Thoughts After KSI Vs Logan Paul 2
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  • Jake Lit
    Jake Lit

    Fu joe weller

  • SHAFI_ 008
    SHAFI_ 008

    Nobody cant defeat ksi he is the king

  • Holden Tait
    Holden Tait

    Justin's scared man hop in the ring with him

  • Kenan Skywalker
    Kenan Skywalker

    You started this make a video about your year 10 telescope project on jidejunior

  • Kitini the king
    Kitini the king

    stfu u lost

  • Gokuderaaa

    When he laugh. I felt that.

  • Ben Shrooms
    Ben Shrooms

    AND S-X

  • Aron Williams
    Aron Williams

    Little did ksi know he was going to place 2nd on official charts dissimulation

  • XepsY

    Imagine being in that 22 k people who disliked 😂

  • Yoshi and Toad
    Yoshi and Toad

    And some other fights

  • Yoshi and Toad
    Yoshi and Toad

    The only way to end this is ksi vs jake gib vs Alex wasabi or deji. Logan vs AB

  • Angel Mata
    Angel Mata

    He beat joe so that’s two Ws

    • DK- 9
      DK- 9

      Yeah but professional fights

  • Miguel eduardo
    Miguel eduardo

    Alguem brasileiro

  • SquidBag

    You got your ass beat though you km know it

  • C Bateman
    C Bateman

    I wished Logan won. I don’t really like ksi

  • Korruption

    Well whys this back in my reccomended

  • Jesse Drennan
    Jesse Drennan

    KSI: Down like that is the highest i've charted ever Baldski: Am i a joke to you?

    • Cornual Salmon
      Cornual Salmon

      He’s not getting bald

  • Timothy Niven
    Timothy Niven

    You forgot s-x

  • Team Farossi
    Team Farossi

    Who's here after the Realese of Dissimilation ...BALDSKI wanna RETURN!

  • Aariz Alam
    Aariz Alam

    My boyyyyy still hyped about this🥳🥳

  • Acko54321_ YT
    Acko54321_ YT

    How is it 6 months already

  • Emeraldstar716

    Jake is gonna be way better

  • Brandon

    JJ is technically 2-0-1.

  • Harper Fearn
    Harper Fearn

    didnt he beat joe weller aswell so he is 2-0

  • Brian Chavez
    Brian Chavez

    lustin lieber

  • Clagget Munjoma
    Clagget Munjoma

    Tobi in that photo looks like the black meme, no hate on Tobi tho

  • Sng Kaskae
    Sng Kaskae

    words of inspiration jj

  • Zack

    guess you could say... he got that knockdown

  • CrzBeans2908

    Logan: My shirt got ripped Shannon: Let’s sew champ

  • DV

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="328">5:28</a>

  • Oyun Diyarı
    Oyun Diyarı

    Guzel minecraft vs guzel oyunlar gelicek abune olun ve izeyin

  • Oyun Diyarı
    Oyun Diyarı

    Guzel olmuw benimde kanalima abune olmayi unutmayinn doslar

  • Jay Chitalia
    Jay Chitalia

    "To making a song with Rick Ross and Lil Baby" Disrespecting SX

  • LegacyHam

    Down like that!! 🔥

  • Robert Hosein
    Robert Hosein

    Congrats JJ! I support u

  • 10,000 subscribers without any videos
    10,000 subscribers without any videos


  • Yusuf Khoja
    Yusuf Khoja

    who would win in a fight Pamput ( from Dragon ball ) or Ksi

  • Yusuf Khoja
    Yusuf Khoja

    guys who noticed that Ksi Vs Logan is like Goku vs Vageta? Vageta is arrogant and cocky but Goku is stronger and more experienced. Btw Ksi Is Goku

  • Warren Rudd
    Warren Rudd

    Please someone tell me what background track he is using

  • Trevor Scott
    Trevor Scott

    Man won the match not the fight

  • XXfiregodXFIRE X
    XXfiregodXFIRE X

    Fight Jake

  • KernalRegis

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="329">5:29</a> - respect and all but if youtube didn't exist funding everything you've ever done, you'd be nowhere

  • paladin danse 6000000000000000000
    paladin danse 6000000000000000000

    Has a massive ego

    • leww FN
      leww FN


  • Beau Archer
    Beau Archer

    you missed out the draw

    • leww FN
      leww FN

      That wasnt professional boxing it was amature

  • bruh inator
    bruh inator

    he hasn't uploaded a normal video on his main channel in 6 months

  • 山中龍之介

    logan paul has coronavirus

  • Stewart Lang
    Stewart Lang

    I have been subbed to Ksi since 2012 he is. A true legend

  • Oh Ketchup
    Oh Ketchup

    Who just bored and quartine and decided watch this

  • Haydar Hussain
    Haydar Hussain

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> who else had to look twice for Tobi

  • UK Time
    UK Time

    The 21k people who diskliked are jelous jake and logan fans

  • Ultra instincts超本能
    Ultra instincts超本能

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a> hhhhhh.. now we know we’re 6ix9ine got his lyrics.. GET MAD..

