THE 2010s: the end of an era - DECADE RECAP
Aydan Metsch
A look back on the tragedies and triumphs of the 2010s.
Please don't sue me.

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  • Umberto Mantoni
    Umberto Mantoni

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="628">10:28</a> that didn’t aged well...

  • beach chicken626
    beach chicken626

    nobody LITERALLY NOBODY youtube comments: i serve the soviet union

  • Kade Rowe
    Kade Rowe

    The last good decade.

  • Savage barz
    Savage barz

    People born in 2007 - 2016 this is our decade

  • A random Toad
    A random Toad

    The coronavirus has begun

  • HuffyTun

    The end actually scared me I don’t want that reality. HMMM MAYBE WE CAN ALL GET BLOWN UP BY A METEOR BEFORE ALL THAT HAPPENS

    • HuffyTun

      Aydan Metsch I can see the f u r u r e >:0

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      you just predicted my newest video

  • hayden varga
    hayden varga

    This is a nostalga nuke.

  • TwinTowersFan2011

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="460">7:40</a>

  • Vance Provost
    Vance Provost

    every time i watch one of these videos i nearly cry

  • No Reasons
    No Reasons

    Honesty, with what is happening in the world rn, I wished it was 2019.

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      some guy saw "the 2020s are here. be the one that defines them" and then ate bat soup for lunch

  • Lilliana O'Neal
    Lilliana O'Neal

    Me in 2015: let play some just dance! Me in 2020- wait, when's The new just dance coming out? Oh yeah. They discounted it. Me in 2030- where's the internet? Oh yeah, it was destroyed.

  • Lilliana O'Neal
    Lilliana O'Neal

    Did you just say The disgrace of the Cars franchise was your favorite movie?

  • Kodi

    The start is already weird why

  • Gary Paul
    Gary Paul

    actually i’m watching on my ipad

  • Midnight sun boulevard
    Midnight sun boulevard

    Actually this is not the end of the decade. The end of the decade is 2021. You have should’ve not post this vid then. :/

    • Midnight sun boulevard
      Midnight sun boulevard

      But what about the 2000s?

    • Midnight sun boulevard
      Midnight sun boulevard

      Aydan Metsch Yes it’s 2011-2020

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      The 20th century: 1901-2000 The 1900s: 1900-1999 The 2010s: 2011-2020??

  • Daniel Secundino
    Daniel Secundino

    U cute... that's it lol nice video :)

  • Aydan Aydan2
    Aydan Aydan2

    Thank you 2010s for everything the music the movies the fun and for just being So great and fun just thank you the 2020s will just as great and fun happy new year bye 2010s

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi

    *clap* DECADE *clap* REVIEW

  • Amina J
    Amina J

    say hi to people from 2050 :) HIIII!

  • Gwendolyn Smith
    Gwendolyn Smith

    HA! I am watching this on an iPad Edit: Who’s also watching this 1 month into 2020 where Australia’s been on fire, threats of WWlll, austarila flooding, and the coronavirus has happend. 11 more months to go😐

  • Maxx 0_0
    Maxx 0_0

    31st Jan 2020 😑 time flies fast

  • Account Gmail
    Account Gmail

    Omg I love this I love you I Stan you

  • Chip

    The most nostalgic thing i can think up, is watching all the teennick shows Drake and Josh Zoey 101 iCarly Jessie Good luck charlie

  • Aydan Aydan2
    Aydan Aydan2

    Thank you 2010s for everything the music the movies the fun and for just being So great and fun just thank you the 2020s will just as great and fun happy new year bye 2010s

  • DarRossBOSS

    😂😂when he said "ok google" my phone stopped the vid and pulled up assistant

  • Vyllix

    idk why but when the nintendo wii noise came in, i just screamed of sheer nostalgia

  • Julian Zuniga
    Julian Zuniga

    Let the Roaring 20s RETURN!

