ULTIMATE Honda Acura Legend KA7 KA8 2Gen Pictures Slideshow Compilation Tribute
ULTIMATE Honda Acura Legend KA7 KA8 2Gen Pictures Slideshow Compilation Tribute
THBD - Lost In The Night (ft. Pipa Moran)
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  • oneviwatara

    Love the Legend.

  • Thúy Hằng Đỗ
    Thúy Hằng Đỗ

    Very good

  • awakawI ateazrutY ialociN adneG
    awakawI ateazrutY ialociN adneG

    Too bad, Acura did not enter globally than Honda does.

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith

    Sport and luxury got together fucked and had a kid

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis

    What kind of rims are these at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a>?

  • Mario Rover
    Mario Rover

    I miss my baby Acura Legend.

  • bamboo art
    bamboo art

    Aaahh a Hyundai is better

    • Joshua Smith
      Joshua Smith

      Excuse me?

  • Harley Weedwax
    Harley Weedwax

    just bought a 95 sedan yesterday with 133k on the clock...=also have a 91 lowered 2.5 in front/ 2 in rear on 118 inch wheels...owned a 1988 model before too..and even found a merlino red coupe for 700 bux online here ...

  • 95legendcp

    95 ls coupe 6spd. 440,000 miles and counting.

    • Ian Stewart
      Ian Stewart

      93 Legend 4 door with less than 70,000 miles on it.

    • Ultimate Rides
      Ultimate Rides

      man I envy you so much :)

  • oochie wally
    oochie wally

    These were one of the most stolen cars in in the 90s in NYC

  • George Doughly
    George Doughly

    I Love the Acura Legend!

  • pjunior3692

    Definitely a model that Honda/Acura should of countinue making.but legends come and go. I personally believe the rl model is it own brand an not just another legend part2,but still both some of best cars from ACURA

    • Joshua Smith
      Joshua Smith

      I feel the same way about the rsx, its not an integra

  • Танкист Disilberg
    Танкист Disilberg


  • Byungkee Kim
    Byungkee Kim

    most good looking car ever

  • 궁예

    짜세 나오는차


    I miss my legend.. I had a black exterior with white leather and gold rims with gold letters WOW I'll never forget my LEGEND!!

  • TwelvMidnight

    Legendary @notatoyota

  • myownruin187

    Till this day it’s still one of my favorite Legend..

  • supersportzcom

    Last years National Acura Legend Meet nosoft.info/hd/video/aXyPfZCyqHmKp6E

  • supersportzcom

    Acura Legend Owners and Enthusiasts facebook group would be a great source if make another video. The pictures on acuralegend.org are mostly low res

    • Rhoan Campbell
      Rhoan Campbell

      The best looking car Acura ever made.

  • Michael Midgett
    Michael Midgett

    How'd my Ka7 not make the cut here. Just inquiring without sour grapes. :) This side of Vipstats maroon/cranberry sedan, mine has to be the most unique along with J's Legend sedan and Javier's Lopez's sedan. All absolutely beautiful Legends. To see mine, IG or Facebook (better) or acuralegend.org. It's light blue (suzuka blue metallic) fwiw. Semi girl rant over.

    • supersportzcom

      ThirstyTrees sedan too. ;) That ka7 with a ka8 euro spoiler was the first ive seen

    • Michael Midgett
      Michael Midgett

      Ultimate Rides Awww man no worries, it'll give you an opportunity to make another Legend vid😁

    • Ultimate Rides
      Ultimate Rides

      i'm sorry i missed your car, sometimes it's hard to find every single build out there

  • Svpreme Kai
    Svpreme Kai

    At some angles the sedan reminds me of the BMW 7 series from the late 90's.

    • chodumsqeal

      Svpreme Kai 97 m3 got a lot of influence from the legend body style. Hood, headlights and tail lights, resemblance is all there

  • Мой WeekEND
    Мой WeekEND

    She is beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Kanggoo

    too bad theyre rare as balls in finland.

  • 박씽호

    차체가 낮고 넓어 안정적으로 보인다 특히 보닛이 더 넓어서 안정적 미쓰비씨 랜서랑 비슷

  • My beautiful and amazing Princess
    My beautiful and amazing Princess

    I would choose sedan

    • Ultimate Rides
      Ultimate Rides

      they both are super sexy cars

  • Jiwoo Bahc
    Jiwoo Bahc

    저 붉은색 아카디아 색감 지리네 ㄷㄷ

  • Denis55Lan

    better than ferrari or lambo...

    • Ultimate Rides
      Ultimate Rides

      i agree man

  • TB12 DaGoat
    TB12 DaGoat

    Them Legends still sexy as ever, even in 2017..

  • ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣
    ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣

    Damn, I had a 91 Legend in Y2K highschool with 1-piece JDM headlights. Yellow lights where the highbeams are. I should've kept them damn lights when I sold it!! *Impossible* to find now. So I recently bought a 95 Legend with 90,000 miles on the engine. 1 owner. Little old lady that kept it in a garage. It's amazing!

    • supersportzcom

      acuralegend.org, Facebook, or ebay. Going rate for great condition is 300 for sedans and 650 for coupes. FB group is Acura Legend Owners and Enthusiasts

    • Ultimate Rides
      Ultimate Rides

      i know what you mean man, i have got rid of parts for Hondas for cheap like 5 years ago and now stuff is getting really rare and expensive. Congrats on the purchase, Legends are awesome cars, i'd wish to own one some day myself.

  • Gianna Saefong
    Gianna Saefong

    What song is this?

    • Ultimate Rides
      Ultimate Rides

      in the description my friend

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