New video highlighting the worst cheap shots in boxing history.
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  • Hassan Hasan
    Hassan Hasan

    Last video very stupid..fuck u...

  • Saint of Last Resorts
    Saint of Last Resorts

    Zab threw the nut punch because the ref didn't count Floyd down when his glove touched the floor earlier.

  • Jericho's Gambit
    Jericho's Gambit

    In those two first boxing fights I find the use of putting a knee on the ground to avoid the pressure of the fight a hell of a lot more cheap than the shots.

  • Freddy Coliqueo
    Freddy Coliqueo

    Andre ward vs kovalev

  • Italian Authority
    Italian Authority

    In the words of riddick bowe - I did errathang I podado (some will get it some won’t)

  • whatachola

    How about putting the 5 headbutts and elbows Ortiz gave Mayweather during that fight. Nope, just put Mayweather ending the show.

  • kalmarzec

    Andreeeeeew Gooooooolotaaaaaaa!!!

  • Dominic Tizon
    Dominic Tizon

    I'm suprised Pacquiao hasnt shown up here when he got nut shot more in one round.

  • Bozz Yokim
    Bozz Yokim

    3 consecutive uppercut in the dick

  • Console MonsterX
    Console MonsterX

    Mayweather needs his own list. He won SO many fights by being SO dirty. Head butts, elbows, punching after bells, pretending he was gonna touch gloves then throwing cheap shots, punching in the back of the head.... he's not "one of the greats". He was a good boxer that happened to hit hard and was really dirty.

  • Console MonsterX
    Console MonsterX

    Basically, if you're a pussy and want to put your knee down instead of taking a true knock down.... don't. I don't think it's dirty to hit a guy that takes a knee because he knows the rules say he can't be hit but putting your knee down is dirtier than hitting the pussy.

  • Ari Gartika
    Ari Gartika

    Mukul kontol

  • Peer Paolo Omega
    Peer Paolo Omega

    Billy dib! Ahahahahahha win by an ignorant ref. Lol

  • suzume

    0:56 lets count numbers together! 1 2 :D

  • Liquid Snowy
    Liquid Snowy

    The one at 5:00 wasn’t bad, in every boxing fight there’s a punch that’s a second after the bell, that guy just happens to go to sleep haha

  • Peter Pana
    Peter Pana

    Gallotas 3 blow nut combo was hilarious

  • Cade Clark
    Cade Clark

    Y’all did that man dirty on the clip art

  • AJ

    5:33 why dont they show the part where he head butted floyd?

  • John Galt
    John Galt

    In a real fight if I'm losing,I'm biting hittin nuts and all the above..but this is an out rage if it's pro...god bless america

  • Lil Eddy 69
    Lil Eddy 69

    4:27 those were hood punches 😅

  • creoleDJ

    Should’ve had David Tua vs Hasim Rahman, with Tua tagging Rahman several times after the bell and the ref not giving a warning or point deduction, and not giving Rahman time to recoup...

  • Maxmylean Jacob Reyes
    Maxmylean Jacob Reyes

    See that Ksi fans.. that illegal shots on Logan was nothing compared to those guys who punch.. and they get nothing. LoL

    • _ Schmitz
      _ Schmitz

      @Maxmylean Jacob Reyes Wrong again. If the commission would overturn the decision (which would never happen) the fight would be ruled a no contest.

    • Maxmylean Jacob Reyes
      Maxmylean Jacob Reyes

      _ Schmitz it’s gonna be a draw chill

    • _ Schmitz
      _ Schmitz

      @Maxmylean Jacob Reyes Jack Reese has been doing this for 35 years and is a legendary referee in the sport so to question his decision making is unjust. He’s Refereed fights that have had way bigger implications behind them than this novice youtuber fight. The fact that Logan actually thinks he stands a chance at an appeal is so delusional.

    • _ Schmitz
      _ Schmitz

      Maxmylean Jacob Reyes Lol they were both punching each other in the clinch because thats what happens when you novice boxers...Literally the first few seconds of that clip is Logan landing body shots to KSI while clinching which is also illegal. If Jack Reese would’ve deducted either fighter for this the fight would’ve ended in a disqualification because both guys did it through the entire proceedings of the fight. The reason why it was necessary to deduct points for the strikes Logan landed is because the literally altered the corse of the fight for a round and a half and were blatantly illegal if Reese didn’t give KSI that minute to recover Logan would’ve finished him. So it was correct in the way he handled that.

    • Maxmylean Jacob Reyes
      Maxmylean Jacob Reyes

      _ Schmitz go on twitter search for MaxStarr1337 or maxmylean

  • Lyndon Tree
    Lyndon Tree

    Post here, say what you want, and you won't get banned:

  • Ray Panjaitan
    Ray Panjaitan

    Floyd isbjust the worst. A literal shit he is

  • Fredy Mendez
    Fredy Mendez

    Roy Jones should have been disqualified.

  • Antony Bobadilla
    Antony Bobadilla

    4:30 someones soft

  • Drizzy Dru
    Drizzy Dru

    He just wanted a hug.


    2:08 i felt that thru the phone

  • Megatron2013

    The majority of these cheap shots are accidental hits. None of these punches are done on purpose.

  • Zainab Alumary
    Zainab Alumary

    The boxing gloves were a paid actor.

  • Jeanclaudevanpwn

    7:36 he was going in to like half hug him before the fight and Butler pretended to give one back and then he just fucking punched him, what a fucking pussy

  • bow down
    bow down

    That was truly an accident after the bell


    Victor Ortiz earlier in that fight with Floyd mayweather kinda diservered it earlier in the fight he head butted mayweather so he kinda deserved it

  • Lita Besijos
    Lita Besijos

    Mayweather the cockiest boxer i ever see.. this man has the name of gayweather

  • dlr1668

    Mayweather jr is a chump. Cheating ass punk 🖕🏻

  • 9mm Berreta
    9mm Berreta

    2:58 *the legend has it that he still can't get a boner to this date*

  • David Evans
    David Evans

    Floyd mayweather jr is an asshole.

  • evil Angel
    evil Angel

    Wasn't a cheap shot ortiz keep headbutting floyd, he dropped his hands got what he deserved even if the fight keep going he would have lost anyway

  • War Feather
    War Feather

    James Butler killed Richard Grant but he was bailed

  • Rick Shafer
    Rick Shafer

    That second clip idk... He was still on his feet. It was a quick combo I don't think it was intentional.

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