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Includes Josh Daniel, Lucy Spraggan & Christian Burrows!
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    X Factor Global

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    • Greg Dine Family
      Greg Dine Family

    • Quanita Ajouhaar
      Quanita Ajouhaar

      X Factor Global I forgot the name of the group but they were a large group and sang amazingly together. They were led by an African American woman. Please help me find them 😭

    • HonzyagoYT _
      HonzyagoYT _


    • Eldiar Baibolov
      Eldiar Baibolov

      @asita asita салам

    • Улболсын Улумбетова
      Улболсын Улумбетова

      Узбекские артисты клипы

  • Kennedi Burn
    Kennedi Burn


  • Kennedi Burn
    Kennedi Burn

    Kennedi/ I\. ...:-- w~' o .

  • Neth Epiz Cosino
    Neth Epiz Cosino

    Anyone 2020?

  • Try not to react Gamers
    Try not to react Gamers

    This reminds me of my little sister I never got to have she died I cry’s watching this


  • Rose Bigay
    Rose Bigay


  • Gloria Monteiro
    Gloria Monteiro

    Sou de Portugal adoro vos ver todos os dias vocês são muito queridos lindo programa seijao muito felizes beijinhos grandes com muito carinho 👏👏❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Eric M
    Eric M

    Thé best version !!! I préférée in thé original , R.I.P 🕊

  • Iy I am sorry sir Omakoro
    Iy I am sorry sir Omakoro

    I am sorry for ur lost dear I lost my mom when I was 8

  • Sharada Devi
    Sharada Devi

    Simon crying means something like the entire world is falling without support😥😥😥

  • Keira Sabine
    Keira Sabine

    The last one hit me

  • Seline Elsey
    Seline Elsey

    This boy made me cry about my brother who just passed away 💔😢

    • Seline Elsey
      Seline Elsey

      @Aldo Tinoco thanks so much let God give me strength and courage 🌹🌹🌹

    • Aldo Tinoco
      Aldo Tinoco

      Seline Elsey Im so so sorry, wish u the best to stay strong! 🥺🇲🇽

  • Hirusha Nethmal
    Hirusha Nethmal

    Good job 👍👍👍

  • Tugu Catur
    Tugu Catur


  • Fatoumata Guitteye
    Fatoumata Guitteye

    I love you Nice

  • All Names
    All Names

    It’s sad but I didn’t cry 😐

  • Azam Khan
    Azam Khan

    Death is the most great fact of this world.. We should do good in our relations then our hearts could satisfy that i did something for him.. Thanks.

  • Diop Aminata
    Diop Aminata

    Qui peut traduire en français pour moi svp snifffffffff

  • mahesh B
    mahesh B

    Hart teach song

  • david camacho
    david camacho

    Ads in the middle of performances. Screw you AGT.

  • Mike Goitom
    Mike Goitom

    I Watching in 2020 for 100 time

  • ういち


  • Jener Sapule
    Jener Sapule



    Emocionante. Faz lembrar das pessoas que amamos.

  • Misfit Music
    Misfit Music

    Did Simon also lose a best friend or something? He was so emotional about the first guys song

    • Nima Nemo
      Nima Nemo

      He lost his mother few days back

  • Ben Off
    Ben Off

    Publicité 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • jon s.s. teppdalen
    jon s.s. teppdalen


  • Sarafina Tetteh
    Sarafina Tetteh

    Who is here 2020



  • SaltyWalty_6s

    I lost happiness, I can never find a way to be happy and anymore 😔

  • GalixyLady Glitter
    GalixyLady Glitter

    I am sorry for your loss 😢🙏💔

  • Queentje King
    Queentje King

    Ik kan geen Engels dus wtff zit hij te zingen

  • Daved Thannai
    Daved Thannai

  • سوسو سينيوريتا Sara
    سوسو سينيوريتا Sara

    لايس من سهل تبكي سايمون الى وقد كانت كلماتك تهز جبال

  • Victória Eduardo
    Victória Eduardo


  • Vincent Chinedu
    Vincent Chinedu

    how I wish I can get last chance with my mom I swear I will make it count😭😭😭😭😭 rip

  • Mustafa Kamal
    Mustafa Kamal

    It's very hard to loaz some one

  • Adrian GM
    Adrian GM

    The first contestant, though... 😶

  • Rishabh Bhawsar
    Rishabh Bhawsar

    Poor Simon. His mother passed away months before the first guy's audition. I really felt bad for him and that guy who lost his best friend. I wish them both strength and love.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe

    me: starts crying 3 min in *ad starts for Puffs tissues* me: well this is fitting

  • Hanosh Hanim
    Hanosh Hanim


  • Leika Desil
    Leika Desil

    I love her voice and I too had the gun in my eyes

  • musa tania
    musa tania

    Its so hard to loose your loved ones but that's how God does it.

  • Farook Mohamed
    Farook Mohamed

    Hi simon

  • Fabien Monhenou
    Fabien Monhenou

    Oh God so sad may be with yu

  • Simple Truth
    Simple Truth

    There you know song choices and stories are important. Talent comes second.

  • Tripple Star g
    Tripple Star g

    Am watching dis from nigeria, this song touches soul

  • Greg Dine Family
    Greg Dine Family

  • Gracie Naomi
    Gracie Naomi

    Such emotional and best vocals, still watching January 2020

  • Диля Ким
    Диля Ким

    I am 1000000000 eeee

  • jolina carlos
    jolina carlos

    Me. Starts to cry during first guy audition 😥

  • Diana Haist
    Diana Haist

    I lost my mom in July 2019 she had a brain tumor, they operated and removed it, but she died a month later, I also lost my baby brother it will be 4 years in February that he's been gone from our life, he was 40 years old he had a heart attack. I miss them so much. I had a falling out with my brother and I hadn't talked to him, and I regret it every day that I didn't get to make things right with him before he died. Don't let some petty argument keep you from talking to your loved ones, learn to forgive,and get passed it, cause you never how long you have with that person. Now my bro is gone and I will never see him again...

  • Mirjam Morandell
    Mirjam Morandell

    The first one got me, but the last one.... I had an attack 😢

  • Abeywili mursal Said
    Abeywili mursal Said

    Pleas like for me

  • ريم ريم تبسي
    ريم ريم تبسي


  • Leopoldo Timbang
    Leopoldo Timbang

    Raffy tulfo

  • Kerboklang Kharbihkhiew
    Kerboklang Kharbihkhiew

    He have a good voice.

  • Edwin Mosley
    Edwin Mosley

    What a way to be so into the audition & emotionally into the moment & BANG🧨🔥 A WORTHLESS AD🙆‍♂️🤦‍♂️. THANKS NOsoft🖕

  • Ht Ry
    Ht Ry