twenty one pilots - Legend (Official Audio)
twenty one pilots
twenty one pilots official audio for "Legend" from the album 'TRENCH' - available now on Fueled By Ramen.
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You were one of those classic ones,
Traveling around this sun,
You were one of those classic ones,
I wish she knew you.
You were one of those classic ones,
Now everybody knows,
You were one of those classic ones.
Alright. You're a legend in my own mind,
My middle name, my goodbye.
You were here when I wrote this,
But the masters and mixes,
Will take too long to finish,
to show you.
I'm sorry I did not visit,
Did not know how to take it,
When your eyes did not know me,
Like I know you.
Then the day that it happened,
I recorded this last bit,
I look forward to having,
a lunch with you again.
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  • LandL Foglesong
    LandL Foglesong

    One of the best TØP songs in my opinion

  • Dean Montour
    Dean Montour

    And anyone who disliked this video why? Just why? do you even know what this song is about?

    • Ceco pro
      Ceco pro


  • Javier Muñoz
    Javier Muñoz

    Mmmm esto me recuerda a una canción de oasis 🤔

  • Keri Wheatley
    Keri Wheatley

    One of my favorites,it make me think of my Nana. She was a legend. Always will be in my heart.

  • naliyah gunn
    naliyah gunn


  • junkypup

    Came back to this song cuz my grandpa died with Alzheimer’s and Coronavirus. Love u top

  • Luke Daly
    Luke Daly

    HMmmm this background looks mightilly similar to smithereens Am I missing something?

  • Toddynho É Bom
    Toddynho É Bom

    What if when he says "You're a legend in my own my mind" he's talking about the phrase "Legends never die" wich means his grandphater will never die for him

  • Amberrix

    Fun fact: This started playing at a mall I was at and I started dancing.

  • iLoveTNTinaツ


  • Abby Weimer
    Abby Weimer

    This song came out right before my grandpa passed on cancer and it fucks me up so much because I didn’t visit on his last moments..

  • odeya

    в день когда вышел альбом я не до конца осознавала о чем песня ввиду всего ошеломления от самого выхода. на середине песни меня будто током ударило и заплакала как никогда блять в жизни. вся моя жизнь проходит возле моей бабушки а последний год в ожидании моей семьи "если что то случиться" мы готовы. нет мы не готовы может вы все предусмотрели но вы не готовы черт возьми. ей исполнилось пару недель назад 91 год. ее юбилей в прошлом году мы праздновали так будто он последний и я не могла произнести и слова когда все хотели услышать тост у меня в голове играла эта песня и я просто не могла успокоиться. ее состояние ухудшалось, осенью мы думали, что потеряем ее. сейчас все стабильно, но черт возьми каждый раз когда я слышу эту песню я не могу выкинуть из головы картину пустого кресла забытых очков я просто не могу эта песня одновременно убивает и лечит меня спасибо тайлер я буду больше ценить время проведенное с ней.

  • Ill Kyo
    Ill Kyo

    Used to be a hardcore TØP but not so much anymore 🤷‍♀️ I still love their music but I have just calmed down a bit. This song still gets me tho 😖

  • Bruh

    Me: shuffles a playlist with all twenty one pilots songs (including no phun intended) The playlist: polarize, TB saga, heavydirtysoul, legend

  • ApocalypticTendencies

    I listen to this song, and think a lot of my cousin. I didn't hang out a lot with him, and I wish I did. He was in his late 30's and I was 16, odd family dynamic, and he wasn't always the best person, but damn did he love us. He passed back sometime in summer 2019 due to an overdose, leaving a 13 year old son behind. A drug overdose, high as hell with my own mother (Who didn't overdose), and it caused discord in the family. At his showing I listened to this song, over and over again, and the last words hit me hard, and I wish I could have lunch with him and my family a few more times before it happened.

  • Reece Sattler
    Reece Sattler

    i cant stop replaying this

  • Danksito._.

    no entiendo como esta música no es tan conocida es demasiado buena

  • Declan Pribble
    Declan Pribble

    this is just WOW.

