The decade in review: 2010-2019
Yahoo Finance
From Trump's election to the first black hole image, a lot has happened in the past 10 years. Here is a recap of just a few of the major headlines.
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  • -cockitchy-

    I don’t get why people say 2019 wasn’t a great year hell I wish I was still in that year I mean this year we almost had world war 3 then there came Australia’s trees now there is an outbreak *i mean this one isn’t that bad* but still

  • CurlyHeadShon

    Corona time😈

  • lirrfilmer_2004

    My childhood decade is over 😭

  • Mert Mustafa
    Mert Mustafa

    Apple releases iPhone X 🤦‍♀️ seriously?

  • random dude
    random dude

    Where's CORONA!

  • Pr.incorporated

    Kinda crazy how I grew up so fast. I’ll be 21 this September. NUTS

  • SammytimGaming

    2019 is not a decade

  • Gacha Magnate
    Gacha Magnate

    Hmm negative

  • Lum

    Next time please in 3 sec

  • Spring _
    Spring _

    the one when It was Irish facing something *Yes, I was against and did nothing.*

  • Darren Mckeown
    Darren Mckeown

    2015 was great 2016 was good 2017 was great 2018 was brilliant 2019 was alright 2020 so far 😯

  • PlushParody

    What is wrong with us What is wrong with the world What is wrong with the government What is wrong with society What is wrong with our humanity What happened to peace What happened to love What happened to care for mankind What happened to wildlife Why is the world suddenly twisting Why is gay marriage okay Why are shootings happening Why are people making gun violence funny Why are we so twisted It’s up to us to make the 2020s better than before It’s up to us to change It’s up to us to make the world back to what it was, way back when It’s up to us to stop making bad decisions It’s up to us to stop war and violence It’s up to us to make this year the best it can be.

  • Jan Anne Wiersma
    Jan Anne Wiersma

    2020, fire australia ww3 kobe briant died, corona virus

  • Diana Neri
    Diana Neri

    2020 ?😬

  • Waxy Wand
    Waxy Wand

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="134">2:14</a> hamilton quote

  • Natal Kumar
    Natal Kumar

    Where is Modi victory 2014

  • Marisol Bell
    Marisol Bell

    How about social media????

  • Katabellion


  • GhostMiner

    *Actually decade is from 2011 to 2021.*

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    We landed a a space craft on a moving comet ...

  • Angus Carnegie
    Angus Carnegie

    yeah, students strike for climate action, while putting ripped up trees on their hats.

  • Light Keeper123
    Light Keeper123

    These are not the darkest times. But for all the bad in this world, their is still good people out there

  • Juan Valenzuela
    Juan Valenzuela

    Where's typhoon haiyan

  • Dana Safwan
    Dana Safwan

    What about Cameron boyce

  • Zaeda Sterling
    Zaeda Sterling

    Fake news

  • Darren Mckeown
    Darren Mckeown

    2018 was the best for me the worst has to be 2019

  • Goobie

    Cant wait to brag at young kids that i lived through a decade before they did

  • ricky yacine
    ricky yacine

    what a shity decade what coming even worst !!

  • Aaron Zre
    Aaron Zre

    ‘2016’ apple released iPhone X ...

  • Eldar Franke
    Eldar Franke

    so now i know what happend in America last decade....

  • Charles :
    Charles :

    At the beginning of 2010 I was 9 and at the end I'm now 19. I was born in the end of 2000. Now that I'm looking at what this whole decade consisted of it brings me to tears. I pray we have a whole blessed decade in the 20's with love to spread all around this world. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mcheetah

    So memes, politics, government corruption, mainstream media propaganda, social justice warriors, Kpop, and natural disasters? Damn what a depressing decade.

  • BuGsi BuGzilla
    BuGsi BuGzilla

    Apparently things like the Ebola outbreak of 2014 are irrelevant because it's Africa, so who cares. Disgusting video

  • Érica Dias
    Érica Dias

    what about the amazon fires?

  • Rahul Thirumala
    Rahul Thirumala

    Why is it all negative highlight the positives too

  • Turtle Turtle
    Turtle Turtle

    Wait, if it’s a decade, then why does it only go to 2019? :(

  • I Got Aids Down In Africa
    I Got Aids Down In Africa

    What about april 7 2017?

  • Foler

    where is the 20 mil trees

  • Garrett Palmer
    Garrett Palmer

    Why when we look back on things we look at the bad and never the good?

