The 2010s: A Look Back At The Highlights Of The Decade
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It was the decade that brought us same-sex marriage and Brexit, President Trump and Greta Thunberg, Fleabag and Game Of Thrones, One Direction and Stormzy - the 2010s have fractured our politics, transformed our technology, and seen the start of movements that have changed the world forever.
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  • anonymous

    You mean back in The Tens/10's... Correctly call the 2000s "the zeros" and the 2010s "the tens". It's the zeros (the O's or double O's could work too) (for 2000-2009) and The Tens (The Teens could work but the tens is better) (for 2010-2019). Use these shortened terms. If you can do it for the twenties, you can do it for the zeros and tens. TY! This is extremely important!!! P.S. IDK whatsoever, hehe.

  • Remi Chloe Lewis
    Remi Chloe Lewis

    Better than CNN’s.

  • Lovely Doll Time
    Lovely Doll Time

    We made it to 2020.

  • Ed the Boom
    Ed the Boom

    Did Andrew niel just make me tear up

  • tyroneuniqua lalala
    tyroneuniqua lalala

    'the future we want for our children" doesn't allow children to have any say on their opinions :I

  • Katjerouac Music
    Katjerouac Music

    Social change= LGBT and Me Too That's it?

  • Cal Hackit
    Cal Hackit

    thank god this horrific decade of insanity is over. jesus the music on this is such propaganda. i wonder where HuffPost's ideology is... libtards, you took over the left and drove it off a cliff. idiots. we'd all be dead in 10 years if you guys kept going. anyone have a link to a decade round up that's not biased as hell?

  • Ryan Corcoran
    Ryan Corcoran

    There is no year zero in the Gregorian calendar. Therefore each century begins on the first year (1901, 2001, 2101) The first decade of this century was 2001-2011 and the second decade of the twenty first century begins 2021. So there is one year left in this decade.

    • anonymous

      It's all just stupid made-up numbers in the first place, therefore, what difference does it actually make?

    • Frederick Alesna
      Frederick Alesna

      Technically, but nobody's gonna recognize that.

  • Felix CD
    Felix CD

    Wow what a shit decade

  • LookUpToTheStars TheUniverseIsYours
    LookUpToTheStars TheUniverseIsYours

    Happy New Year Everybody! ☺️🎉

  • JW

    Completely missed new cold war era & increase of nuclear dangers by Xi, Putin, Kim (Dictators with new weapons) , Trump's out of INF

  • Kingketo Windsor Royal
    Kingketo Windsor Royal

    Ready for 1920's electric bogaloo

  • Jonathan Bedford
    Jonathan Bedford

    4 more days until the 20’s

    • Anonymous One
      Anonymous One

      @Biggus Dickus Yeah. You too. Excited but scary lol. 😄😨

    • Biggus Dickus
      Biggus Dickus

      @Anonymous One happy new years my friend

    • Anonymous One
      Anonymous One

      @Biggus Dickus 😨😨😨

    • Biggus Dickus
      Biggus Dickus

      Now it's 2

    • Anonymous One
      Anonymous One

      Yeah lol. Excited but in the same time its scary. 😅

  • Anonymous One
    Anonymous One

    Thank you 2010s... 😢😢😢

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