

  • Dan Hoffman
    Dan Hoffman

    Terrible biased video

  • geek guy
    geek guy

    didn't like the 2010s. hope the 2020s are better

    • NerdyMatt

      That what people said about the last decade, and the one before it, and the one before that, and so forth. And that's what they are going to say when the 2030's comes near.

  • Blu

    I hope in 2020s, the age of NOsoftrs and social media stars finally die.

    • sarah choi
      sarah choi

      Blu NOsoft always had social media stars. They just weren’t as wildly popular as they are now

    • Blu

      @Juan Avitia Yes, I know. I'm talking specifically about NOsoft and Social media stars, like Jake and Logan Paul. Social media is making everyone depressed, sad, lonely, angry. I hope it dies in the 20s, and we can finally be free of this prison.

    • Juan Avitia
      Juan Avitia

      Blu youtube is a social media platform

    • Blu

      @sarah choi Sarah, it was, because before NOsoftrs and social media stars became a thing, I was watching NOsoft already, and there weren't any of them back in those days.

    • Weirdo Beauty
      Weirdo Beauty

      sarah choi 🍵 🐸

  • Puck Shack
    Puck Shack

    Race relations soured under Obama's democrats long before Trump and Trudeau is following the same script. Anyone who doesn't agree with Liberals is a racists, Islamaphobe, misogynist, etc., etc. Many people are just too busy to realize the division in our country is coming from the Liberals.

    • Puck Shack
      Puck Shack

      @Cures Sadness No ironic is that a muppet like you was dumb enough to comment, proving my point.

    • Puck Shack
      Puck Shack

      @Cures Sadness I generally don't take historical political advice about irony from 13 year olds on the internet with 30+ minute videos of Resident Evil music. In the event I become brain dead in the future, you will be the very first person I call. Learn some history kiddo.

  • Spank-My-Tank

    Lol <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> plus a second the glacier is peeing.

  • ricky yacine
    ricky yacine

    2010s was shity decade what coming is even worst

    • nintendolegoboy

      Well there will most definitely be a recession in the 2020s, followed by economic growth for all. So depending on how you look at it, we will do better or worse. I would start selling your stocks right now though :)

    • DeathFyre66

      People in the future r gonna think this decade was heaven

    • Amari Hooker
      Amari Hooker

      Hate to say it but you're probably right.

  • MrBassab

    Lol I’m looking in the comments, and OF FRIGGIN COURSE people found ways to make this video political. It’s a friggin NOsoft video. How about chill out. People are claiming that “mainstream media is being biased”, acting like they’re not literally stating factual things.

  • MST9

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a> ok boomer

  • The Junebug and Austin Show
    The Junebug and Austin Show

    The 2010s had it's ups and downs and hopefully we can learn from our mistakes to have a better decade in the 2020s!

    • ricky yacine
      ricky yacine

      the next decade will even more shity the 2010s will be heaven compare of what's coming !!

  • Nexus Lego
    Nexus Lego

    The cuts on this video are unexplainable. This vid: We want freedom! Baby baby baby oh Me: Tf

  • Matthew Loupe
    Matthew Loupe

    Things not covered: Massive uptick in college attendance Trillions of dollars in student loans The first generation predicted to live below the means of their parents Extreme political correctness The rise of Instagram influencers Vine comedians NOsoftrs Memes Everyone trying to make an app Entrepreneurs becoming the new rock stars That one guy from your high school still trying to be a rapper The rise and fall of Facebook Multilevel Marketing ending friendships The internet slowly becoming dominated by like 5 websites Internet addiction becoming a real problem for most people The actual death of rock and roll The rise of EDM to mainstream Rap and hip hop slowly getting softer Music festivals everywhere Anything else?

  • Arts&Politics USA
    Arts&Politics USA

    What a year. New Era 2020 with new president in Nov 2020 in USA. Trump impeach and remove. PeteForPresident PeteForPresident 💙

  • Witness of Christ
    Witness of Christ

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="426">7:06</a> now Greta is telling us to go in the corner. The biggest news is as always that Gods Son was born to take away our sins and you dont have to go to Pluto, but you can accept Him in your heart today and be renewed and found worthy of His promised ever life.

  • Afif Khaja
    Afif Khaja

    Love the video!

  • Tighty Whitey
    Tighty Whitey

    you hear that guys? Canada- good! America- bad! what a joke of a "news" organization.

  • jeholley 06
    jeholley 06

    Feminism this decade hasnt been feminism

  • Deano is my name
    Deano is my name

    That iPhone screwed everything up!

    • ricky yacine
      ricky yacine

      I phone = eye phone !! get your mobile camera that what you 24/7 get it ?

