The 2010s’ Most Significant Games (Zero Punctuation)
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This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee recounts the most significant games of the 2010s.

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  • yerim24

    It kinda depresses me that Yahtzee is the only critic I've seen so far to put Bioshock Infinite in their top ten list. It is really an underrated game.

  • adrenalinek1ck

    Didn't even put minecraft in the most significant, sure it was playable in 2009 but it wasn't officially "released" until the 2010's decade

  • David Outten
    David Outten

    Yahtzee, thank you so much for getting the year punctuation correct in the video title to indicate both plurality and possession. You have no idea how weirdly happy this makes me.

  • tyraelpl

    "a barometer for shit" xD you are brilliant sir!

  • Gee Tee
    Gee Tee

    Just realised I haven't played video games for 10 years now 😟


    I thought Portal would get a nod.

  • Paul O'Flaherty
    Paul O'Flaherty

    Is the music used the "get ready" music from Creatures 1 or 2 on the C64?

  • MarcusBloomfield


  • TheStevenB

    Stgill haven't upgraded from that CRT monitor, I see

  • Jill Sandwich
    Jill Sandwich

    I'd like to see some P values to know if these so called "games" really are significant or not pls

  • Meng C
    Meng C

    🥰🥰🥰Dark Souls made me love single player RPGs again.

  • Pythak reh
    Pythak reh

    I feel the whole cinematic trend could also be represented by 'Until Dawn'.

  • Harkness78

    My Games of the decade: 1. Witcher 3 2. Last of Us 3. Mass Effect 2 4. Red Dead 2 5. BloodBorne Haven't played Breath of the Wild or latest God of war yet.

  • Jess Coombes
    Jess Coombes

    vaguely disappointed that fnaf was never mentioned considering how far its come in the past decade but thats a minor complaint compared to how much i love this channel and Yahtzee's snark

  • RocketSauce28

    smh really didn’t mention Minecraft (yes, Minecraft’s *official* release was this decade)

  • MrFlyingSnakes

    Why isn't mindjack on your worst list of the decade

  • Bell Feasto
    Bell Feasto

    1:52 malcolm sterb is that you

  • Jeremy Bookbinder
    Jeremy Bookbinder

    I sadly own two copies of Ride to Hell because of this man.

  • beebyte

    Dark Souls has revived my love for gaming, so I'd say it's the most important for me for the 2010s. Non-stop played it and then DeS, and I still, no matter how much AFPS I'm playing, pick up sticks and play souls games.

  • Teddy Nugent
    Teddy Nugent

    Wait dark souls wasnt wasnt on best games of the 2010s?? Wat?????

  • Lucitaur

    I know it's his personal list, but I still have no idea how he can put Bioshock Infinite in it (good, but MASSIVELY overrated game) while leaving out Dark Souls or The Witcher 3 (game's I'd personally rank even beyond Undertale because of not only they are awesome on their own, but actually raised the entire standard of the gaming industry).

  • Chandler Gloyd
    Chandler Gloyd

    Whats wrong with Yahtzee to go through the most significant games of the decade and not mention the most sold game ever made which happened to come out this past decade?

  • Kent Davis
    Kent Davis

    Please do a dedicated review of Binding of Issac!

  • zebadee Maloney
    zebadee Maloney

    That subtle obama joke was quality

  • ZechsMerquise73

    I thought he was in his 50s. Why does he seem like hes already crested middle age with a modicum of dignity but also a tarnish of regrets?

  • McFly

    Is that Creatures 2 music from C64? Edit: Just saw the end credits. I KNEW IT!

  • ThinkingReality

    Rewatching this, it feels like you came around to Doom - at the time, you were saying it should be lucky it didn't come out in a more interesting year.

  • Ty Sylicus
    Ty Sylicus

    Entertaining video but a bit too short. Some things were left out that I wanted to hear you comment upon.

  • Machovec

    I think the phrase "It's like a barometer for shit" is the best phrase I have and ever will hear this decade

  • Confogl Clips
    Confogl Clips

    It makes me a little sad that Spec Ops placed so low, even among the top 10 of the entire decade. Which is to say, Spec Ops gets beaten out by fucking Resident Evil 7, of all things? Seriously?

