Thoughts After KSI Vs Logan Paul 2
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  • kamron harris
    kamron harris

    You should have worn Logan’s merch

  • XX_MAN_XX _
    XX_MAN_XX _

    Stop picking at him you're so cruel to people 😠

  • moya eley
    moya eley

    i ment thrashed

  • moya eley
    moya eley

    Jake Paul thinks oh you only one by spit decision like ksi clearly won that fight just like jeff said JJ trashed him but Jake and Logan hate the fact that he won and Gib will beat Jakes ass

  • moya eley
    moya eley

    your such a legend love your videos

  • YaBoyDonut

    When your sad in the thumbnail and gassed in the vid

  • Esha Hussain
    Esha Hussain

    Jj should of kept the braids

  • CJ Everyday Gaming, fun
    CJ Everyday Gaming, fun

    Who's here rewatching KSI bc he doesn't upload enough?? like

  • Rasmus Hyppönen
    Rasmus Hyppönen

    Oo wassup wassup niga

  • Rasmus Hyppönen
    Rasmus Hyppönen

    Oo wassup wassup niha

  • Gerard Menezes
    Gerard Menezes

    Jj is just such an inspiration to me hands down

  • #PinkPanda squad
    #PinkPanda squad

    I don’t like when people just be coming at u for no reason

  • Michael Bokkenheuser
    Michael Bokkenheuser

    5:26 AND S-X

  • Kyran Geexer
    Kyran Geexer

    I just realised me and jj have the same middle name my brudda

  • Abdurrahman Acar
    Abdurrahman Acar

    ksi winner

  • Bonkers DiY
    Bonkers DiY

    U both are very funny

  • Jazmine Whomes
    Jazmine Whomes

    JJ you are the best black for life🙇🏿‍♂️👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿United States you won Logan lost hahaha he lost he is sad like a cow

  • Jacob Armstrong
    Jacob Armstrong


  • Emma Isol
    Emma Isol

    My dude you did hella good I was freaking screaming when I heard you won. I was literally almost crying of excitement. Like bruh you kicked his a**.

  • MrFerraristadoc

    dove sono le tue guardie del corpo ? paiass

  • supersam6969 Caryy
    supersam6969 Caryy

    Anner downs xx

  • Sektor 5 gaming
    Sektor 5 gaming

    So what logan is white

  • taner horoz
    taner horoz

    you look beaten up

  • KING Wisdom
    KING Wisdom

    Who else new that ksi was gonna win ksi is beat he will become the new mawether 👊

  • Jennifer Doughty
    Jennifer Doughty

    KSI you sssssssssuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkkk login is better than you

  • DizzyVex_YTalt

    Honestly it would of be a tie if Logan didn’t get 2 points away

  • lesly gilbreath
    lesly gilbreath

    i mite be the only one who is a hater and Logan should have won he lot his dog and i can understand how that feels, because my had died

    • CorgiPlayz

      idkwhatever there will be things going to a persons mind when they have someone that recently passed away

    • idkwhatever

      his dog died, so that means he should win a pro boxing match? bruh how

  • abyssn aroha
    abyssn aroha


  • Brendan J.T.
    Brendan J.T.

    There should just be a turf war between Logan & KSI fans, that would be nuclear lol

  • BC Aided
    BC Aided

    U have more sibs than him

  • p_games_ yt
    p_games_ yt

    oh i love you niga

  • singh5521


  • Austin M Bebey
    Austin M Bebey

    I do not like you

  • Austin M Bebey
    Austin M Bebey

    You disgust me

  • Josip Bilic
    Josip Bilic

    still proud of our champ lets go CHAMP!?!

  • Daniel hornell
    Daniel hornell

    Wait the draw isn’t on the boxing record

    • Ethan Blart
      Ethan Blart

      Daniel hornell it wasn’t a pro fight

  • Sam1982 whittingham
    Sam1982 whittingham

    Well done KSI now it's time to take it up a notch and face Francis ngannou

  • * MessiMagic5000 *
    * MessiMagic5000 *

    Ed sheeran was a fan of you😂😂

  • Konnorgamer 11
    Konnorgamer 11

    But good job

  • Konnorgamer 11
    Konnorgamer 11

    Gg but Logan good to

  • ViBe Zom
    ViBe Zom

    Was this supposed to be on the 2nd Channel

  • Mrz Mouse
    Mrz Mouse

    Absolutly crushed him, great job JJ.

  • Yah_ Boi_Brayden
    Yah_ Boi_Brayden

    JJ: 🤘🏾 Logan:🖕🏻

  • SZchs

    Ksi, you are the inspiration in my life. I’ve been watching you since you made scary videos with deji then I was their when sidemen was made. Don’t give up bro.

  • M4730

    Logan paul is in your house like to get shotgun

  • Marcelino Aquino
    Marcelino Aquino


  • Irshad Rain
    Irshad Rain

    Plz help me

  • Toxic

    5:23 S-X: Why you gotta go and put me down like that.

  • ViperXenon Gaming
    ViperXenon Gaming

    Fight Manny Pacquiao HAHAHHA

  • Yxng Aj
    Yxng Aj

    This morning I sneezed 3 time bitch I sneezed 10 times I still went to school

  • Saminamunir Ahmedsami
    Saminamunir Ahmedsami

    Your never lost because your the bestksi way didyou thing lost of that losser logan paul iknow you alleeaddy our the winner ksi your the coolest but ihave next mach of foot ball so iam sorry i have to prack tust but ikow avrry ones heats me ilost my old scholle mach tor nement but know i am in the new scholle so i dont car then you bbby

    • CиС_Сяazy

      Saminamunir Ahmedsami English.exe has stopped working

  • Pro.7o

    To me

  • Pro.7o

    Good job

  • Pro.7o

    Good luck

  • Teen GaMerz
    Teen GaMerz

    5:42 family? U really have that?

  • Benedict Clifford
    Benedict Clifford

    The dreads tho🔥🔥✂️💇

  • Jackson Milewski
    Jackson Milewski

    You beet the shit out of him

  • Humayun Gazanfar
    Humayun Gazanfar

    I am sorry to your brother ksi excuses for your.brorher did I just make mad to your littel brother but hay Logan. Paul his the beaches donckey

  • Humayun Gazanfar
    Humayun Gazanfar

    I m sorry KSI

  • Humayun Gazanfar
    Humayun Gazanfar

    I am sorry to Brick your brother I didn't mean to iwas talking Logan Paul the beach

Oh no...