The Decade in 7 Minutes
NEWSWEEK rewinds the first 10 years of the new century, reminding you of the best, worst, and unforgettable moments.

  • Madeline Stanger
    Madeline Stanger

    My captions read "Sodom Hussein" instead of "Saddam Hussein".

  • Pr.incorporated

    Wow, and now John McCain and Aretha Franklin are both dead. Crazy what changes in 10 years.

    • Pr.incorporated

      As well as Steve Jobs, but he died WAAYYYY in the beginning of the 2010s decade. And this whole video just gave me flashbacks to my elementary schools days like CRAZY

  • Life With Todd
    Life With Todd

    Well that just shows how big an impact MJ had on the world when he dies and the internet crashes

  • Anirudhhh

    You don't fucking call it a south east Asian tsunami, give some fucking respect, hundreds of thousands died.

  • thanks for subtitles in the video
    thanks for subtitles in the video

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a>

  • Joseph Buban
    Joseph Buban

    Watching this at the end of 2019 feels like heading to 2010 was just yesterday.

  • Alessia Adamo
    Alessia Adamo

    Who's watching this in the end of the 2019?

    • 6’4 DANIEŁ
      6’4 DANIEŁ

      2020 here

    • Ultratoon fanclub TV
      Ultratoon fanclub TV

      Beginning of 2020, though I watched this yesterday

    • Shawn G
      Shawn G


    • Alessia Adamo
      Alessia Adamo

      You are right sorry

    • Ian Gifford
      Ian Gifford

      No 3000

  • Luis E Castillo
    Luis E Castillo

    You forgot about bitcoin

  • Super G
    Super G

    Discovering this video from 10 years ago is like discovering a time capsule from a century ago.

  • Logan Garcia
    Logan Garcia


  • Logan Garcia
    Logan Garcia


  • Logan Garcia
    Logan Garcia

    PLEASE MAKE 2010s

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter

    here before 2020

  • Tyrese Jackson
    Tyrese Jackson

    Your forgot the the dark knight

  • Makenzie Schaffner
    Makenzie Schaffner

    Anyone else here in 2019?

    • Marker MNN
      Marker MNN

      Well, I think its mostly people from the 2019s

    • Ian Gifford
      Ian Gifford

      Makenzie Schaffner no 2100

  • onivert

    Will Newsweek make a Decade in 7 minutes for 2020? Oh, wait they went bankrupt! Trump2020!!!

  • panda_coffee animation
    panda_coffee animation

    March 21st 2004 a bad bitch is born uwu

  • Yasemin Işıldak
    Yasemin Işıldak

    Me here after a decade

  • Jo V
    Jo V

    The Democrats where responsible for 911 because Clinton pisted off a bunch of fundamental Muslims when they created a two state solution for Israel an Palestine...

  • Akash Bening
    Akash Bening

    And we are back and we are doing it all again

  • MemesNshitLOL

    George W. Bush was the worst president ever. Change my mind

    • Chris RJ
      Chris RJ

      @Jorge Gomez - even he seems better than the one we have now...

    • Jorge Gomez
      Jorge Gomez

      Nah,Bush is the best president,i miss much George W.Bush. I want back him.

    • Chris RJ
      Chris RJ

      He USED to be, but he got dethroned (or de-toileted) in 2016.

    • ValleyoftheKings64

      Hard to do that when I agree.

  • MrBlaze

    Time to make a 2010s decade review

    • Slixxkrell

      Born In The Wrong Generation,Not Afraid To Say It ah I see

    • Born In The Wrong Generation,Not Afraid To Say It
      Born In The Wrong Generation,Not Afraid To Say It

      J R No I’m just pro Palestine and don’t like what Israel is doing to them.

    • Slixxkrell

      Born In The Wrong Generation,Not Afraid To Say It I saw your playlists do you hate jews or something?

    • Born In The Wrong Generation,Not Afraid To Say It
      Born In The Wrong Generation,Not Afraid To Say It

      J R Fair enough I guess.

    • Slixxkrell

      Born In The Wrong Generation,Not Afraid To Say It I’m a 2000s baby and 2010s kid. Someone born in the 2010s mostly after 2012 aren’t 2010s kids they’re 2010s babies. I’m a 2010s kid because I remember this decade way more than the 2000s.

  • Renzo Cheesman
    Renzo Cheesman

    Rename the video to “the 2000’s in the USA”

  • David Getui
    David Getui

    Wonder what the next one will be

  • Meester Tweester
    Meester Tweester

    This decade is 93% complete

    • Ultratoon fanclub TV
      Ultratoon fanclub TV

      Loqo inc. I know, I can’t believe it’s 2020

    • Loqo inc.
      Loqo inc.

      Ultratoon fanclub TV 100.12

    • Ultratoon fanclub TV
      Ultratoon fanclub TV

      Blackforest98 99.99% now

    • Blackforest98

      @Kingketo W.R 99.9% complete now

    • Kingketo W.R
      Kingketo W.R

      99% now

  • Osvi Fernandez Herrero
    Osvi Fernandez Herrero

    What about the invincibles paris 2006 rome 2009

  • Justoo Durrant
    Justoo Durrant

    2007..The Iphone.

  • Da'Bones * Sosa Rick Grimes
    Da'Bones * Sosa Rick Grimes

    Man what a fucked up deacde. Still the best one though.

    • Benjamin Beck
      Benjamin Beck

      Da'Bones * Sosa Rick Grimes It definitely was a roller coaster decade in meant ways.

  • kai crenshaw
    kai crenshaw

    December 22 2003 i was born

    • jekneefur

      we’re the same age-

    • Grace Deng
      Grace Deng

      2006 for me

    • Mysteriously kind
      Mysteriously kind

      I was born on November 30th 2003

    • Mysteriously kind
      Mysteriously kind

      @Gino De los Angeles anyone born after 1995 is considered gen z not millennial

    • Gino De los Angeles
      Gino De los Angeles

      Ayyy i was dec 22, 1998

  • The Fantastic Five
    The Fantastic Five

    "Tell us what we missed". Practically anything that happened outside the United States. Seriously, almost nothing that happened outside the United States was mentioned. Mostly, just a few terrorist attacks and natural disasters and things to do with the Iraq War. This was almost entirely American political events, mixed in with other random, historically-unimportant events such as a blackout and a random plane crash temporarily blamed on terrorists, together with some pop culture that most people don't care about (like Sex and the City) thrown in. Practically nothing on major world events elsewhere.

    • Vote Red
      Vote Red

      Its not like we care about countries outside of NATO. If you dont like it leave.

  • Raghuraj Hoshing
    Raghuraj Hoshing

    The 2005 tsunami??

    • HairoxxFR

      2004 noob

  • WhoCares

    That was one of the worst decades ever and I'm only 23.

    • Treetops97

      The 70s and 80s called. They would like their horrible politics back.

    • Ryann Stoke
      Ryann Stoke

      @Seattle Dreams lmao that's you I wasn't miserable for 10 years and don't plan to be for the 2020s 😊

    • Seattle Dreams
      Seattle Dreams

      @Ryann Stoke Yes.

    • Ryann Stoke
      Ryann Stoke

      @Seattle Dreams no

    • Seattle Dreams
      Seattle Dreams

      The 2010s is the worst decade.

  • Titan Slayer
    Titan Slayer

    Nothing about my balls dropping?

  • Bcjr

    No Red Sox winning the world series?

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