  • • SEVENTEEN • got me so whipped Junhao
    • SEVENTEEN • got me so whipped Junhao

    Wow 💓

  • HistoryBuff1944

    Aydan Metsch: Makes video about the 2010’s. Video: Imma bout to start this mans whole carrier...

    • HistoryBuff1944

      Oh really, thanks :)

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      This is my favorite comment of all time you win

  • BN

    this was too good

  • BigBrain Anime
    BigBrain Anime

    Gooood lord the 2010's sucked. There were a few good things sprinkled in there, but it was mostly filled with mediocrity and cringe. It feels like we took 3 leaps forward but 20 full steps back. instead of people themselves evolving, the problems people had evolved instead. Bullying got worse, now that you do it online and get put in a 24 hour bulling program. Stealing, and identity-theft upgraded to hacking. Vapid trends lasted shorter and got more vapid. Music got way more superficial as did art and entertainment in general, and also more needlessly politically driven. With all these great technological advances we did both very good but mostly pointless or endangering things with them. Communication got worse despite having literally all the technology in the world to make it better. We can't have a civil discussion about important topics to save our lives. And finally instead of focusing on the future, we mostly got the past out of it's nursing home and forced it to do it's thing _just one last time,_ and or tried to haphazardly imitate it. I think the 2010's was an awkward transitional phase, lets hope that's case and the 2020's grow from this and are at least headed in the right direction. Yea kind of a downer, but so was the 2010's

    • R M
      R M

      10s was good

  • Ryan Sullivan
    Ryan Sullivan

    Is it bad that I knew that last like notifications was and what game it came from

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      Another man of culture I see

  • lansen jiang
    lansen jiang

    Ayden: you're probably watching this from your phone me: nuh uh Ayden: or your computer me: nahh Ayden: and if not, you're watching it on your tv me: _have you heard of a samsung smart fridge?_

  • Renata Bortoni
    Renata Bortoni


  • HistoryBuff1944

    Actually I am watching it on my iPad, fun fact ;)

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      Alpha male

  • Irked Particle
    Irked Particle

    Dark Side of the Moon AND ON Computer on your wall? Two out my all time favorite albums. I approve, sir.

  • m

    >didn't talk about indie games

  • Absoluteley Ellie
    Absoluteley Ellie

    “Party rock is or party rockers” O-o what have you done?

  • Emil Jansson
    Emil Jansson

    Meh. It dosent matter .

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      Nihilism I like it

  • JackBearsfan Chicago
    JackBearsfan Chicago

    Not gonna lie almost cried

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      My b

  • SociableWasp

    I cant explain why, but I'm really sad about the decade being over. :(

  • Brooke Violet
    Brooke Violet

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a> haha haha meh beat the system meh on meh iPad

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch


  • Sergeant Fr • 80 years ago
    Sergeant Fr • 80 years ago

    You forgot about the like if you’re watching in 2020 era

  • Lieke

    Jokes on you Im watching this on my iPad

    • Lieke

      Aydan Metsch :)

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      I just got bruh momented

  • Ruby Jenkins
    Ruby Jenkins

    why is this the most accurate video of the 2010s

  • PE_ProductionTeam

    Pharrell is now Will Pharrel.

  • sandwich_turtlurtle85

    On the thumbnail the bottom pictures are early 2010s The top left are late 2010s The top right are mid 2010s

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      Damn I didn’t even realize I did that subconscious genius

  • Renee S
    Renee S

    I can’t tell if this dude is 16 or 23, so I can’t decide if he’s ‘kid cute’ or ‘funny charming man cute’... Also you forgot pewdiepie’s iconic hits

  • Tushar Zala
    Tushar Zala

    Mark Zuckerberg is hilarious!😂

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      I prefer to be called “The Zucc”

  • Jonathan Lichtenberg
    Jonathan Lichtenberg

    What was tge scary game?

