TRASH or PASS! KSI ft Trippie Redd ( Wake Up Call ) [REACTION!!!]
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  • LayedBakDFR

    TRASH💩💩 or PASS✅✅!! What do you think??🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ #FireSquad🔥🔥🔥

    • MoonlightSzn

      LayedBakDFR PASSS

    • Juan Valentin
      Juan Valentin


    • Eduard Dicu
      Eduard Dicu

      LayedBakDFR why you always hating on his songs.You hate all of his songs.

    • RedMaximus hi
      RedMaximus hi

      pass but only for trippie

    • JWitts93

      Listen to the Yoshi remix of this it's fire and there's some new lyrics to it 🔥🔥🔥

  • daniel awesome
    daniel awesome

    I really liked this one

  • Thiago Gallardo
    Thiago Gallardo

    i didn't subscride because he said it's trash

  • Q-cross

    Ksi makes a new song* This dude everytime : traaaaash

  • Landon Newell
    Landon Newell


  • Cool Monkey
    Cool Monkey

    yo this man enjoys the song then calls it trash

  • Kyle Hillock
    Kyle Hillock

    facts man. this song is so overrated.

  • black man
    black man

    trash or pass or okay

  • black man
    black man

    honest comments on it

  • Token

    Guys it’s just one guys opinion relax I personally think the song is good but if you care so much about one person’s opinions then that’s sad

  • Token

    Lol the people who calling it trash apparently 88 percent people think it’s a pass 😀

  • Token

    This is fire In my opinion bitch ass niggas

  • A S
    A S

    This guy is tapped

  • Jimmy Engdahl
    Jimmy Engdahl

    Yo, KSI needs to find a sick ghostwriter..

  • HunterSprays

    This guy hates Ksi on a different level

  • Sam P
    Sam P

    zab judah on youtube now?

  • Salman Mohammed
    Salman Mohammed

    Man you should react to ksi's wake up call REMIX , his rap changed ALOT! and it's even better than the original !

  • Reece Whelan
    Reece Whelan

    Trashed it but it’s a top ten hit and a banger u need to change ur system man

  • Fabrizio Mendelzon
    Fabrizio Mendelzon

    KSI hater

  • Steven Prado
    Steven Prado

    There's is a wake up call remix and it is fire

  • Kurti1008

    I Love KSI, But I Dont like This Song

  • Fran Jean
    Fran Jean

    You trash KSI song? is cool, he still don't gave fuck what you thing and he still make the money the you don't

  • Mxy.24k

    I love this dude’s intro

  • matheussg

    Bro this song is fire why u hate ksi?

  • Sharvesh Ravikumar
    Sharvesh Ravikumar

    Your chatting shit mate

  • Denzel lara
    Denzel lara

    This nigga talking about ksi songs trash when this niggas song is trash🤣🤣🤣

  • AnhtonN

    fam wat? trash?

  • liam Petrie
    liam Petrie

    This guy just hates ksi

  • Oliver Perez
    Oliver Perez

    You look like don cheedle

  • этот советский
    этот советский

    It’s pretty awesome seeing him when he first started NOsoft as a Nigerian immigrant recording horror games with his family to a successful person who only does what he loves to do and making thousands while doing it, like LayedBak said he’s truly a inspiration

    • George Fidler
      George Fidler

      He's lived in England his whole life and went to a private school

  • Pranay Dogra
    Pranay Dogra

    He did not trash all ksi songs , he loved beerus , it depends on the song not the guy . Layedbak just gives his honest opinion

  • Jamie Burgess
    Jamie Burgess

    You kinda look like a fish can’t lie

    • LayedBakDFR

      That’s funny 😂😂😂

  • Dany Gill
    Dany Gill


  • DannyRooper

    I fucking hate the video, ksi talking about nothing over trippies part, ruining the good part of the song, its pissing me off

    • DannyRooper

      I Swear to god im so fucking pissed, who the fuck is that White Old guy, i dont Want to hear his fucking comments playing over the chorus, is it a fucking Music video or a fucking documentary interview, make a fucking choice. The video is such a fucking mess, that director shouldn’t make money off that video, he should have to pay, I hope he’s in fucking debt for creating that fucking wreck of a video. The song is nice though, especially trippie’s part.

  • ☆ GFXJake ☆
    ☆ GFXJake ☆

    This is probably the only KSI song I actually thing is really good, I can actually understand everything he says for once

  • Clysmic _Red
    Clysmic _Red

    You calm as fuck bruddah

  • vSlayxz

    He just doesn’t like KSI u can tell how salty he gets. Even with Down Like That he was just mad cuz he doesn’t have rick Ross or lil baby in any of his music.

