This guy has a PROBLEM - Tech Hoarders
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What happens when you combine a tech nerd with means and storage space? Tech Hoarders! Let's see what wonders await - Featuring Brian the electrician!
Maybe start a tech hoard of your own - They'll be retro, too, some day!
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  • Tommy Bolstad
    Tommy Bolstad

    THANK YOU !!! this made my day :)

  • Jesse Cissell
    Jesse Cissell

    The pulseway com

  • R͔̪̞Y͉͍͜Z͓̞̟E̻̝͉N͉̫͙ R̷Y̷N̷E̷
    R͔̪̞Y͉͍͜Z͓̞̟E̻̝͉N͉̫͙ R̷Y̷N̷E̷

    That's some Wall E shit right there!

  • M̸O̶A̵N̴

    The guy isn't hoarding, he's got a Museum of Computing happening... this brought back a lot of memories for me lol, painful expensive ones..

  • Daniels Toms Ķēniņš
    Daniels Toms Ķēniņš

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="536">8:56</a> what is that dual socket board on the wall???? Its always getting my attention every time i watch this video!!!


    Fulll house Whit junk if I was him I trowed all in garbage and make that server room as PC room

  • m

    by time linus explain the cache installed on motherboard, i realized I'm old

  • Matthew

    I work in enterprise help desk, you would be stunned at the shit I dig up. Im talking Windows NT installer disks, AOL installers, Monitors that weigh 40 pounds, IDE hard drives, you name it. I still use those gigantic monitors, there were still tons of computers from 2013 with serial and PS/2 ports. People still use programs with DOS GUIs where I work (on windows 10, no less). The hardware that some of the equipment techs connect to still need usb to serial 9-pin adapters, with garbage drivers that need to be installed. It's unsurprising how cheap enterprises are when it comes to technology, especially clinging to dying technology and waiting until catastrophic failure before actually biting the bullet and ditching unsupported formats, hardware, and systems.

  • Yeetles Law
    Yeetles Law

    You can probably hit this guy up for a free computer.

  • Jay Zim
    Jay Zim

    Brings back so many memories, I miss my i386sx 16MHz, 2MB RAM and 40MB hdd...

  • Jonathan Dear
    Jonathan Dear

    That’s my first computer, Compaq luggable. 8086 running CP/M. Later PC DOS.

  • Andreas Suojanen
    Andreas Suojanen

    Oh, shit. I have one of those Samsung screens.

  • Casual Gamer
    Casual Gamer

    can i have his address?

  • joseph dragojevich
    joseph dragojevich

    i can fix the board from your first machine bud!

  • MetalWorks Machine Shop
    MetalWorks Machine Shop

    I still have DOS and Win 3.1 on 3.5 floppy. 95 , 98 and Me on CD somewhere.. My fist computer was the Apple 2C+

  • Berzerker 2K600
    Berzerker 2K600

    Wrong those old cpus are worth more as collectibles than for their gold

  • M1tokac

    3,17 I literally have that monitor at school

  • Eric Ross
    Eric Ross

    I know the feeling of using a CD drive to hold the pedals in place. Don't judge us LINUS.

  • TheMiningTeam

    Clearly Linus has never heard of LGR... or he’s just exaggerating his appallment at old technology for a video. WHAT DO YOU THINK???????

  • man

    This man has a tech museum

    • man

      Oh just saw he said that at the end upsie

  • IsleofMAN

    Linus- what is this? Guy- yeah!

  • Lakranbi Saad
    Lakranbi Saad

    I just had an ad with Linus on it for a Linus video,.... STONKS

  • Chris Schembari
    Chris Schembari

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="660">11:00</a> "thermal paste rag". Is that what Brian tells his wife it is? And his mom, when he was a teenager? 😆 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="840">14:00</a> I was just thinking two minutes ago that those boards are more valuable as silicon and gold for recycling! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="910">15:10</a> 5¼" floppies were 1.2 MB, and could be write-protected by taping up the notch on the side.

  • Sn1p3s2

    The sheer amount of sarcasm in this video

  • Skïllet

    Now that I understand computer parts and how expensive they are, this man is sitting on like a whole fortune man

  • MrLagMachine

    The girl is ugly af she looks like my shit lamo

  • ikaros alpha
    ikaros alpha

    holy shit I would drink a beer with this guy

  • NSE 465
    NSE 465

    Hes raiding a man's house. Bruh

  • random guy
    random guy

    Whoever dislikes tech tips needs to go to the Gulag 😤

  • Chris Leathco
    Chris Leathco

    My first PC I bought was an amd k6-2 desktop.

  • Kenyah McIntosh-Brown
    Kenyah McIntosh-Brown

    Im getting war flashbacks

  • Alexei Dimitri Diniz Campos
    Alexei Dimitri Diniz Campos

    This guy doesn't know DOSBox???

  • Uri Goldenberg
    Uri Goldenberg

    Brian - says ya Me - how canadian

  • DunnickFayuro

    It's only hoarding until a museum wants to buy it ;P

  • Stephen Little
    Stephen Little

    TOTAL MAN CAVE. RESPECT TO YOU SIR. I just have 6 comps. 3 mother boards. Few mice and keyboards. Hard drives.