    • Deano is my name
      Deano is my name

      Good point... Never mind about this guys, I have an opinion, you guys have an opinion. Phones have good and bad effects in general...

    • CringeyChase

      Deano Moodley Thats when you try to talk to them instead of just staring at them blankly, they may not know that you want to talk to them.

    • Deano is my name
      Deano is my name

      Like 1:13 is a representation of social interactions today, one sits bored while the other is on the phone, disgusting. When someone is in front of you pay respect to them and if there is an urgent call do it outside.

    • Deano is my name
      Deano is my name


  • Ricky A.
    Ricky A.

    The decade also exposed msm's roots tied to corrupt governments and the billionaires that control them.

  • ElectroVeeDub

    Climate change denial is very alive. The science has not been proven. You just posted a video of the Ft McMurray fire which was a suspected case of ecoterrorism based arson making the classic alarmist claim that it's evidence of Armageddon. Correlation is not causation .

  • Mary Warner
    Mary Warner

    How about the crimes against the indigenous people in Canada. Are you trying to erase that from Canadian history.

    • A Duarte805
      A Duarte805


  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez

    2010's the decade that exposed the disgusting bias of the Mainstream Media

    • John hendrickson
      John hendrickson

      Anthony Lopez bias yes, but I would hope you wouldn’t call it “fake”

    • 200 subs with no video challenge
      200 subs with no video challenge

      And the way social media has been weaponised against us.

    • Mary Swoboda
      Mary Swoboda

      I agree. 👍

    • Leo Hureau
      Leo Hureau

      anyway stream 7 rings

    • TheMercilessElf28

      and the decade that made information accessible to many types of devices.

  • Cozy Bah
    Cozy Bah



    What about Epstein?

    • a pool player
      a pool player

      :p love you that little subject shall not die

  • Its Merrick07
    Its Merrick07

    Psy is actually from South Korea

    • Jesse Lillico
      Jesse Lillico

      Ippoqql no one gives a fk about you.

    • sarah choi
      sarah choi

      lppoqql tell that to ARMY

    • Num Num Num
      Num Num Num

      Dude chill, I’m sure your country isn’t better

    • lppoqql

      no one gives a f**k about Korea

  • albertannationalist

    Stop spreading the climate change lie.

    • albertannationalist

      @Justin Still no global warming.

    • albertannationalist

      @RAW STAR The global warming pause is about to enter its second decade. Every major piece of global warming 'science' has been debunked. Every prominent climate scientist has been proven a liar. None of the past 25 years of warnings have come true. Either you're ignorant or evil and deliberately lying. I think it's both.

    • Justin

      Albertanationalist Stop believing in Russian propaganda just because it sounds like what you want to hear

    • RAW STAR
      RAW STAR

      It isn't a lie though. Honestly the ignorance

  • RadicalRobert96

    What a horrible and bias recap of this decade.

    • John hendrickson
      John hendrickson

      How so? Bc they acknowledged the reality of climate change? That’s not bias, that’s just reporting facts.

    • DorianTM

      Yeah it's just mainstream media being itself

    • Ariel J
      Ariel J

      It's a pretty good recap overall. But it is biased as opposed to being politically neutral

  • Benjamin Mendez
    Benjamin Mendez

    Let’s do great things in the 2020s ok thanks!

    • 6 Piece Chicken McNuggets
      6 Piece Chicken McNuggets

      Good luck buddy.

  • Absolute Power Channel
    Absolute Power Channel

    2020. No one can afford a house. Isn't Humanity fabulous? 2020. How about humanity stop paying useless government our hard earned income tax.

    • Absolute Power Channel
      Absolute Power Channel

      @Ramp Shark. True. And it's because the people are so complacent. But hey. According to Darwinism. The rich should have it only their way. Because if I'm not mistaking, poor people must not be too smart. So I guess we should all face extinction. Sorry. I know.

    • Ramp Shark
      Ramp Shark

      Absolute Power Channel The rich rigged the system


  • lppoqql

    Really??? Pop songs and these none sense crap?? How about Canadian housing bubble making homes unattainable for most young families, all the social hurt this has caused? How about resurgent racism and rise of alt right??? Well, what can you expect from global news.

    • Ariel J
      Ariel J

      they did touch on anti immigrant sentiment and trump

  • andy

    The biggest news story should be on the central banking system and QE. And now the Repo market scam. And the corruption in all governments around the world.

  • Eric Von
    Eric Von

    Those "wild fires" you mentioned were proven to be the result of arson.

    • Justin

      And the conditions that caused them to continue to burn? Not like some guy is going gathering up dead organic matter and spreading it around to burn. Poor management and extremely dry conditions

  • hogensan

    The totalitarian corruption and incompetence of our government with its support by MSM like Global.

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