The REAL Story of the Pilgrims - JonTron
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Director, Writer, Editor - Jon Jafari
Director of Photography/Line Producer - Sergio Emilio Torres
Gaffer - Michael Shayne
Editor - Andrew Reynoso
Production Designer - Lynell Vinuya
Junior Editor - Lewis Bown
Narrator - Lewis Bown
JonTron Remix by Tom Ryan

  • Dullard D. Bones
    Dullard D. Bones

    I know exactly what you do, Mr. Tron You deliver.

  • autonomous2010

    I remember being told there was a lot more murder involved in the story of the pilgrims...

  • Jp tyrannosaurus 29
    Jp tyrannosaurus 29

    Englidh: why hello there separatists: general kenobi

  • Jp tyrannosaurus 29
    Jp tyrannosaurus 29

    This man is a living meme

  • Antonio Blaster
    Antonio Blaster

    Jontron Ruins Everything

  • EnderIsaac 619
    EnderIsaac 619

    Hey Jon, I just found your fireworks song. Man I got goosebumps.

  • ๖Cloud

    They just grabbed a random rock, slapped some numbers and there and now people pay money to look at this dogshit pebble.

  • The Garbageman
    The Garbageman

    At the beginning, the way you said the game was 'free' makes me feel like the game is actually free*.

  • Tom de Breed
    Tom de Breed

    As a dutch: I am not offended but this but greatly appreciate Jon talking about us. VOORBURG EN HOOFDDORP!

  • Dizito Rogue
    Dizito Rogue

    What the fuck is going on in here?!

  • chding zuure
    chding zuure

    All the homeschoolers looking around at each other like “Did the public schoolers not learn about Jamestown?”

  • Darth Reven
    Darth Reven

    The Dutch are so nice they go full circle and some how become the biggest assholes ever.

  • Darth Reven
    Darth Reven

    And more raid shilling -_- .... I think I’ll just go play something better that does not have loot boxes or well I mean crystals or whatever they want to call them.

  • Eric Nunez Robles
    Eric Nunez Robles


    • chding zuure
      chding zuure

      forget school i got john tron

  • RemnantOfFire *
    RemnantOfFire *

    JonTron Yells at the Dutch for 10 Minutes

  • Jack Hock
    Jack Hock

    "You think the Kool Aid killed them? I know its shit but it's not deadly"

  • ryuail

    Jon, I love ya. But I don't love Raid shadowlegend. I understand you got bills to pay, but I'm not sitting through a minute long advert immediately after an ad from YT.

  • M.R.V.N

    That awkward moment when you live in Virginia and you’re forced to learn about Jamestown AND the Pilgrims

  • The Rocket
    The Rocket

    I firmly believe Jon has sold his soul to Raid Shadow Legends

  • xXWaifuInsuranceXx

    That turkey looks like a giant baked potato

  • MrBG1138

    I miss Jontron having focus reviewing games.

  • Dasiilvagamer

    Já falaram que é a cara do Harry Topper ?

  • meowowo32

    If they want to preserve the rock, why the fuck are they spraying it with water? That's going to erode it down quicker. I'm sorry, I'm majoring in geology and that really bothered me.

  • CamoSquid21YT

    The Kool-aid part got me😂 Then again, this entire video is 👌👌👌 Then again this whole channel is priceless😂😂

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith

    "Ah fuck Jim, did you bring the map? I'm not 100 percent on this, but I think we might be literally no where in the known world uh, at all, and all we have is no food and these Dutch buckle hats."

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena

    This is better than my ap world history class

  • Fabulous Flaming Phoenix Film’s
    Fabulous Flaming Phoenix Film’s

    I learned about the Jamestown colony

  • Niko


  • Cosmiic Boi
    Cosmiic Boi

    forget school i got john tron

  • Dark2Zone

    please release the raw green screen footage of ( STOP HURTING ME ) at 2:38 for meme science purposes

  • Rebekah Antis
    Rebekah Antis

    Jonttron! You have to cover Santa Jaws, a movie made in 2018 on Hulu. This is the most ridiculous Christmas/horror movie I’ve ever seen! Hilariously awful content is waiting for great amounts of NOsoft views!

  • Safersephiroth777

    Man I never knew this about this Holiday in USA. Guess you learn something new about another country every day.

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu

      Love this

  • Epicomix

    RAID: Shadow Legends is a terminal illness

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu

      JonTron pronouncing Hoofddorp is the best thing I've ever heard as a dutchie.

  • AnarkyPlayz

    Why is everyone talking about RAID when by far the best mobile game I've ever played is Darkness Rises?

  • TercularDuck

    I’m thankful for Jontron making his content for all to enjoy.

  • TercularDuck

    I’m thankful for Jontron making his content for all to enjoy.

  • Caro

    Will we be getting JonTron green screen in 2020?

  • ssr che
    ssr che

    Wheres flex tape III ?

  • zenzebeat game exp
    zenzebeat game exp

    For real now does this man Know he is theee most meme paste for every meme an actual question

  • Carlos Pérez
    Carlos Pérez

    shadow raid legends ads be like. skip ad now