The Most Wanted BMW | 3.0 CSL Hommage R
I was invited to the home of BMW to take a look at the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R! Personally, I've never been able to rev a concept car before, and what I heard was music to my ears! We take a look around this car, and other super rare and cult worthy cars in this vid. Thanks for watching always guys. Much love, Alex xx
Special thanks to Domagoj Dukec, Benjamin Voss and @BMW #CSLHommageR
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  • Supercar Blondie
    Supercar Blondie

    Alright team, should BMW actually make a very limited run of these cars?? (If you missed it, check towards the end of the vid!) 😘

    • Ahmet Osmanlı torunu ////
      Ahmet Osmanlı torunu ////

      Supercar Blondie Love Blondie & Bmw 😍😘

    • Scott Campbell
      Scott Campbell

      how much, blondie.................? i want it.

    • benedikt Knief
      benedikt Knief

      Supercar Blondie absolutely

    • Hassan Raji
      Hassan Raji


    • Hassan Raji
      Hassan Raji


  • csj3rd

    Hope that baby was pre-warmed before she started it and revved it😕

  • Vincent Dadlani
    Vincent Dadlani

    So how much for the car haha ?

  • lee hawkins
    lee hawkins

    Beautiful, keep it up,supercar blondie

  • Dependent Director
    Dependent Director

    There is no such thing as a ugly bmw wow

  • JunkitRubbish Removal
    JunkitRubbish Removal

    That's why BMW is a step back from any European car makers the car is absolute rubbish from the design point of you and performance point of you, only 500 HP you can only lough at it that's why the likes of Mercedes and Audi is far more superior cars.

  • Love Music
    Love Music

    I have a amazing Z8 black/red... i’m willing to change my Z8 with 3.0 CSL anytime

  • Napkin.

    who wont want to buy that? that looks awesome lol

  • E30M3_4life

    Sorry..the e30 M3 is the most wanted BMW..

  • Mickey117

    The sound this car produces is AMAZING!!!! I want it huhhhhh

  • Eduard

    Well Croatian man is big head in BMW Hrvatska❤️🇭🇷

  • Guy Van Brussel
    Guy Van Brussel

    This should be presented by capable men and not by some randome blonde.

  • Richard Garcia
    Richard Garcia

    A5 how much?

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell

    how much..................................?

  • Just add Water
    Just add Water

    The soul is gone from Motorsport imo

  • go_west

    e36 m3 all the way. not too old school, not too new looking. 321hp is good enough💪

  • Sedat Yldz
    Sedat Yldz

    You are more beautiful than all vehicles

  • Bayu Endarto
    Bayu Endarto

    What a beautiful bmw it is.

  • umair ali
    umair ali

    AoA jis ko mardana kamzori ya sugar ho wo is nbr par rabtha kary 03034771276 km warranty KY sth kiya data hai

  • Johnny Ng
    Johnny Ng

    these camera mirrors encourage people to use indicators which is not bmw lovers want

  • Νεοκλής Παπαδόπουλος
    Νεοκλής Παπαδόπουλος

    Say WHAT??????

  • Kryziz Gaming Rias
    Kryziz Gaming Rias

    the most important question is, how much will this beauty cost? xD

  • day

    The sound is just awesome... patapatapata. 😂

  • Nicholas Crego
    Nicholas Crego

    That is a sexy car! I have never wanted a BMW so bad before!

  • Another sucker
    Another sucker

    less bimbo and more brains please babe

  • José Guadalupe Hernández Peréz
    José Guadalupe Hernández Peréz

    Domagoj your something out of this planet !! Swear man !!! Hahahahaha 💪🏻👽🤟🏻

  • José Guadalupe Hernández Peréz
    José Guadalupe Hernández Peréz

    That’s real power !!!!


  • Bernd Lucas
    Bernd Lucas

    @BMW build this car this is awsome !!! i loved the 3.0 CSI before but this one will change everything

  • paul Murphy
    paul Murphy

    love all your videos...but this B M W video is the B E ST ever...!!

  • perigosu

    this is what the new supra should have looked like :D (minus the kidney grille)

  • Pt Hz
    Pt Hz

    Which Engine ?

  • Fontas Genave
    Fontas Genave

    I want to buy this BMW. Whats a wonderfull looking car.

  • Itumeleng Joseph
    Itumeleng Joseph

    That concept car. I need it in my life,wow. BMW my favourite

  • Emillio Okioma
    Emillio Okioma

    Nice car

  • Akeel Azzawi
    Akeel Azzawi

    1 for me

  • Lamperouge

    This is my absolute favorite car😍

  • Sachin Ramchuran
    Sachin Ramchuran

    What a cool car.. Id love to order one..

  • AL

    BMW makes the best cars...fact!

  • Marian Zelieska
    Marian Zelieska

    Hi Blonde Lady, where do I send you the necessary details to win $ 10,000? I finally got a new ATM card.

  • Amedeo Claudia
    Amedeo Claudia

    As much as I hate Supercar Blondie, she's the only one who gets to see these cars for whatever reason.

    • Tai Irvan
      Tai Irvan

      She is an impeccable beauty. Look how the head designer was drewling over her.


    I would give my right nut for this car in a heart beat hahahaha


    if i had the money i would buy it most beautiful car in the world i would give my right nut for this car hahahahaha

  • Sean Taylor
    Sean Taylor


  • Dark AssAssiNer
    Dark AssAssiNer

    Well the concept car we all want is M3gtr please bring it to life

  • Bandito Dorito
    Bandito Dorito

    Now that concept is a fine piece of engineering! The lines are clean, yet aggressive and the bat wing completes it. The front is nice too with those headlights!

  • Vinica

    And I thought how cool would be to order a black tint for my back window's on my BMW e87...yikes...

  • Pascal Mwikya
    Pascal Mwikya

    ...Shut up and take my money!

  • Pedro Vryster
    Pedro Vryster

    The red e30😯😃😱

  • 상희

    와 진짜 미쳤다... 디자인이며.배기음이며...

  • Чеширский Кот
    Чеширский Кот

    Шикарная тачка!,


    Cute babes

  • Bronx Kuffour
    Bronx Kuffour

    3:00 She just walked past the invisible bmw

  • C63s ///AMG
    C63s ///AMG

    I love it is beautiful BMW❤❤💙💙

  • paul morris
    paul morris

    I wonder how many people who watched this video could really afford it......gotta be what 5,000,000 price tag if it does get build theres going to be a really limited run of like 10-15.

  • ЫкаЫка БуБуБу
    ЫкаЫка БуБуБу

    Тёлочка чёто говорит о красивых машинах)

  • Bob Alto
    Bob Alto

    That thing deserves to be on roads!!

    • Sean Taylor
      Sean Taylor

      I think bmw wanted it to be on the streets it not really there choice if it can be street legal its all about the government.

  • Jeff Alexander Guitar Player!
    Jeff Alexander Guitar Player!

    Awesome! ✔️👍🏼😎

  • irfan goli
    irfan goli


  • Jon BonBon
    Jon BonBon

    I’ll take one, thanks :)