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch


  • Victoria McCarthy
    Victoria McCarthy

    2020 anyone......... :(

  • lemxn tart
    lemxn tart

    Gonna miss the 2010s...😫😭

    • m m
      m m

      only 2010-2012

  • Koda Palmer
    Koda Palmer

    Who’s watching this on a TV?

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch


  • Grace taveo
    Grace taveo

    excuse me but a potato tied to a ceiling fan _is_ comedy so fuck off

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      You right I still laugh at that weekly

  • Logan Olson
    Logan Olson

    “Gravity with one earbud in” 😂😂😂 oh no

  • Grand Master YODA
    Grand Master YODA

    Why is there a gun on a rainbow in the back

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      Long story short:

  • Mohona Paik
    Mohona Paik

    Where is bts ?

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      BTS stans should be drafted first. If you’re gonna call yourselves an “army” you better act like it.

  • January embers
    January embers

    I-I’m watching this on my iPad

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch


  • Raihan Qomarullah
    Raihan Qomarullah

    Well no one said about the 2012 apocalypse, that shit scared me

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      Gonna show my kids the movie and tel them I lived through it

  • Tyler Funk
    Tyler Funk

    Godly video

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      Godly creator, I appreciate the support man it means a lot

  • chrischin127

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="193">3:13</a> iPad lol

  • Giana Ferrero
    Giana Ferrero

    this is the most amazing video ever

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch


  • Marcos Servin
    Marcos Servin

    Who came here to see the comments

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      haha me

  • Stroopwafel Falafel
    Stroopwafel Falafel

    I got here looking for the Spongebob Chase Music Trap Remix. Now I’m going to watch a review of CATS. Thanks for the thoughtfulness among the memes,

  • Takanuva03

    Being serious levitation, gravity wave generators and room temperature room conductors have been made.

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      what how did I not know this

  • Mr. Cool
    Mr. Cool

    Funny how u think I will have a family in next 30 years lmao

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch


    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      When we’re all living on a cruise ship cuz the sea has risen up 25 feet, you’re bound to find... A sweet wife on deck

  • Jakob Hartmann
    Jakob Hartmann

    thumbs up for using sun king

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      Good music alert

  • Nick Kairo
    Nick Kairo

    Damn that last minute made me feel all :,)

  • c h e r y l c o l a
    c h e r y l c o l a

    my favorite stuffed animal was a sea turtle please help me

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      Yo my favorite stuffed animal was a penguin we’re both screwed

  • Ben VDP
    Ben VDP

    This video was dope man

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      Ay thanks I appreciate it

  • Rathanak Yongtai
    Rathanak Yongtai

    I miss adventure time

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      I fee you

  • Ave Vee
    Ave Vee

    The 2010s were on some whack shit.

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch


  • Ari that awkward girl
    Ari that awkward girl

    It’s not even the end of the decade, the end of the decade is 2021

    • ⒡uture nostalgia™
      ⒡uture nostalgia™

      The 2010s finished

  • Ninahbell 2002
    Ninahbell 2002

    “Phineas Featuring Ferb”.... why do I feel personally slighted? But hey at least it got recognition

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      The Name Ruinerinator

  • Maia Kerr
    Maia Kerr

    Anyone else add up Dubai International Motor Show from the snapcode

    • Maia Kerr
      Maia Kerr

      @Aydan Metsch bro why would I not

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      Why did you look it up

  • Local Baby
    Local Baby


    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch

      Local Baby what if you did? Just for like a second.

  • CatLovr105

    Our children from 2034 will look at this video and see what we did with our lives as a society.

  • Hallie Lucille
    Hallie Lucille

    “Come along with me”🎶

  • Ethan Chang
    Ethan Chang

    Lol this was in my suggested feed and I was like, “wait, I’ve seen this guy before”

    • Aydan Metsch
      Aydan Metsch


  • Oliver Heckendorf
    Oliver Heckendorf

    That wii intro hit me like a freight train