  • Gab Game7
    Gab Game7




  • Gemely M
    Gemely M

    Now this song will be for Ro 🥺❤️

  • MaЯvin AndЯade
    MaЯvin AndЯade


  • depressed children
    depressed children

    Back in November 2018 I had went to see them live in Oakland, and hearing the song just reminds me of the time I spent in San Francisco the days before

  • Ben Avila
    Ben Avila

    twenty one pilots lovin

  • Hc_MoneyOz


  • Junghee Lee
    Junghee Lee

    This is sad

  • Tyler


  • Kelin Stratton
    Kelin Stratton

    Am I the only person who thinks this is under rated? Also R.I.P Tyler’s Grandpa

  • ألوان رائعة UWU
    ألوان رائعة UWU

    This song describes Freddie Mercury and there's no explanation needed

  • shawn biggs
    shawn biggs

    Is anyone else going through all of their songs at 1 in the me...ok.

  • Maria Carolina Silva
    Maria Carolina Silva


  • Marcus Ludowyk
    Marcus Ludowyk

    I like this song it’s about one of their 👴 grandpa who died

  • ThePepinoRuler YT
    ThePepinoRuler YT

    Lol I know I'm late but does anyone know the name of the instrument at the beginning of the song? I really like it. I never knew which one it was

  • Debbie Cohen
    Debbie Cohen

    turtlesandthomas brought me here.

  • 망령왕


  • TheWeirdEmoChild

    Everyone talks about Brendon urie and Patrick stumps high range when Tyler sings “now everybody knows” I’m not talking trash btw 😂

  • BleedOutInRoses

    goodbye goodbye goodbye...

  • xMoDzProductions

    the video is what acid makes everything look like

  • Finlay tetlow
    Finlay tetlow

    My grandad dyed and this reminds me about him my his soal rest in peace 💛

    • Finlay tetlow
      Finlay tetlow


  • Julia Grace Studios
    Julia Grace Studios

    Y'all say what you want, I honestly think this HAS to be the saddest tøp song.

  • Yoitz Tally
    Yoitz Tally

    this was in the full length dc superhero feature Shazam! amazing stuff

  • Salma Hamed
    Salma Hamed

    Yesterday I was thinking about my grandparents and it led me back to this song. This may sound morbid, but I feel thankful they died of old age and safe in their beds, and not in tragic accidents. May Allah have mercy on them

  • Bridgette Brown
    Bridgette Brown

    Once I actually read the lyrics and thought about it I started SOBBING

  • bossdarko Ø
    bossdarko Ø

    We have too many goodbyes between us ... My love #bossdarko Ø #top #twentyonepilots

  • New Cuber
    New Cuber

    Comments: 50% sad stories 40% wHo's HeRE fROm ShaZaM 10% Yo habla espanol :v:v:v:v:v

    • Marina

      Yo hablo español xd

  • New Cuber
    New Cuber


  • Guillermo Maldonado
    Guillermo Maldonado


  • Anthony Loizou
    Anthony Loizou

    "I look forward to having a lunch with you again" that is sooooooooooooooo sad ,he wants to see his grandad 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢

  • Sky River
    Sky River


  • ᗡ uɐɯɹoᒋ
    ᗡ uɐɯɹoᒋ

    "I wish she know you" Rossie...

  • sara santona
    sara santona

    My grandpa died today and I think this song will honor him. Rip 06/18/1928 - 03/27/2020🌻

  • Emma Clikkie
    Emma Clikkie

    When he is saying “I wish she knew you” is he talking about Rosie ?

