The Last Person You Want to Get Rear-Ended By - Key & Peele
Key & Peele
A man struggles to get insurance information from the guy who rear-ended his car.
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    • Average Guy cooking
      Average Guy cooking

      When in doubt write down license plate number. There solve.

    • Slambrew

      Lmao smosh is still pretty funny, it’s just insanely different, signed OG fan who started watching again after defy media went under.

    • Ni66a 1AM
      Ni66a 1AM

      Mann people really out here blowing steam.. you guys really dont have lives.

    • EddieGee TV
      EddieGee TV

      Y’all really put the pussy on the chainwax on this one 💯

    • roddy PROF.E.T.
      roddy PROF.E.T.

      William Hunt lol one look at his channel and it’s cringey try hard thumbnails like every typical nonfunny youtuber. You have to be 12 to find that stuff good

  • benedictify

    License plate number

  • mxxsade


  • Saugat Chaudhary
    Saugat Chaudhary

    Licence to fart😂

  • Peter Sebastian
    Peter Sebastian

    These events detailed in this Comedy Sketch are actually centered around events in the real world. Individuals who speak without restraint who are uninformed enough to not be ambiguous are the creative wellspring of Hollywood. Some are given this role before birth and are allotted with pointers into awareness with the fulfillment of their desires when compensations are made. People want to see the world as their stage much too literally to become the best.

  • Eljay Swilling
    Eljay Swilling


  • Mr Emann
    Mr Emann

    I live in little saigon, California. This is nothing compared to what happens around here. I once saw an accident happen inside my neighborhood where one car ran a stop sign and they stopped in the middle of the intersection to argue who was at fault. Minimal damage to both cars. Both completely drivable. I drove by on my way to the store and witnessed this. I was on my way back home about 45 mins later and passed back through the intersection to see both cars still parked in the same place with no drivers to be found. Apparently they couldn't figure out how to exchange information and felt they needed to leave their cars in position im assuming as evidence to prove who was at fault. Dashcams are a necessity around here.

  • xX squeaker Xx
    xX squeaker Xx

    In Texas you just drive away cause some people will shoot you as you drive away then drive away them selves 🤷‍♂️

  • DazedMMJ87

    Wow, this is an old clip. Still funny, lol

  • xBacon Stripsx21
    xBacon Stripsx21

    It’s not hard, just remember the license plate, or write it down immediately after the accident occurs.

  • Gustavo Aureliano
    Gustavo Aureliano

    Is that a fourth gen camaro?👀🥰

  • Anthony Furumura
    Anthony Furumura

    Not a chuckle came out

  • adnan modibbo
    adnan modibbo

    Where can I get that fart license?

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill

    Dammit Bill

  • Rolando Bojorquez
    Rolando Bojorquez

    It’s about that time haha get high kick them shoes air out them toes lay back and watch key & peele like them good old days I needed to laugh today man who agree 😭

  • Jared Neff
    Jared Neff

    1:37 I thought he was going to flick a booger at him...


    Remember when this show used to be funny?

  • Mike 2Live
    Mike 2Live

    When I say him I automatically thought of California

  • Rawr x3 nuzzles how are you *pounces on you*
    Rawr x3 nuzzles how are you *pounces on you*

    Being hit and run is quite an experience. Nothing has made me angrier in my life so far. If you ever cause an accident man the fuck up and accept responsibility.


    The cops wouldn’t make it on time

  • dan r
    dan r

    As soon as he got in the car I'd be looking at his plate just one sec and I remember plates in my sleep it's only 6 digits.... but all for laughs omg this made me laugh License to fart and he just started the car and was such a goof key is like u just started ur car??? hes like ...I did? Bahagagagahahaha

  • Kay

    I really thought he was going to end up being blind

  • Chief Taraki
    Chief Taraki

    Why do the titles from this "Key & Peele" channel feel like it's not an official K&P channel even though it has almost 2M subscribers?

  • Blinkysaurus Rex
    Blinkysaurus Rex

    I mean can you imagine though? Yeah, that you were gonna take off? Yeah I can imagine that, and it’s giving me chills up my fucking spine

  • waterandafter

    T'arump in a nutshell

    • waterandafter

      Even has the orange hair.