  • therealdgh13 dgh13
    therealdgh13 dgh13

    I’m just glad someone mentioned undertale Cause you know after getting all those game of the year awards it seems to be missing from like half the “Top 100 Games of the Decade” lists

  • Eddie the Head
    Eddie the Head

    If you where going to pick an open world game maybe pick one with a good open world. The open world in the Witcher sucks. There's boring loot spaced out poorly, with a horse that handles like it's brain damaged. An open world is only as good as your way around the world. Fine it's got a good story, but that's not a good open world. Maybe it is the best "open world game," but it's not the best "open world" in a game. Considering the world is about 3 steeps below competent.


    Resident Evil 7 and Lost Cause 4 are in the top 10 best games of the decade and Kane and Lynch 2 and The Order are in the worst?! No wonder people question your logic! lol

  • Immersible

    League of Legends. ._.

    • Majora


  • Geralt of Trivia
    Geralt of Trivia

    Yep, BioShock Infinite is still great. Fight me.

  • Rory Gibson
    Rory Gibson

    Absolutely. DS is the most influential game of the decade by far and one of the most influential of all time. That shit was like Nirvana.

  • Fluxquark

    Can someone explain why Binding of Isaac is so popular? I saw the speedrun at AGDQ and it looked suuuuuuuper boring

    • Indignant Wellington
      Indignant Wellington

      it’s dungeon crawling from the early zelda titles, but with grotesque things and gore. also speed runs aren’t really the best place to see the full potential of a game: just rather obessive people rather clinically dissecting the mechanics to very quickly get to the final objective, rather than the conveying the fuller experience.

  • KazamaJinthebasedgod


  • Camden Johnson
    Camden Johnson

    For some reason seeing a dude raise his sword and saying “for gondor” made me cry a little Wait

  • Dalton Riser
    Dalton Riser

    i was surprised that shadow of mordor made it in ahead of dark souls

  • Jiado

    The de-evolution of BlOps, trying to keep up with the Battle Royale genre, is the perfect example of how little geeks care for the grim reality of war.

  • AlbanianThrash

    the boinding of eye sack

  • CryMor Gaming
    CryMor Gaming

    Thief "4" was worse. It doesn't matter what you're comparing it to.

  • Hidden Shadow
    Hidden Shadow

    I am not too happy that Thief 2014 considered less worse than Kane and Lynch 2.

  • Zhi-peng Yu
    Zhi-peng Yu

    Don’t remind us Hunt down the Freeman, just don’t.

  • Nightflyermike

    I still think bioshock infinite is a pile of trash

  • Nicolas Peters
    Nicolas Peters

    no minecraft?? :P

  • Richard Paul
    Richard Paul

    "Nintendo Switch.... Rich library of CURATED Indies"???????

  • comet1337

    "and then moint pan look up the list of worst games and say to yahtzee:" "fuck." "and then he got critically panned until dead" "BUT DEAD HE DIDNT"

  • Tyrlak

    The new decade is actually starting in a year, in 2021. You start counting from 1 and go on to 10, not start counting from 0 and stop at 9. Just wanted to point that out. Like this is the 21st century, but we're still in the 2000s, not the 2100s.

    • Ren 2020
      Ren 2020

      Yeh your right you fucking dickhead and that is why the year 2010 is not part of the 2010's.

  • Pope Pius XV
    Pope Pius XV

    5:19 for real, if you own a sword, you're a pleb. Either a battleaxe or a spear. Anything else is for plebs only

  • Sam

    "Real games never went away, they were here all along waiting around a corner to twat you with a poleaxe." I'm dying, this is the writing I always come back for!

  • nochtczar

    ZP is the reason I subscribed to this channel. Please put moviebob and his lame ass takes somewhere else

  • Michael Shaw II
    Michael Shaw II

    Hey Yahtzee, thank you for Mogworld. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait to check out your other novels.

  • Moogii Bat
    Moogii Bat

    Witcher 3 was shit. Shit made out of gold but still shit.

  • Stefan Crapper
    Stefan Crapper

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent is missing! Or does this count only games released 2011+?

  • Conner

    Still waiting for a ARK: Survival Evolved Review since you mention it every time you Review a Survival game.

    • Conner

      @First Name Last Name Which review?

    • First Name Last Name
      First Name Last Name

      He mentioned it in passing in one of his reviews

  • warstrat

    Disco Elysium #6 on the top ten? *whistles* considering that it came it out at the very, VERY end of the 2010s', I would consider that an impressive feat to make it there.

  • Grave

    the witcher 3 is boring as fuck

  • Thermingt0n

    6:09 what's the #1 worst game?

    • Majora

      "Hunt down the Freeman", he did a review on it too.