    • oli

      @Soffs Perez no, it's about his niece

    • Soffs Perez
      Soffs Perez


  • David

    let’s make a groupchat on instagram just for clikkies because i need friends :)


    Podrás superar a tu ex pero jamás esta canción

    • Marina

      A tu ex lo mandas a la mierda, así de claro

  • Anthony A.R
    Anthony A.R

    I think this song is awesome

    • Anthony A.R
      Anthony A.R

      Is a legend, for me, and for all

  • epictoast

    im crying thinking of my grandpa

  • We Will Pauline
    We Will Pauline

    My grandpa died almost 3 years ago, this song makes me cry everytime. I lived the last 2 years of his life with him not knowing me, and had him live with me for the last 7 months of his life, with him having no idea who I was, I love this song

  • Allison Salazar
    Allison Salazar


    • Marina


  • mardybum0

    “a lunch with you, again...” that part hit me really hard, the last memorie I have of my grandma, who died from cancer years ago, is a lunch, and everyday i lunch with my grandparents who have not really good health conditions, so that part make me cry hard every time..

  • Angel Gallegos
    Angel Gallegos

    shit this song is so sad :(

  • Marcher to the Sea
    Marcher to the Sea

    Apple core

  • Manu Art
    Manu Art

    probably one of my favorite songs of trench

  • Lieny R
    Lieny R


  • Adam Techman
    Adam Techman


  • Nicko shapes
    Nicko shapes


    • StarMoon Playz
      StarMoon Playz


    • Nicko shapes
      Nicko shapes


    • Nicko shapes
      Nicko shapes

      x2 :3

    • Nicko shapes
      Nicko shapes

      ten suerte

    • Nicko shapes
      Nicko shapes

      x2 broo

  • ortega :v
    ortega :v

    Press F to Pay respect

  • Sergio C
    Sergio C

    el comienzo se parece un poquito a el comienzo de la cancion de PSV

  • Sharon R
    Sharon R

    This is beautiful. To turn pain into beauty.

  • Lana Del Who?
    Lana Del Who?


  • Chépatitapatoutapata Blin
    Chépatitapatoutapata Blin

    what is he sayig at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a>? How have I never noticed before :')

    • Chépatitapatoutapata Blin
      Chépatitapatoutapata Blin

      @Marcher to the Sea oh okay

    • Marcher to the Sea
      Marcher to the Sea

      @Chépatitapatoutapata Blin I've heard it for a while, but I never thought anything of it.

    • Chépatitapatoutapata Blin
      Chépatitapatoutapata Blin

      @Marcher to the Sea I had never heard him sing at this moment before :I

    • Marcher to the Sea
      Marcher to the Sea

      @Chépatitapatoutapata Blin I never really looked into it all that much.

    • Chépatitapatoutapata Blin
      Chépatitapatoutapata Blin

      @Marcher to the Sea :)

  • Olivia Lee
    Olivia Lee

    In the beginning of this fandom, I didn't understand why we always said "stay alive". Now, after listening to this album I get it. Its the simplest thing that we could say, that means the most to us. Stay alive. It gets better. It becomes easier to navigate. You'll notice and feel more grateful for things the longest you stick around. We all want to you stick around.

  • Melody Song
    Melody Song

    listen to this then listen to void by the neighbourhood….. also listen to more songs by them not just void....

  • Skydogz 225
    Skydogz 225

    You were one of those classic ones Traveling around the sun

  • John Carter
    John Carter

    I used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I am an air conditioner! :D I love this song!

  • Cole Cannington
    Cole Cannington

    its so sad that his grandfather died and his daughter cant see him.. please 21 pilots don't be sad be happy he lived a good life

  • bossdarko Ø
    bossdarko Ø

    On patrol with a mouth full off gold an a hand full of lead and another thing yeah ... #joshdun #twentyonepilots #bossdarko Ø #top this is how i show my love babe

  • Marieke van Huisstede
    Marieke van Huisstede

    To be honest with you guys, I didn't know about Robert Joseph until I heard about his death. But it's still very sad nonetheless

  • Claudia Rivas
    Claudia Rivas

    I wish Ro know you ❤

  • Maleen Waite
    Maleen Waite

    My middle name's Rose. For years I've despised roses, saying they're over used and not even that pretty. My mom doesn't even like them, and she's the one who gave me the name. Then Tyler went and named his daughter my middle name and now I'm so honored to have Rose as my middle name. I know this isn't really related to the song, and Rose is a super common name, but.... Thanks Tyler. I'll wear my name with pride.

  • Lana Del Who?
    Lana Del Who?


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