  • Kastro Oh yeah
    Kastro Oh yeah

    This triggered me

  • qaran hashmi
    qaran hashmi

    No one can make me laugh and hate the video at the same time like key peele does, like every other comment, there are people like this out there that like to hit and run.

  • OnyxLeigion

    dash cams ftw. front and back.

  • Grant Journey
    Grant Journey

    Dam, I think I might be a sociopath. Lol

  • Rob

    Peele plays the funniest white guys...actually they both do 😂😂😂

  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV


  • nikkidash

    This is every person who does something wrong while driving yet believes they did absolutely nothing wrong at look at you like you're the crazy one. Yes im talking to you sociopaths who pull out in front of me and go 20mph. And Key and Peele please stop being so damn funny, i can't take it.😭😂 Just kidding don't ever stop.

  • Jayhawk 4080
    Jayhawk 4080

    Ok, that's it, I'm moving to Mars. If you have to get a freaking LICENSE to pass gas, that's effed up. What about cows??!! Global warming extremism...And what the hell is wrong with this guy in the green car--he got some kinda fetish for rear ends or something? LMAO Key, this is why you never go anywhere without a gun. Get outta your car with a S&W 9mm-- "GIMME YOUR ***** ****** INSURANCE INFORMATION!" "I'm calling the cops!" "Average response time by the cops is fifteen minutes. Response time of a 9 parabellum is eleven hundred feet a second. HAND IT OVER!!!" MOOOMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY

    • Jayhawk 4080
      Jayhawk 4080

      @Tommy Nah just load it with blanks 😆

    • Tommy

      Oh yeah that makes sense. Shoot someone for not giving you a piece of paper

  • EbbtideCheque

    omg. I have met so many people like this where I work. **epic facepalm**

  • Josh Banda
    Josh Banda

    Would’ve been funny had he hit someone else saying his final line lol

  • champ 2.5
    champ 2.5

    When he said " yeah I can imagine it and it's giving me chills up my spine"... pretty sure that's not whip lash pal?😂

  • champ 2.5
    champ 2.5

    I would have started snapping pictures of his license plate and face as soon as he said "You came out of nowhere" and I was stopped at a stop sign😂

  • Mess7739


    • Mess7739

      I am a sociopath!

  • Danny V
    Danny V

    I was expecting him to crash at the end

  • Grizz

    I'm so happy y'all still put skits out.

  • TheReportOfTheWeek

    *Drives off* I am a sociopath 😂

  • You won't be gerrin any of MY money!
    You won't be gerrin any of MY money!

    Good for you, cop batons hurt sociopaths too🙂

  • CT

    The moment he would’ve started his engine, this song would’ve just started playing in my head:

  • bigraviolees

    I don't care if Jenner wants to be a woman but she can't drive for shit

  • Big Homie Duwop
    Big Homie Duwop

    I am a sociopath 😂😂😂 that shit got me

  • kszaf

    Why I have a dash cam 🤣🤣

  • Primo H
    Primo H

    This dumb ass show is bck on? Sounds about white

  • Un Bothered
    Un Bothered

    This is meLOLOLOL

  • Un Bothered
    Un Bothered

    This is soooooooo funny😂😂💀💀

  • Michael pari
    Michael pari


  • Jason Freeland
    Jason Freeland

    U and that fake assess pedos judge getting fucking 80 trillion f year's

  • Voiceofreason100

    He should’ve accidentally hit his car again.

  • xl

    self insurance, people Just keep your insurance money and keep track of how much you saved.

  • Kiki Retzorg
    Kiki Retzorg

    The lesson here? Always get the plate number.

  • Cubiquidis

    As soon as he started the car, I would've warned of the impending ass whooping if it moved even an inch

  • Lynn Ellison
    Lynn Ellison

    This happened to me at S.F.O. !!

  • 19derajat Ego
    19derajat Ego

    I'm feeling meegan's vibes....

  • jamesgriffyn

    Are these old or new sketches?

  • CGMe

    Don’t believe people like this exist? I’ve watched a video of a woman driving through an active marathon. I’ve seen people flip their own cars trying to park in a driveway. I also lived in Arizona. The people their actively total their cars by themselves. We humans are still not completely ready for cars, apparently.

  • D W
    D W

    I literally had this happen with a Mexican guy who took off. Got his plate number.... SOB