Andrei Terbea
It's rough out there these days. It's like the Coronavirus took everyone's minds. Let's look at some of the craziness that's been going on lately...
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Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
Nicoleta Toader - Producer
Stefan Popa - Assistant Animator
Background track: "Delusional (Instrumental)" by Spring Gang
Outro song: Joakim Karud - "Loudness & Clarity"

#ToiletPaper #Coronavirus #PanicBuying

  • Andrei Terbea
    Andrei Terbea

    Had to reupload this because of an audio error. Thanks to those who brought it to my attention. And to those who got blueballed after the video went down, I appreciate your patience haha!

    • Tinny toes Eats foot
      Tinny toes Eats foot


    • bolt236

      Call the virus the cough cough

    • Acrocent

      Well we can’t trust who anymore

    • Radioactive Uranium
      Radioactive Uranium

      Andrei Terbea you know you could do x2

    • Markus Holstad
      Markus Holstad

      I appriciet your content Andrei

  • mymader

    any one looking for the comments for the fight abute tolet paper. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • mymader

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="211">3:31</a> WT* is wrong with us the world is upside down.

  • josh red
    josh red

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="244">4:04</a> best part lmao

  • Rojin

    yall americans need to buy a bidet like NOW !

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse

    Ngl I'm just buying toilet paper to use it for its purpose

  • achraf zawa
    achraf zawa

    Andrei: there is no moret toilet paper Algeria: are you sure about that

  • The Funnyman
    The Funnyman

    You animated for smosh

  • Yipang Blueberry
    Yipang Blueberry

    This is the apocalypse

  • Elmira Timochshenko
    Elmira Timochshenko

    I am in italy and it sucks

  • aviya anna brooks
    aviya anna brooks

    This is true that people take the virus too seriously with the toilet paper thing. but come on, why are you so annoyed by the song? the people who made it didn't try to hurt you personally... they just tried to make you feel better (even tho it wasn't the best way to do it) don't try to be mean to people whos having good intention.. there are more important things to care about!!! anyway, great video!!!!!!

  • TheRegalLord

    Are u romanian cuz ur name

  • nihal 1106 vlogs
    nihal 1106 vlogs

    I don't get why u use toilet paper Like if poop was there in ur face then would u rather wipe it off or wash it off

  • Lorina
    Lorina yes-

  • Emily An
    Emily An

    My kindergarten teacher: sharing is caring Coronavirus: allow us to introduce ourselves...

  • JustSketched

    Filipinos will worry more about running out of water than toilet paper

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      Oh in my country they only buy water, food and hand sanitizer

  • robloxian master
    robloxian master

    I'm my country we don't use toilet paper

  • Mr Feast
    Mr Feast

    Watch my videos

  • Cucumber

    If you need some TP i can mail u some

  • Peek a choo
    Peek a choo

    I will be honest we have one toilet paper roll in our home.

  • Kinggodzilla16

    people are turning into CORONANOIDS!

  • Voicu Denis Cristian
    Voicu Denis Cristian

    Flexing in 2019:money,cars,gold Flexing in 2020:toilet paper

  • Skolux

    just use a frickin shower head -_- in other words a shattaf

  • Shaurya Shukla
    Shaurya Shukla

    World: Runs out of toilet paper My country: *laughs in handshower*

  • Solar lunar hope
    Solar lunar hope

    Andrea... I want u to see from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="448">7:28</a> to the end of the scene whete u and welfure watching the videos eating popcorn... Check what y r doing on your animation on that scene...u r eating the same popcorn on your mouth from the beginning...I mean I love so much your animation...but u should have added some (taking another popcorn and eat it) during the video...u Kno what I mean?.... I love your animation so much .. but I really don't wanna notice the common mistakes where animators"think" we .. the ones who watch... Only focus in the important hurts seeing it on my favorite Andrei ... Besides u where reacting to these video while your mouth was busy chewing the same popcorn from the made me feel like a "reaction" for the video...or like u r sitting beside me and watching this video ... Remember u r the one inside...that what's make it so cool.... U should have made your animation talking while he is eating at that point.... Believe me I know it is so hard to animate and take so much time.... But I advise u to seek perfection...u won't reach it but cause u r seeking something to high u will became far greater than normal ...u will evolve... But remember the animation it self doesn't matter like the personality of it's stay as u r please and : ✨ Don't forget ✨

  • Zoe Zone
    Zoe Zone

    My theory is that the coronavirus has infected all of us a little bit and has made us all *crazy!!*

  • Zac Da Man
    Zac Da Man

    no just no. why would you show us this horrible vid this is bell worthy

  • Johnny Says
    Johnny Says

    Soap and water, who would have thought?

  • Jared ;P
    Jared ;P

    I bought toilet paper because I knew this virus would get worse and would not want to go out and buy toilet paper or go shopping in general when this virus peaks. Also everyone was panic buying and also knew I wouldn’t be able to buy toilet paper at some point. So far both check out. 👍🏻 Some back info, I have a sibling who has a very low immune system, so we cannot leave the house really. For his sake.

  • teoinfinite

    Are you romanian?

