Trippie Carried | KSI - Wake Up Call (feat. Trippie Redd) | Reaction
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  • ImDontai

    • Nathan Williams
      Nathan Williams

      @Nathan James yo

    • Max Bogan
      Max Bogan

      ImDontai BRUH did u not notice that this song is such a rip off of NAV and The weekend’s price on my head

    • Billy Hernandez
      Billy Hernandez

      Do logan paul diss track reaction

    • Nicholas Editz
      Nicholas Editz

      1:57 Nigga is you dumb, down like that was after the fight.. even then he STATED that he was going to get more involved in his music after his fight. Stop tryna accuse my boy

    • ITz Minininja07
      ITz Minininja07

      ImDontai holy shit all you do is complain

  • Jay Wavyy
    Jay Wavyy

    trippie was made for that beat tho

  • Mouein Ziad Khallouf
    Mouein Ziad Khallouf

    imdontai lookin like chance the rapper

  • Joseph Garza
    Joseph Garza

    Why does he look exactly like tkbreezy

  • Soccer Boy
    Soccer Boy

    His channel is just a big twitch plug 😂 Jk keep up the great work

  • Mauricio_ Peña
    Mauricio_ Peña


  • Anthony Cabrera
    Anthony Cabrera

    Listen to poppin sir

  • Ayamkw

    Check out the remix one!!!

  • Kolby Stevens
    Kolby Stevens

    React to Jayo Sama he fire af 🔥

  • Gaming with Liam
    Gaming with Liam

    Can you hear shout out to imdontai from x in the back round

  • NatesFrosty

    Ksi honestly isn’t good I’m sorry I love his content but his songs are pretty bad

  • Cpt Wojciech
    Cpt Wojciech

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a> right when KSI dropped the hat, dontai was like, did he drop this after the fight😂

  • Ismael Navarro
    Ismael Navarro

    I think that English listeners enjoyed the part of KSI rapping and Americans enjoyed the beat and Trippie Reds melody because of the different styles that each countries listen too

  • 4hejejhe Jt4jh44h
    4hejejhe Jt4jh44h

    I think wiz khalifa wouldve been good on that song

  • Robel Yared
    Robel Yared

    Since you saw this video, you should see the remix

  • K1NG Crus4d3rZ
    K1NG Crus4d3rZ

    Personally I thought ksi’s part was really good

  • Jaheim Rogers
    Jaheim Rogers

    React to the remix

  • Spider Dood
    Spider Dood


  • Big Bang jibby
    Big Bang jibby

    Shut up ksi is good

  • Rivera_exe

    i’m sorry but ksi will ruin any song

  • Gold Squid
    Gold Squid

    Please react to the remix

  • Ashton Foldenauer
    Ashton Foldenauer

    Ksi is just really bad at rapping

  • Kurtis Spurlock
    Kurtis Spurlock

    People actually care about other people’s reactions.....?

  • Benee Calderon
    Benee Calderon


  • ᴊᴀʏ

    rah ngl my guy is sucking trippie off fam

  • MR. Promoter
    MR. Promoter

    Listen to: RAZA - "Wait Wait" (Music Video)

  • MR. Promoter
    MR. Promoter

    Listen to: RAZA - "Wait Wait" (Music Video)

  • vSlayxz

    How does he have 2.15 m subscribers this guy is annoying

  • Daniel Adami
    Daniel Adami

    KSI improved a little bit from his last song. I think it's hard for KSI's voice to fit a song. Like his voice is kinda strange to hear and there aren't a lot of people with that type of voice in a popular song.

  • Music Boomin
    Music Boomin

    The only reason “trippie” carried the song is because most people who watched the video/ listened to the song as from Trippie’s community. Y’all think y’all know everything though.

    • Mia Bryant
      Mia Bryant


  • Music Boomin
    Music Boomin

    Dontai sound so pressed about KSI’s verse like music is always supposed to be lyrical, my dawg just tryna make a bop for people to turn up to. Smh dontai know about music but the way he judging it make him seem like a rookie.