  • CueBall

    Good call to trash that shit. No real rap fan would have passed that. Respect to ksi for his success with youtube but rapping isnt one of his strengths lol

  • Voltage Gaming
    Voltage Gaming

    React to the remix

  • danil khan
    danil khan

    Do the remix


    React to the remix

  • Paradox

    You should react to the remix that he posted, its so much better

  • res

    listen to the remix, its way better and ksi's part goes fucking hard

  • gaming gamer
    gaming gamer

    brother react on ksi wake up call remix

  • Atomic F0rc3
    Atomic F0rc3

    React to the remix with Toni and p money

  • Thomas Mayall
    Thomas Mayall

    Trash.......without a fucking doubt, stick to youtube bruh, music aint for you

  • Ethansanjay 10
    Ethansanjay 10

    This guy rlly gonna trash all.of ksi songs like why fam

  • Hollie Clutton
    Hollie Clutton

    I love KSI but I’m agreeing w you. I wasn’t feelin the song neither 🥴

  • Skully ll
    Skully ll

    Pass, what do u mean trash? I mean ur entitled to ur opinion but come on man.

  • Liam Fishlock
    Liam Fishlock

    Why is everyone crying about him not liking ksi😂 stop crying you fucking millennials.

  • Beerus

    If it's trash why Wake Up Call would be on Top 10 in spotify ffs

  • Matt


  • Justin M
    Justin M

    He a fan of the Paul’s

  • Big homie Dax
    Big homie Dax

    It is trash my dog

  • Zaki Clarke
    Zaki Clarke

    For a KSI song I think he did good and he’s slowly moving away from “he’s good for a youtuber” but as a song itself it’s aight 5/10 maybe 6/10 I fuck with ksi and trippie so I fuck with it

  • Sailor Moon
    Sailor Moon

    It was trash

  • llRxltennless

    Fire squad 🔥🔥🔥🔥forever

  • Barnaby Brown
    Barnaby Brown

    I thought his song was weak.

  • Vrud 69_silent69
    Vrud 69_silent69

    Stop tryna back Ksi up he trash

  • DotDotDot

    KSI fans have got to be honest with themselves and truly ask themselves, is he really "skilled"? or do his songs just blow up because he has a huge following and has popular features?


    Fuck you

  • mynameisjeff

    Who are you to trash songs

  • Chrome Dome
    Chrome Dome

    Only Trippie sounds decent ksi is not a rapper he sounds horrible and dosent have a good flow

  • Max Wijsman Music
    Max Wijsman Music

    LayedBakDFR says the song is trash *KSI fans has joined the chat*

  • filldjkh juud
    filldjkh juud


  • Zen chan
    Zen chan

    What is this man, the down like tht song got the top 10

  • Jae Mccolgan
    Jae Mccolgan

    Trash or pass?? Is it not the same thing?

  • Michael Carvalheira
    Michael Carvalheira

    Ksi is trash he should stop making music

  • TinyMario75

    React to Pull up feat JME

  • Sam Gallagher
    Sam Gallagher

    His music is wack though lol I respect his grind man but his music just doesn't slap lol

  • Black Out
    Black Out

    Make it trash pass or cash so, trash for well trash, pass for something that was Ight like it didn’t deserve trash but not cash, and cash for something that on point almost perfect and that u liked

  • Jack Gilchrist
    Jack Gilchrist

    People are saying “ooh he just doesn’t like ksi” but let’s be honest ksi is shit. He’s a NOsoftr and nothing more he sucks at boxing and rapping sad truth but 🤷‍♂️

    • Bryan Ordonez
      Bryan Ordonez

      Jack Gilchrist why would I be salty? I don’t like ksi but I don’t hate him either

    • Jack Gilchrist
      Jack Gilchrist

      Bryan Ordonez well it is u mong but he’s my favourite NOsoftr not boxer or rapper coz he’s not good at either he would get knocked out by any actual boxer and sells less than any rapper just my opinion stop getting salty 🥴🥴🥴

    • Jack Gilchrist
      Jack Gilchrist

      Bryan Ordonez well it is u mong but he’s my favourite NOsoftr not boxer or rapper coz he’s not good at either he would get knocked out by any actual boxer and sells less than any rapper just my opinion stop getting salty 🥴🥴🥴

    • Bryan Ordonez
      Bryan Ordonez

      Jack Gilchrist that’s not how favorite works but okay

    • Jack Gilchrist
      Jack Gilchrist

      Bryan Ordonez ksi is my favourite NOsoftr thanks 👍

  • Jack Gilchrist
    Jack Gilchrist

    The first trash I’ve seen 😂

  • Kiran Van de Velde
    Kiran Van de Velde

    oh come on first down like that now this song, you really don't like ksi do you

  • Michael Deegan
    Michael Deegan

    Let’s gooo first time I’ve ever seen him trash

  • LukeMoto


  • Stonks Sub2pewds
    Stonks Sub2pewds

    Trippie reds part is really good but ksi ruins the song entirely

  • Steven Hafeez
    Steven Hafeez

    Pass for trippie

  • Rockstar Gaming
    Rockstar Gaming

    The music video sucks tbh

  • Karina Chudasama
    Karina Chudasama

    Totally trash 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑

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