You can't outrun destiny just because you're terrified of it. Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher arrives December 20.
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The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

  • Jaypes

    Overhyped. This guy does more circles than Legolas FFS. Deserves a knife in the back really.

  • PaNDaSNiP3R

    Still no scar tho 🤔

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      im not sure but i think face scar is only in the game ...

  • Susan Countess
    Susan Countess


  • Edjohn Bautista
    Edjohn Bautista

    stick to secondary quest before main quest hahaha

  • Simon musyoka
    Simon musyoka

    smeago is i sure?

  • kaLamity

    This is gonna be awesome! Henry Cavill is perfect for this role

  • HighLanderPony

    "How many more can there be?" or gtfo.

  • HighLanderPony

    Need a scene where Geralt juggles inventories and his storage for 40 mins just to craft one armor set.

  • Loop Is Dedz
    Loop Is Dedz

    After weeks, I have finally found this trailer. ;)

  • mixed queen
    mixed queen

    This looks good but kinda disappointed on who they casted as Yennefer. 😒

  • Ganta Hit
    Ganta Hit

    Жирнющий дизлайк вам, ребята! Надеюсь, сериал с треском провалится под натиском здравомыслящих людей.

  • Bartoszeg02

    Geralt doesn't look like a mutant...He is to handsome...

    • seeriu ciihy
      seeriu ciihy

      Let Zack Snyder do some of his magic on The Witcher!

  • Benjamin Allen
    Benjamin Allen

    Henry Cavill May break the Superman curse. This is the show to do it

  • Emperor Caligula
    Emperor Caligula

    The Butcher Of Blaviken

    • Emperor Caligula
      Emperor Caligula

      seeriu ciihy no but it is Geralt

    • seeriu ciihy
      seeriu ciihy

      Angry legolas is that you?

  • HorustheHorizon

    Best game ever...

  • Dontay and Kenetra Tv
    Dontay and Kenetra Tv

    If your reading this you will be successful in life.

  • Cloe Ali
    Cloe Ali

    How did I not know about this can't wait to see it

  • Shravan


  • z00mer

    Is that Triss at 0:42?

    • Aard Fart
      Aard Fart


  • dariusbigtime

    Can’t wait

  • titlePB

    Princess Cirilla.. It got me. Did it get you?

  • HB1002

    why is geralts eyes round?

    • HB1002

      @Jaroslav Mihok no they arent

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      they are correct at least in scenes in this trailer ... pupils shoud change depends on lignt

  • James G
    James G


  • James G
    James G

    And it ALL goes to the TRASH of netflix. How many MILLIONS will this lose??

  • Jan Blue
    Jan Blue

    Hope that they don't do us like d&d did with the throne

    • Water Bearer
      Water Bearer

      And the worst part is D&D is with Netflix.. but shouldn't worry as Henry is there, he will probably 'just Aard' them off 👌

  • Corvus Veteris
    Corvus Veteris

    Класс, чёрная Йенифер, в средневековой Польше

    • Cookie Flash
      Cookie Flash

      Это не средневековая Польша

  • blowtorchacurlyfry1

    Angry legolas is that you?

  • Milad Rahim
    Milad Rahim

    Let Zack Snyder do some of his magic on The Witcher!

  • سعد القرني
    سعد القرني

    Netflix you got my intention

  • Max

    I love the witcher but I think its going to suck, video game movies never work

    • Angelika potree
      Angelika potree

      well it supposed to be books adaptation

  • Oancea Adrian
    Oancea Adrian

    Btw guys what's your favorite school of the witchers ? (Mine is School of the Bear)

  • Åsa Rosén
    Åsa Rosén


  • Minh Vo
    Minh Vo

    I hope he sucks at Gwent just like I did...

  • bepis boy
    bepis boy

    First episode is Geralt stumbling around for 45 minutes trying to pick a flower

  • MrVendorz

    Not gonna lie, with the hair I’m feeling a good redux of rhaegar targaryen from GoT.

  • Can Şengelen
    Can Şengelen

    yennefer a ben daha çok benziyorum one

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu

      our legends has become so popular and will become even more popular.