  • Mr. Anthony Gonzales
    Mr. Anthony Gonzales

    My sad ass is now forced to use napkins as toilet paper


    Oh in my country they only buy water, food and hand sanitizer

  • B Darland
    B Darland

    Who all ready had tons of toilet paper


    If you watching this The USA has more cases then anybody else now

  • Jigniish Vids
    Jigniish Vids

    ya'll care too much about toilet paper cant ya'll just use water

  • Kyler Swank
    Kyler Swank

    horders with toilet paper "peace is never an option

  • Cole Custer
    Cole Custer

    Well boys we did it toilet paper is no more

  • Michael CHAN [07M2]
    Michael CHAN [07M2]

    I'm from HK and I have no idea

  • Mihnea Mihalache
    Mihnea Mihalache

    Sper sa putem vorbi.

  • Mihnea Mihalache
    Mihnea Mihalache

    Imi plac videorile tale. Tine o tot asa.👌👍🤜🤛

  • Dominic Glodean
    Dominic Glodean

    Are u romanian

  • Thun thun 77
    Thun thun 77

    I don't share because I don't care

  • Valentin Zugravu
    Valentin Zugravu

    Do yow speak Romane?

  • Epic Birds
    Epic Birds

    Dude you should sell wilfer merch

  • Marina Vuleta
    Marina Vuleta

    DO NOT READ MEDIA!Beacause you will go insane.Watch only the important news and don't listen to media who is spreading the panic.Eat apples.Because One apple a day, keeps doctor away.😊

  • M e t a n o i a
    M e t a n o i a

    out of EVERYTHING the humans pick toilet paper

  • Ashley Ferris
    Ashley Ferris

    Every time I see Jimmy Fallon, "Get out of here Jimmy!"

  • Amir Ossanloo
    Amir Ossanloo


    Sending positive thoughts to Italy. Stay safe and wash your hands guys. 💛❤💚💙💜

  • Dog lover
    Dog lover

    Good lucky i don't use toilet paper

  • Mitchell Frazer
    Mitchell Frazer

    The fight was at Wolles

  • Chris Aco
    Chris Aco

    so we went for a drive and we past by a park the park was soo full there was no parking

  • John Donahue
    John Donahue

    But WHY use toilet paper at all? Why not just buy ONE Sunday edition of the New York Times! It is MUCH cheaper, will last longer, and will give you GREAT satisfaction every time you wipe! :-)

  • John Donahue
    John Donahue

    But WHY use toilet paper at all? Why not just buy ONE Sunday edition of the New York Times! It is MUCH cheaper, will last longer, and will give you GREAT satisfaction every time you wipe! :-)

  • John Donahue
    John Donahue

    But WHY use toilet paper at all? Why not just buy ONE Sunday edition of the New York Times! It is MUCH cheaper, will last longer, and will give you GREAT satisfaction every time you wipe! :-)

  • Peace

    Hei andrei one guy on youtube i dont remember his name but i know he can make alcohol from toilet paper. and alcohol it an good trade item in an distopic world bcz you can drink it or bandage your self useing it or make Mona xd Edit:Sorry for my bad spelling im not native english and i think you know from where i am

  • TheCreepyCreeper 11
    TheCreepyCreeper 11

    You are Romanian your name and The thing that there was wrotten Țeva on there with a ROMANIAN LETTER is a big clue. Ești roman din cauza numelui tău și chestia ca a fost scris Țeva cu o LITERA ROMANĂ ceea ce e o mare dovada.

  • random dude
    random dude I'm too late Have you already watched it?

  • Night Penguin
    Night Penguin

    *laughs in bidet*


    Americans/World be like: Toilet paper Filipinos be like: Tabu Water (Bucket of water) And hose

  • Ernest Woodgrouse
    Ernest Woodgrouse

    Two words.. SOAP AND HAND

  • More ExplosiveBaconHair
    More ExplosiveBaconHair

    the reason why people are buying so many toilet paper cuz Government is closing everything but not house cuz if they ran out toilet Papers they wont get to wipe their own a**

  • Gresa Mullaali
    Gresa Mullaali

    Thank u for making these Videos!They r AMAZING!

  • Acille Marrar
    Acille Marrar

    These people don't know you can fill a bottle of water and use it to clean your ass after shitting or better yet ( the bidet ) which is like a shower after every bathroom usage , we use the tp to dry our ass after using it 🤣 they still have alot to learn

  • old man vollox
    old man vollox

    search old man vollox no tp funny song

  • critical rash
    critical rash

    *_Romanian or roman_*

  • Stokmon Onk
    Stokmon Onk

    Lmao outro changed


    Iam arab and we dont do that

  • Eva Mejos
    Eva Mejos

    CO coronavirus 2019

  • dylan miguel cosejo
    dylan miguel cosejo

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="5">0:05</a> its Covid-19

  • Jennifer Enriquez
    Jennifer Enriquez

    In the Philippines we don't need as much toilet paper, we use TABO. Reusable and eco friendly.

  • Timo 9po
    Timo 9po

    i life in belgium 😅😅

  • SnoWy

    My boy just got 2m subs ,keep it up and i hope you have toilet paper ,if you know what i mean

  • Crazy 88'z
    Crazy 88'z


  • darius g
    darius g

    Hi Andrei you engoraged me because i live in Suceava

  • maddie__ gacha
    maddie__ gacha

    My dad works at Costco

  • Galaxy

    Me: Italian Others: We come in peace! Me again:🤦

  • GAMER 39
    GAMER 39

    I think Donald trump would go to space to stay safe from that thing

  • The Living Mith
    The Living Mith

    Mai stii ceva romana?

  • Toots Magotes
    Toots Magotes

    What do you think leaves are for?