  • Deepak kumar
    Deepak kumar

    How is 'iPhone X is released' a big news? 🙄

  • Panamá Champion
    Panamá Champion

    2020 WWIII

  • Sam Parker
    Sam Parker

    Yo I know the iPhone X didn't cone out in 2016. There's no way

  • Juco Cast
    Juco Cast

    you know this is based on USA when you count the shootings and there are like 16

  • Wosterc 1
    Wosterc 1

    Brexit , amazonia , Munich terrorist attack

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar

    So many shooting incident in this past decade.

  • Tiny Shawn
    Tiny Shawn

    Reply good things that happened in the 2010s. Whether it be personal or world wide, or country based. Lets see what good happened. :)

  • Meet Prajapati
    Meet Prajapati

    As World Leaders were mentioned , then surely Narendra Modi Deserved a spot😌🙁

  • Tahsin Vlogs/Gaming
    Tahsin Vlogs/Gaming

    Umm.. New Zealand Mosque Shooting!?

  • Eric Godwin
    Eric Godwin

    how politically correct can we be guys 🤣

  • Jasper

    Everyone who had their childhood in 2010's are going to marry this decade F*ck!!


    Grew up in this decade and it’s truly sad to see it go by

  • Matt Malyj
    Matt Malyj

    Worst decade to ever be?

  • Kamryn Coffey
    Kamryn Coffey

    this decade was... something else for people who grew up in it... why did it take until 2015 to legalize same sex marriage

  • Pauldr3

    This seems to only focus on controversial stuff shouldn’t we be focusing on the positives

  • Joey Donuts II
    Joey Donuts II

    What about trump assignation attempt...

  • Alice

    Where’s Ebola, Manchester bombing and grenfell?

  • mon1tor

    This video sucks.

  • LoL Fr3nkl1
    LoL Fr3nkl1

    U really put the earthquake in albania. RESPECTTT

  • coolkitten67

    all of the shootings.. that was really sad

  • coolkitten67


  • Saltine Cracker
    Saltine Cracker

    Black lives matter should be replaced with ALL LIVES MATTER. No skin color matters People matter!

  • angel kina
    angel kina


  • nat nat
    nat nat


  • Emma B.
    Emma B.

    2010s= the childhood I can remember (4-12) and my early teenage years


      Emma B. Gen z had almost one of the best movies , music , kids tv shows etc. but the sad part is ,we’re growing and our decade involved shootings , fires , earthquakes , political debates , and many more things , it’s sad how life can go by soo quick and yet soo many things can happen in an instant 😭 But in the end all I can say is this decade was one of the best and one of the worst .

  • Toon Toon
    Toon Toon

    Where is France's victory at the World Cup

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    Good riddance to such a crap, uninspiring decade! The tens will he remembered for being the decade of smartphone addition, remakes, crap music, snowflake mentality, the sjw/woke crowd, 3564 genders brigade, etc etc, the 90s and 00s were my co better decades, here’s to the new roaring twenties!

  • CallmeRussellHQ

    hurricane dorian seeing this video: am a joke to you?

  • Rachel Otomewo Adjekukor
    Rachel Otomewo Adjekukor

    You forgot abortion in Ireland.

  • iiPoseidxn

    What about Norway terror attack?? There’s like almost only USA, Middle eastern, Australia, South America and England here. Where tf is Scandinavia?

  • 920921

    we get it, America is the center of the world.

  • Joseph Petrarca IV
    Joseph Petrarca IV

    It’s kinda sad that it went: Shooting, Shooting, Church Burning, Shooting, Crisis, Death, Shooting......

  • Jared Saloman
    Jared Saloman

    Where’s the Pittsburgh shooting

  • Sahan De Silva
    Sahan De Silva

    Where is the Easter Sunday explosions of Sri Lanka?

  • Typical Israeli boi GG
    Typical Israeli boi GG

    Social media and smartphones have stormed on and life would never be the same

  • Harsha Mandadi
    Harsha Mandadi

    More The US than rest of the world

  • Yari Mendez
    Yari Mendez

    Is there at least a positive thing in this decade?

  • Jasmine Wu
    Jasmine Wu

    Two most important things in china.

  • Mũigai Mũya
    Mũigai Mũya

    ...and absolutely NOTHING happened in Africa.

  • Xandailer 58961
    Xandailer 58961

    What about almost all of Australia being on fire

  • Click bait
    Click bait

    IPhone x was released in 2017 not 2016

2019, in 6 minutes
2,7 mill
2018, in 5 minutes
2,8 mill
Very Heavy Cube
1,5 mill