The BROFIST is declared a HATE SYMBOL! (this is bad)
Save Pepe:
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  • John DeCampi
    John DeCampi

    Stop playing the narritative. you were onve edgy but now you have bece this icon that they have made you. The issue wasnt ever that we turned pepe into a "hate symbol" although I would be to differ it is. It is that we have had flase selective crtisim everytime we try to speak. We have been silenced since wwii, dont play thier games dude

  • RTG Animation
    RTG Animation

    I hope lot of people will watch this. This is a good example of making a good use of the influence that Pewds have.



  • Amanda Ahoko
    Amanda Ahoko

    I got an ad for PewDiePie before this video

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    why do boomers keep looking for ways to make jokes look racist?

  • Steve Trabajo Steve Trabajo
    Steve Trabajo Steve Trabajo

    I love how the video has lord of the rings in it.

  • CallMeMAKY

    I hope people understand that others use the "white power hand" to communicate daily. In ASL, F is 👌 (double meme btw, I applaud the person who made the ASL alphabet *and I know he or she didn't know this was a meme at the time so sthu*), and if you stretch out your fingers while doing it, it means 9 So hooray internet, ya ruined everything

  • MrManiac3

    Quick question (is this bad?)

  • Kaede-ad elko
    Kaede-ad elko

    5:17 omg I'm actually pissed off.

  • Dasolinchen


  • IWuv Turtles
    IWuv Turtles

    When the 'Okay' hand sign is made out to be a hate symbol, literally everybody sane: "excuse me but what the f*ck?"

  • Jester


  • Chilling Chill
    Chilling Chill

    Person: ok Media: No amount of therapy, will ever make this moment ok

  • Woof•Poof

    Pewds using his influence to SAVE ZA WUARDO!!!

  • piss my cum
    piss my cum

    Thanks pewds very nice 👌

  • XxSythexX

    Pewdiepie getting ad for his app which he downloads and buys everything with the money he gets from buying things from his game🤓🧐🤨

  • Toxin Gamer Night
    Toxin Gamer Night


  • Giga & Moonie
    Giga & Moonie

    People get offended way too easily and it's starting to get annoying now, not sympathetic

  • Rix Xir
    Rix Xir

    Disliked for bait. Title is misleading :"(

  • Lamb & Wolf
    Lamb & Wolf

    Someone throw up the hand sign in the middle of Disney world and wear a crappy cardboard sign that says meme lord

  • macaroni noises
    macaroni noises

    New Zealand Christ church shooter used the ok hand sign too.

  • Jesusgaming Ocampo
    Jesusgaming Ocampo

    clicks the video. Ad a pewdiepie toy

  • Blue Oreo
    Blue Oreo

    Jesus I don’t watch pew die pie for like 3 months and he casually just picks up like 10 million subs

  • KJ

    The amount of people in this comment section bot understanding how dogwhistles work.

    • macaroni noises
      macaroni noises

      KJ children audience

  • John O'Reilly
    John O'Reilly

    if we make everything racist then nothing will be racist

  • Burtis Tumafishsandwhich
    Burtis Tumafishsandwhich

    what ever happened to the a. s. s. hole. thing 🤷‍♂️

  • mrtrublu347

    So we need the news to tell us what is right and what is not. Ya i think i'll stick to common sense.

  • Mr.Squiggles Gaming
    Mr.Squiggles Gaming

    this is a certified bruh moment

  • joe mama
    joe mama


  • Gabriel Incognito
    Gabriel Incognito

    Bro fist = Murder all children. Why do you hate children and want to kill them all?! Not cool man, stop it.

  • Zellonous

    When you get that leftist's jimmies rustled juuuust right ✋👌

  • ZeroMoh

    Is this really pewdiepie?

  • RiceCakes


  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason

    lobe your videos and content but wtf was this

  • DB9Glider

    notice how all this is from America... I think the U.S needs a couple microwave bombs dropped on it.

  • Wowbagger

    I have the monolith of the patriarchy tucked in my pants.

  • auraguard02

    Why is the number 12 a hate symbol?

  • Boda Deez
    Boda Deez

    Love the LOTR scenes.

  • Nathan W 26
    Nathan W 26

    Adrian Borosa did nothing wrong

  • Tango Jones
    Tango Jones

    I will never forget Pepe....NEVER!

  • RewriteDestiny

    I love video essays like these from youtubers. Make more if you want but this was great! 👍 Awesome work , Pewds!

  • 󠂪것ɪɢ것ᛌɴᴀʀᴀ


  • Sono

    Isn't the fist used by anarchist and liberal groups a lot? Ironic...

  • CrazyFox34

    I just got an ad with pewdiepie on a pewdiepie video

  • Addy White
    Addy White

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video, but Pewds forgot the most important part of the Pepe lore; how he came to be an “alt-right symbol”. 4chan had been using Pepe memes for quite some time before the controversy. As most people know, all good memes start on image boards and slowly work their way down to mainstream normie culture, where they’re mercilessly ran into the ground and forgotten. But 4chan didn’t want the normies to have Pepe. Some think because of the cryptocurrency Pepe Cash, where “Rare Pepe” trading cards are traded as counterparty (or XCP) assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. The rarer the Pepe, the more it’s worth. And if normies take hold, there would be no rare Pepe’s. And in late 2015, it was well on its way. So the boards devised a plan: if normies thought Pepe was distasteful, crass, offensive and just generally not appealing to the masses, he would be avoided and they could finally “take him back”. In mid-2016, a thread on /r9k/ followed through with this plan and, along with 8chan’s /pol/ board, created the most offensive Pepe memes they could and tweeted them to several mainstream journalists under the guise of concerned twitter users. By September of the same year, the mainstream media had convinced the general public that Pepe was an alt-right symbol. So, in short, hacker 4chans wins again. This has been a Public Service Announcement.

  • M. Scot Hamilton
    M. Scot Hamilton

    OK sign... the new middle finger.

  • Marcelo Arraes Teixeira
    Marcelo Arraes Teixeira

    The Mainstream media are just engaged in lying to people and create a panic.

  • Addy White
    Addy White

    Potatoes: “iTs aN aLt RiGhT sYMboL” Me: b a l l g a z e r

  • Johnny Poon
    Johnny Poon

    its litterally the news media that like to stirrup shit to get views and mfs are really failing for this shit

  • Fiondo

    One Word: Americans...


    Wasn’t the actor of groom fired for doing the okay?

  • BaseBallGamer360

    Well there we go let’s find another way to call white people racists

  • explosivefreak666

    How far do Wé LET these libberal douchebags go.?? And LOTS of jewish organisations are behind a lot of this "offended" bullshit... That's not racism, but realism.!! But WHY, do they do it.?? I think they LOVE to be hated, so they can act out their favorit passtime : COMPLAINING.!!

  • 1


  • adam barache
    adam barache

    Did they really just censor the hand circle?

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez

    PewDiePie, The Lord of the Memes.

  • YuSooKey

    It's called trolling, Pewds. Why does everyone take everything so seriously?

  • KitoDoes Whatever
    KitoDoes Whatever

    I have 23 people that play a game with the ok sign below the waste you slap you self on the back of your head and a black and Indian person plays it

  • Random person.
    Random person.

    0:31 :0 My brothers!

  • Samadhi Aquarius
    Samadhi Aquarius

    I feel like most of the trolls have a virtuous goal of just saying no to cancel culture. The SJWs are destroying peoples lives and go to bed with a smile on their face. This is just the trolls way of saying we all know what they are doing and its not ok.