  • ISmile

    Time to fight senator Manny Paquiao

  • Peter Muthard
    Peter Muthard

    Frickin rasest u call Logan white my name is Logan do not mess with the Logan

    • Tad Tschetter
      Tad Tschetter

      How old are you My bet 8-10

    • MVP HEAT
      MVP HEAT

      shut up 😂

  • Peter Muthard
    Peter Muthard

    KSI is a cheater he hit Logan in the back of the head that’s why he won

    • leww FN
      leww FN

      Have you lost a chromosome

    • Ajay Morgan
      Ajay Morgan

      Abit late but ye


      Logan also did. Which BTW he wasn't penalized for.

    • Nikhil Isaac
      Nikhil Isaac

      u mad

    • SwiftlessYT Vlogs
      SwiftlessYT Vlogs


  • Kelly O'Brien
    Kelly O'Brien

    La Lamborghini la Lamborghini do you see me in my Lamborghini

  • Tom Boom
    Tom Boom

    People think white people always win but maywhether won and he was black aka he’s undefeated but it’s exactly like ksi he won with belief

  • _Human Being
    _Human Being

    Who's here after JJ beat Jake?

    • leww FN
      leww FN

      I will come back to this comment when jj wins

    • Charlie Millar
      Charlie Millar

      _Human Being umm... nobody

  • Fano

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="169">2:49</a> don’t forget sx

  • Vortex

    Humble in victory. I like that man

  • Jonathan Oblea
    Jonathan Oblea

    Ksi i would defend you if you give me boxing gloves that are black

  • Footy Stars
    Footy Stars

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a> simon: we're not living in reality?

  • 31st Thirst
    31st Thirst

    KSI snapped Logan’s head off and Logan’s shite at boxing anyway🤣

  • ur mum fat
    ur mum fat

    From singing ‘IM ON A HORSE’ to calling out Justin Bieber on NOsoft - glow up or fucking what?

  • Peace Thongjua
    Peace Thongjua


  • Blue Hunchos100
    Blue Hunchos100

    He came a long way

  • Shabana Hussain
    Shabana Hussain

    shouldn't his recordbe 2 1 0 cos he beat weller as well

    • john schnieder
      john schnieder

      Shabana Hussain technically the joe weller fight, and the first Logan Paul fight were amateur fights. That’s why they wore head guards. So JJ’s boxing record is 2-0-1 but his PROFFESIONAL record is 1-0-0

  • Abdullah Rahat
    Abdullah Rahat

    We love logan paul and just ........... you ksi

  • Joe Le-Patourel
    Joe Le-Patourel

    Get in JJ smashed that Americain lanky nonce

  • JNR Njomane
    JNR Njomane

    Which side was Wiz khalifa on

  • Gopal Chellingi
    Gopal Chellingi

    the last time jj will upload original content ha isn't music on his main channel

  • Markmaister94

    Your motivation during every fucking single second of a fight is just incredible, mental strong is everything, keep on

    • SweejNinja

      It’s gonna happen

    • SweejNinja

      Until jake wants to fight him ( it’s just a joke)

  • Yasin Ismail
    Yasin Ismail

    You mean ksi

  • Toaster Man
    Toaster Man

    Now I just feel bad for any Logan Paul fans on the street because if your a Logan lover and there are people that like ksi on the street (the hood) then this can be in a situation of the blood and crips but instead of the blood and crips is the Logan’s and the ksi

  • Southern Bass UK
    Southern Bass UK

    Is that a mop

  • Jamie Vazquez
    Jamie Vazquez

    You suck ski the 6 in your likes means you only have 6 likes

    • valero 69
      valero 69

      LOL you don't even make sense you absolute melon

  • Taneshia Edwards
    Taneshia Edwards

    Technically Ksi is 2-0 because he beat joe weller

    • Ware

      Not a pro fight my guy

  • Ellis Allen
    Ellis Allen

    Lets go JJ still happy for u

  • Dan TDM
    Dan TDM


    • KamiShogun

      oh god you're a logan paul fan and a flamingo fan

    • Dan TDM
      Dan TDM

      Idc about ksi

    • valero 69
      valero 69

      Lol this is embarrassing

  • Olivia Mckinney
    Olivia Mckinney

    I never watched you before this is my first time watching you so I'm clapping my hands

  • Josh G
    Josh G

    Sorry JJ but the only reason you won was because of the 2 point deduction

    • valero 69
      valero 69

      Then add Ksi's knockdown and he still wins