  • Babita Chandra
    Babita Chandra

    Whose next Mr. Henry cavill girlfriend

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu

      I really don't like Andrzej Sapkowski (the author of the books about "Wiedźmin") because he can be a terrible jerk, but I feel indescribable pride that a Polish product referring t

  • Febri Kriss
    Febri Kriss

    If this race competition, you just inhaleing 'see' dust

  • خليها في بالك
    خليها في بالك

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  • Chrono Mitsurugi
    Chrono Mitsurugi

    This looks SOOO good. I really hope they don't screw it up.

  • Chrono Mitsurugi
    Chrono Mitsurugi

    What does he mean "Cause then I am what they say I am" What I best remember from the Witcher is the logic behind the two swords. Man: Two swords? One for monsters and one for people? Geralt: They are both for monsters. Geralt kills all threats. Be it Griffons, drowned dead, or angry villagers.

  • Magic Wind
    Magic Wind

    По ощущениям подбор и проработанность персонажей просто нулевые. Ведьмак на Геральта не похож - какой-то миловидный парень без шрамов, без вертикальных кошачьих глаз. Почему у него только один меч? Актриса Йеннифер так вообще как будто только что школу закончила, где та харизма и скрытая сексуальность из книги и игры? 1:27 запихали таки чернокожую африканку в средневековую Польшу. Надеюсь, это у меня только такие впечатления, и у авторов есть понимание того, что они делают. P.S. Где славянская музыка?

  • Luke Latcham
    Luke Latcham

    If there isn't a scene where he gets stuck casting igni on some candles while trying to loot we riot

  • Black Bird Noodle
    Black Bird Noodle

    Game of thrones 2.0

  • Tomek Kowalski
    Tomek Kowalski

    I hope the opening soundtrack will be as awsome as GOT's was.

  • BartjeYeYo Gaming
    BartjeYeYo Gaming

    Swordplay looks way to weak.

  • Imperator

    wow epic nice one!!!!!

  • David McDermott
    David McDermott

    I have to admit, this trailer is decent. I thought someone like Mads Mikkelsen would be a more obvious choice but Henry suits the role surprisingly well.

    • Water Bearer
      Water Bearer

      Whoops missed to add from the link if only want to see about cast start from 11.30

    • Angelika potree
      Angelika potree

      i never had a problem with Henry since I heard he is witcher fan. But Yennefer look like a lost child :(

  • Ken Gonzales
    Ken Gonzales

    In this universe going to be full of people who won't answer a simple question unless you do them a favor?

  • Nejinka Medic
    Nejinka Medic

    почему у него такой убогий амулет? плоский и без ощерившихся клыков?

    • Cookie Flash
      Cookie Flash

      Клыки как раз есть

    • Cookie Flash
      Cookie Flash

      Потому что в книгах был плоский медальон, а CDPR для пафоса сделали его объемным. С таким неудобно сражаться.

  • Lake Country Dock Repair
    Lake Country Dock Repair

    I see they still have the ballsack nilfgard armor..oh well show looks badass

  • Pusta Pustka
    Pusta Pustka

    I really don't like Andrzej Sapkowski (the author of the books about "Wiedźmin") because he can be a terrible jerk, but I feel indescribable pride that a Polish product referring to our legends has become so popular and will become even more popular.

  • D G
    D G

    Cavil would be perfect in the company of wolves as the huntsman

  • CherryBombs

    just hope it doesnt turn out like GOT

  • nepali choro
    nepali choro


  • Karen Whymark
    Karen Whymark

    Little do you know honey but your not alone in the bath 🛁 i’m holding my breath but keeping my eyes 👀 wide open yum yum 😋 lol 😂

  • Gzup505 505
    Gzup505 505


  • Jakekin

    0:24 hold the sword well (look in slow motion on the handle)

  • John Lincoln Hawk
    John Lincoln Hawk

    Henry Cavill is the best Superman since Christopher Reeve.

  • おおお

    いつまで気持ち悪いcm 流してんだよ

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj

      Welp, i cant unsee superman ;.;