  • bigboss gaming
    bigboss gaming

    The song is great

  • Tanzeel Sait
    Tanzeel Sait

    U have to react to The wake up call remix

  • lil mxnny
    lil mxnny

    react to rippin racks

  • Mizta56

    Put this song on my spotify, on there dont sound to bad for KSI, for trippie... Obviously better what did you think I was gonna say

  • Random Gamer21121
    Random Gamer21121

    Listen to the Yoshi remix

  • Maniac Acer
    Maniac Acer

    Dontai: bopping head KSi: kicked out of school they said nah bitch

  • Zahraa Shah
    Zahraa Shah

    Bruhh dont u get it hes acting pissed off i the scene cos he hates his outfit shut the fuck uppp bruhhh stop hatinggg No hate tho

  • weekendfever20

    Trippie aint carry it its just that ksis music is different.

  • Real Pepega
    Real Pepega

    Ksi's voice doesn't work with upbeat beats

  • Real Pepega
    Real Pepega

    Ive noticed no American likes ksi's verse


    You should react to pay my dues by no

  • Filip Grubic
    Filip Grubic

    bro he is one of the most succesfull people his age in the world so meeting other famous people aint that big a deal

  • The Greatest Noob Of All Noobs
    The Greatest Noob Of All Noobs

    Am I the only one who notices dontai wearing lael hansen hat

  • Santa Ana
    Santa Ana

    KSI will kill you musically STFU😂

  • Big Toe
    Big Toe

    Nigga fuck you only thing trippie carried was the block. Bruh

  • Dinerodasavage
    Dinerodasavage Fw dis bro 👆🏼🤝‼️🔥

  • Anthony Record
    Anthony Record

    I smell sick sucking

    • Anthony Record
      Anthony Record


  • Tony Pathoummahong
    Tony Pathoummahong

    This guy is annoying


    *its the wake up call*

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer

    “Wake up call”

  • SmokepurpMalu

    This nigga dontai rlly dressed like da baby

  • Roxstar Tv
    Roxstar Tv

    Aye bro how do I get a shout out on your page bro!

  • Lewis Mountford
    Lewis Mountford

    Why’d he hate on jj so much

  • Ntsikelelo Mkalipi
    Ntsikelelo Mkalipi

    Am I the only one who sees a resemblance between ImDontai and Michael Jackson?

  • Boss Cron
    Boss Cron

    Damn he kinda hating a bit

  • alexis

    tf dontai wearing nigga 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Elise Luper
    Elise Luper

    Ksi carries trippie

  • Ruben Ramirez
    Ruben Ramirez

    Ksi wanted it to be how he wanted- so chill and let him be him👏

  • • JFeemH •
    • JFeemH •

    This si ain't even a song. It's just a good vs bad rapper comparison

  • liam webber
    liam webber


  • Sergio Guerrero
    Sergio Guerrero

    This guy haten hella hard

  • Wolfyjaw Potato
    Wolfyjaw Potato

    I would be so embarrassed if I was trippie to collab with a NOsoftr lol

  • Rai'shaun Pierce
    Rai'shaun Pierce

    He was trying to prove he needed a wake up call through his verse

  • Thunder Bolt
    Thunder Bolt

    Actually he made the song Down Like That before the fight and dropped the music vid afterwards. This was made a while after.

  • w01fxx

    Trippie is finally in the video <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="236">3:56</a>

  • Gamer13

    Only good part is trippy

  • Alan Espino
    Alan Espino

    Reac to this plz

  • Mr. Clickbait
    Mr. Clickbait

    You have a weird taste of music. How do you not like ksi part. You irrelevant

  • NotSo ObviousThings
    NotSo ObviousThings

    For the people saying “Saying he’s supposed to sound mad, or like tired” sure but that don’t make it good, also I don’t really believe that

  • Kibo San
    Kibo San

    SX wrote Trippies part ^^

  • Falcon Wynntaylor
    Falcon Wynntaylor

    The songs calm 😂 kick the fuck back 💀

  • Falcon Wynntaylor
    Falcon Wynntaylor

    Haa kick back

  • Jan Cool Pro
    Jan Cool Pro

    Why doesn’t he say bucketeers

  • Angry Productions
    Angry Productions

    ImDontai lowkey goated

  • イーサン

    Dontai’s turtle neck is making me uncomfortable..

  • Bulldoggangster

    Fuc of

  • Steelers Gang
    Steelers Gang

    Why are you gay?

  • Bravo Kill Shot SPAMS
    Bravo Kill Shot SPAMS

    I’m dontai lives in a gated community let’s swarm the walls

  • BennyMac_10

    Jus cuz you don’t like uk music stfu