  • MrJeVai

    LTT Cribs

  • Gallien Guicquéro
    Gallien Guicquéro

    You should have more respect for Windows Me, it was really great for home entertainement.

  • NasToy

    Procrastination, the tech guy edition

  • Spino Gaming
    Spino Gaming

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a> Oh my god I thought he nearly dropped it.

  • Simon Vs The World
    Simon Vs The World

    My God, when Linus pulled out that Gravis controller it brought back memories, then when he pulled out the 5 inch floppies I'm just reminded of sitting in front of my computer playing games from those things.

  • Milkreis

    Sorry but compared to me an absolute amateur 😂

  • 1ex3 Productions
    1ex3 Productions

    *oH mY gOoDnEsS, I fOrGoT hOw ChUnKy ThIs wAs!*

  • superdriver777

    Laugh, laugh if you must....but.... This guy might be the only one spared when the singularity arrives!

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith

    Linus needs to visit the 8 bit guy

  • Steve S.
    Steve S.

    This is my dream

  • last dog standing
    last dog standing

    Why does linus act like a crackhead and looks like one that just went to an bestbuy.

  • Will Wade
    Will Wade

    For capacities check out Wikipedia at:

  • Will Wade
    Will Wade

    I'm so old I remember 8" floppies. Also, My back room looks something like that one, not as organized though.

  • IAA Productions
    IAA Productions

    Just Asking,Would Age Of Civilizations II Be Similar To Supreme Commander???

  • Hafidz Ahmad
    Hafidz Ahmad

    I need that autocad 2002

  • Cameron S.
    Cameron S.

    "I love that they called 10/100, 'Fast Ethernet' because that is not fast." It's still faster than my internet connection. 😒

  • David Sidwell
    David Sidwell

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="367">6:07</a> had the same toy boat

  • Rarapas P
    Rarapas P

    We need more of Brian the Electrician, he's great :D

  • naveed hussain
    naveed hussain

    im glad i got rid of all my old gear... athlon xp's, durons, ide cables etc etc ... was just taking space.. he should call his home the museum of computers .... awesome collection by the way..

  • Pythro

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="156">2:36</a> when he almost dropped it

  • estboy 1
    estboy 1

    in this video is 1 pc like my pc

  • akshat s
    akshat s

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="106">1:46</a> linus I didn’t expect that 🎂

  • Lars Grünheid
    Lars Grünheid

    at work we actually still use the same model as that lenovo "theatre pc" at the very bottom.

    • Lars Grünheid
      Lars Grünheid

      also, the memory flashbacks are out of this world. Athlon XP? DX2? 5,25''? oh dear...

  • Dean Waters
    Dean Waters

    how dare you say he needs to throw away windows ME !!! how dare you sir BEST OS EVER !!!

  • Eboz25

    I love how he is so calm

  • K.o.R

    Someone call the 8-Bit Guy.

  • K.o.R

    *looks around nervously at his 3 HTPCs...*

  • Pallalero

    Me with a GT 610 in my current pc Brain with 100 gpus better than mine laying in a drawer

  • lopwidth

    Thanks Brian. Awesomeness :)

  • Aditya Rupali Darshan
    Aditya Rupali Darshan

    That would be me if the school recycling bin had good things

  • skins4thewin

    Lol I have been wanting to build a 486 DX4 for the longest time! I really miss the old DOS PC days.

  • skins4thewin

    LOL this dude needs to come by my place. He aint seen nothin yet.

  • Jack games
    Jack games

    First mac he sees he already starts shaming it

  • Skwizzz

    thats a lot of diffusion sheets

  • Jackson Mccreery
    Jackson Mccreery

    "don't you just have spotify" some people like to OWN their music, and be able to listen to it when the internet goes down

  • Dav Edward
    Dav Edward

    Hey Linus, you ask and you shall recieve: Supreme Commander Risk Map, enjoy

    • Dav Edward
      Dav Edward

      I should add, you should check out 'Forged Alliance Forever' if you have Supreme Commander Forged Alliance. It makes playing multiplayer easier and easy access to mods, maps, etc.

  • polX

    i like the part where brian sais YEAHH

  • rayaan_66

    spare me some parts

  • Jimi02468

    Linus is the Gordon Ramsey of technology

  • Bhg S.A.D
    Bhg S.A.D

    I swear i remember some of this tech... And ooo my god was is fun as hell to have

  • Vanargand

    I installed a lot cash on my latest pc build. 2500 dollars worth.

  • Vanargand

    Thermal past rag? So that's what they are calling it now days.

  • Big Cazza
    Big Cazza

    linus ill pay u to clean my shit lmao

  • yokoshemp

    I can't be the only one with a Cyrix P150 sitting around... and a pentium 120, pentium 3, msi kt4 ultra with unknown cpu, athlon 2 running a security system, and a recently ditched amd 8350. Some unknown hp in the livingroom. Some I have a use others have pictures and spreadsheets that I don't need until I need them. Really ancient tech treasures include a scientific calculator, cassette recorder, and sony pd50 direct drive turn table. Found MS DOS 5.25 disks while cleaning last year. Never mind "how old are you"....

  • GamingPrOStuFF[RBX]

    Lol i got ad with linus in it and thought it was the video xd (was pulseway ad)

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