The Score - Legend (Audio)
The Score
The Score - “Legend” (Official Audio)
Taken from the album ATLAS
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  • Wizard V2003X
    Wizard V2003X

    I made my chair hear this Now it is the iron chair

  • purple gamer
    purple gamer

    i feel badass anyway

  • Ezra Bridger
    Ezra Bridger

    This song is epic

  • Ella Pagliarulo (STUDENT)
    Ella Pagliarulo (STUDENT)

    You are weird

  • flaker.3000


  • Mild Barrios
    Mild Barrios

    Gracias a Auron conocí esta banda, me encanta

  • PinBall Wizard
    PinBall Wizard

    Asphalt 9 drifted me here.

  • Di4mond

    Can imagine the apocalypse and me just fighting against my evil twin. Me and my friend fight against him and he's about to die that's when my inner demon comes out and throws him across the room his arm is covered in blood. We both leave and my twin stares at us and smiles.

  • Collin Bushey
    Collin Bushey

    Hey can I use this song in a video

  • P.O.T.S Plenty Of Trick Shots
    P.O.T.S Plenty Of Trick Shots

    Dude perfect vibes

  • Avelo Gaming
    Avelo Gaming


  • saad ahmad
    saad ahmad

    I like it

  • TMCG _MooKaTe
    TMCG _MooKaTe

    Team ipromx =)


    If you guys comment anything Weird , you are a legend

  • Vegito Gaming YT
    Vegito Gaming YT

    This song gives me inspiration to be extraordinary/LEGEND. Love this song.

  • pizzagaming

    Asphalt 9 got me the score

  • ParkJimiXD YT
    ParkJimiXD YT

    Asphalt 9 vibes are coming back-

  • Elena Caldwell élève
    Elena Caldwell élève

    Dude perfect anyone?

  • Aziel Holly
    Aziel Holly

    Who's listening to this awesome music of 2020?

  • Amir Gomez
    Amir Gomez

    Empecé a escuchar esta banda por AuronPlay y ahora me encanta

  • Cristian San miguel
    Cristian San miguel

    Seguro que esta será la próxima canción de intro del gta rolplay

  • Lara Sözer
    Lara Sözer

    Why remember me this of 6 Underground😂🤓

  • David Bratu
    David Bratu

    I showd this to Kazuma *_NOW HE IS THANOS_*

  • æœ

    1. Power 2. Legend

  • Yazmin Martinez
    Yazmin Martinez

    Legends are the best 😍

  • Kryptonix

    I came here because of 6 underground

  • Niku Gujral
    Niku Gujral

    i love this song is any one listening in 2020... then it then "Bang Bang" the like button!

  • Miles Clifford
    Miles Clifford

    Honestly, this song is the only one that keeps my grades at A's and A+'s!

  • Jonathan king forever Hernandez
    Jonathan king forever Hernandez

    Who hearing this during quarantine

  • Ben Hilbring
    Ben Hilbring

    I'm playing brawl stars. I'm thinking" Ohhh this is a tryharder song"

  • SpeedyTI

    Same i feel bad as to this shit when I start talking shit to my parents

  • cake shop
    cake shop

    We will keep giving u good comments until we are legends

  • Stephano Yucra
    Stephano Yucra

    me muero

  • Dilia Gonzalez
    Dilia Gonzalez

    My dudes this song is badass this is the most legendary song ive evr heard

  • gabe skorcz
    gabe skorcz

    Asphalt 9 anyone?

  • Maya Hicks
    Maya Hicks

    I’m here from asphalt

  • Taiger

    I listened to this song... Now i'm *Legend*

  • Seif Wahba
    Seif Wahba

    Respects Kobe...😔 The only reason I listen to this is because reminds me of him.

  • Manhal Eroth
    Manhal Eroth

    Am I the only one here from asphalt 8?

  • GoldDropper

    I showed this to Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Now its a Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder

  • GoldDropper

    When you shockwave into another player and destroys them

  • marco adi
    marco adi

    asphalt 9 legends

  • Toby

    Continental ad...

  • crazyhunter 6000
    crazyhunter 6000

    I showed this to my cat and he became a Lion!!!

  • Aysun İlhan
    Aysun İlhan


  • walu dalu
    walu dalu

    i remember that racing roblox game, this is how i knew them

  • Enzo Villanueva
    Enzo Villanueva

    i ever wanted

  • MikeVlogs

    Showed this to my stroked dad Now Hes A BodyBuilder

  • MikeVlogs

    I discovered The Score in Dude Perfect

  • Pranav Singh
    Pranav Singh

    Best song I know

  • Wam Sood
    Wam Sood

    Apex legends bought me here

  • Llali !Lag
    Llali !Lag

    This song always remember me the Lucifer's series😂😂😂

  • я хотел
    я хотел

    Selam rambo

    • patates ramazan
      patates ramazan


    • patates ramazan
      patates ramazan

      Heryerde patates

    • я хотел
      я хотел

      Şu an nedensiz yere gülüyorum dkdmf

    • я хотел
      я хотел

      patates ramazan xkxkkdkdöxm

    • patates ramazan
      patates ramazan


  • Paul Hilsley
    Paul Hilsley

    too good to not listen to all of them in one day. they are by far the best band out there.

  • dan k
    dan k

    nhl 18?

  • Santiago Urquiza
    Santiago Urquiza

    is good

  • Patrick Carbajal
    Patrick Carbajal

    2020 quarantined

  • Rishi Bist
    Rishi Bist

    Play at speed 1.25

  • Nikhil appoos
    Nikhil appoos

    Are there any *dude perfect* fans

  • Kenna VanDyke
    Kenna VanDyke

    i listened to this with my cat. she ran away cause I was jamming out a lot and scaring her

  • Gerri Saunders
    Gerri Saunders

    Mastans are the best

  • Αλεξανδρος Ντομης
    Αλεξανδρος Ντομης

    Αlfabetul gi

  • H1Z1 Marius
    H1Z1 Marius

    I showed this to my Glock Now its a AWP

  • Simon-kamenik

    This is best song ever i love this song

  • It’s Noah The Computer Geek
    It’s Noah The Computer Geek

    I get on Asphalt 9 Legends every day and hear this :|

  • Samet Yılmaz
    Samet Yılmaz

    Who came here after watching Jared Halley's acapella

  • iSlay Gaming
    iSlay Gaming

    Asphalt 9 nd dude perfect brought me here 😂😂

  • Mahek Srivastav
    Mahek Srivastav

    Came to know this song after 6 underground ♥

  • pp p
    pp p

    I like this song.

  • pp p
    pp p

    Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah Here we go here we go

  • It'zA-me Prongs
    It'zA-me Prongs

    If legends never die, then you must be immortal

  • Serenity girl
    Serenity girl

    Who knows this song because of tbatf? (The beginning and the friend)

  • Joeym162

    “Bang bang, won’t stop till we’re legends” JOSE ALTUVE AND THE WHOLE ASTROS ORGANIZATION

  • Jotawa Plays A Game
    Jotawa Plays A Game

    Who was here because they randomly discovered The Score on NOsoft?

  • Gamer guy 2000
    Gamer guy 2000

    I heard this song in a Jeep commercial a few years ago

  • Eliška Blahová
    Eliška Blahová

    Best song in a world

  • Lucas Games
    Lucas Games

    The score legend 👍

  • Pranav Legend
    Pranav Legend

    Poor replay button (◠‿◕)

  • Bharat Metri
    Bharat Metri

    6 underground who is here ⚡️😏

  • André Vale - 8. E
    André Vale - 8. E

    Who thinks this is the best dudeperfect music?

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