The American Civil War - OverSimplified (Part 2)
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    SSSTriple Kids

    good job

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    Daniel MacDonald

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    Grant and Lee carrying each side, while others fuck it up

  • Sefali Chowdhury
    Sefali Chowdhury

    The last part was highly emotional. I am not an American [ I am an Indian ], but tears came rolling down my cheeks.

  • Im Veront
    Im Veront



    I love your videos, very informative and oversimplified. I am still hoping for the day you make one on Mexico :( It is a very very VERY turbulent and overcomplicated history and in need, of some oversimplification jajaj here are some ideas: independence, 1st, and 2nd Mexican empires, Mexican American war (starting with Tex Mex war) or the Mexican revolution (everybody betrayed everyone) and a Mexican general invaded New Mexico adding some spice to the story, please??

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    i:ve learned more in this 30 minute video of history than 10 years of history class plus it was well put together Well done

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    You forgot to mention Lincoln was going to sign a bill to send all blacks back to Africa

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    Ben Siener

    8:20 Chattanooga represent! The 423 baby. I live at the foot of Missionary Ridge(Its not Mission Ridge) and have grown up scavenging for old musketballs and other relics in Chickamauga Park. Even now you can find signs from the Civil War as well as Sherman's March to the Sea from Chattanooga to Atlanta to Savahnna in which basically everything was put to the torch in one of the first modern day examples of Total War. It is still said that it pushed the South 20 years behind the rest of the country and havent really ever caught up asides from Atlanta. Funniest thing about Lee is that he was himself anti slave but was a son of Virginia and felt it was his duty to fight for the south. Whitest Kids U Know has a funny skit about the assassination of Lincoln which shows the Boothe was just trying to watch the show and Lincoln was heckling the actors and the audience so he took a balpine hammer and hammered lincoln in the butt until dead. Its kind of "inmature" but its still funny in my opinion. Anyway, rambling over.

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    Like Abraham Lincoln said “Give me 6 hours chopping down a tree,and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe”

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    At 18:51 there is a vacuum cleaner but my question is the vacuum cleaner was invented in 1901 and this is in the mid 1860s

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