The God of Slapping Is Back
This is the greatest slapping master of All Time

  • Brandon Turner
    Brandon Turner

    You talk to much!!🙉

  • Carlos Acevedo
    Carlos Acevedo

    Dude that security guy looks like Vanderlei Silva, but somehow scarier. Jesus fuck!

  • Carlos Acevedo
    Carlos Acevedo

    The guy going against Vlad, his neck and cheek are one single muscle, there is no way of telling when one begins and the other ends

  • Nokisgp

    U remind me of that idiot leafy just ur voice aint that annoying but thats only it ur like him

  • Subscribe if you have a big PP
    Subscribe if you have a big PP

    The special kid when you take his carrots 1:56

  • Kajian Sunnah
    Kajian Sunnah

    That emo guy now feel the real world

  • Darian

    people nowadays have too much time....;)

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith

    Bunch of stupid idiots

  • Wings of Baphomet
    Wings of Baphomet

    Davie504 : Did someone say S L A P?

  • LLSD A̶s̶o̶
    LLSD A̶s̶o̶

    David504:"Are you challenging me!? "


    It's 4 in the morning and I'm watching Russians slapping each other

  • BUSKO PLays
    BUSKO PLays

    I like the commenting wonder why would anyone dislike

  • Strictly Dinero
    Strictly Dinero

    This guys humour in the commentary makes it just that much more entertaining

  • Christopher Columns
    Christopher Columns

    Is this like the trend now? Slapping other men? Lol

  • Nel Ann
    Nel Ann

    Just get to the video, eyesore

  • Nickolas Howes
    Nickolas Howes

    vasiliy vs oder = matter vs antimatter

  • DJ and puppers
    DJ and puppers Check his training out ahaha

  • Jaquan Carter
    Jaquan Carter

    Slapped the fucking memory out of him

  • Zach Young
    Zach Young

    This dude doesn’t ever shut the fuxk up.

  • DRiPY shOtzz
    DRiPY shOtzz

    😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 he talks like his esplaining a anime character from demon series he said if he enters a room you gonna feel something cause of his slaps LMAO you talking about mob psicho 100 or meliodas

  • Rice Combine
    Rice Combine

    Jason Statham zombie.... omfg

  • Rice Combine
    Rice Combine


  • TrippyTheShroom

    Fuck me, I've been hit several times in the gym but goddamn some of those Vasily slaps look fucking thunderous.

  • Bruce Dickinson
    Bruce Dickinson

    ever since you showed your face.. i no longer watch your videos..

  • CP Asian
    CP Asian

    1 like = the times he paused the video

  • Waffles yuh
    Waffles yuh

    are you raccoon eggs on your off days

  • Triple Chopper
    Triple Chopper

    Как я здесь оказался и зачем я это смотрю?

  • Nick Garnero
    Nick Garnero

    I had no idea this was a thing.

  • Jake Reinhardt
    Jake Reinhardt

    I’d like to smack that gay hair off your stupid head

  • Raccoon

    A little to much commentary

  • everbank1

    when people think that thanos snap is powerful you turn over and look at the godly slapper

  • dark zxt3rue
    dark zxt3rue

    In America woman slaps you But in Soviet Russia *Man slaps you*

  • dark zxt3rue
    dark zxt3rue

    Those were some bitch slap

  • talk sense
    talk sense


  • Gonzo Cruz
    Gonzo Cruz

    So that’s how it feels to chew 5 gum.

  • Jordan Grandgenett
    Jordan Grandgenett

    Haha I love these

  • Montgomery Miller
    Montgomery Miller

    That last dude probably insulted his truck

  • Jose Sandoval
    Jose Sandoval


  • TheBoostedAsian

    Who is watching this for no reason l V

  • Henry Miller
    Henry Miller

    If you don’t repeat the phrase “who’s your daddy” every time you slap your opponent, then you aren’t doing it right.

  • Regionald Drake
    Regionald Drake


  • 㟼๒ค๓๒oo

    Are you alive mdr😂😂😂

  • Bok Choy 1239
    Bok Choy 1239

    Thanos: Snap Vasili: Slap

  • Enkidu Kyrielight
    Enkidu Kyrielight

    The moment will come when a guy comes that makes slaps like whips

  • Miguel Pp
    Miguel Pp

    God: Im going to create a instakill slapping man. Angel: Like Saitama? God: Yes, but stronger.

  • AyAyRon

    1919: In 100 years there will be flying cars, spaceships, robots. 2019: *sLaP*

  • LegendaryRedCow

    Im beginning to feel like a slap god slap god

  • That One autistic kid
    That One autistic kid

    I wanna see papa vs the king of slapping

  • Scorpiyawn

    1:49 wait for it...☠️

  • Bobby Johnson
    Bobby Johnson

    7:59 He Killded That Boi !

  • BattlingBloom 33
    BattlingBloom 33

    *Mexican woman shows up* you will NEVER recover from an angry Mexican woman who just had her food insulted I'm not even Mexican but I learned the hard way

  • May Bee
    May Bee

    Vasili helped the midwife deliver his mother when he was a baby..🐐

  • Jrex Vonn Flores
    Jrex Vonn Flores

    I just want to watch the video i hate his voice so i dislike in this video

  • ChR!5t0fUr

    Lmfao dude made me piss myself with his commentary. Especially the priest comment 👌

  • stelkin656

    I didn't know Adam Driver was making commentaries. Also the sound of most of the slaps are hilarious.

  • Cj9lion79 epic101
    Cj9lion79 epic101

    You sound like Bumpkin

  • Hellbrawler

    I wonder if he can take a slap from Levan Saginashvili..

  • David Kuhn
    David Kuhn

    Everyone knows Davie504 is the god of SLAP... I'm calling the police.

  • velezf216o

    Viciously is a beast!

  • TheExecutioner126

    Look up mantis shrimp it’s gotta stronger slap