Unforgiven - Jordan Andrews (Official Music Video)
Unforgiven Official Music Video by Jordan Andrews
To be released on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc: October 2014
Produced and written by: PJ Bianco, Heidi Rojas, Jordan Andrews
Video directed by: Nayip Ramos
Starring: Dakota Raine
Make-up: Tania Hahm
Special thanks to Rich Litvinchuk, Sarah Agbayani, Rochelle Lauren for amazing support on the day we shot this video in the Mojave Desert! Watch this space for the 'Behind the scenes' footage.
Thank You to Jason Davis and the whole team at OneOne7 Media for making this all possible.
Thank you to all my Family, Friends and supporters. This is my first Official Music Video and my first jump into the music market in LA and I could not have done it without all the amazing support around me!
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Twitter: twitter.com/j_a_music
Instagram: instagram.com/jordanandrewsmusic

  • cL Prada
    cL Prada

    so like you guys were arguing in a cave then the cave started to come down and she died??? come on man

  • wendie de lunas
    wendie de lunas

    love your voice :))

  • Nheri Rose G.
    Nheri Rose G.

    Well done! Nice song :) Good Luck on your career kuya Jordan :) Proud Gumayagay :D

  • DexterG19

    Beautiful Song, your song writing really has come along way, we all believe in you brother.

  • Weng Ambi
    Weng Ambi

    love it! beautiful!!!! God bless you more :D

  • Heidi Auld
    Heidi Auld

    This is a brilliant video Jordan!!! Love it!!!!!!

  • David Angel
    David Angel

    So did she die and you never were able to be forgiven!? Great video!

  • Bruce Breakey
    Bruce Breakey

    Big up yourself my brother, keep doing your thing.

  • B Cunningham
    B Cunningham

    Beautiful song. Great video Jordan. x b

  • Tammy Flores
    Tammy Flores

    Great job!

  • Natalie Bradley
    Natalie Bradley

    What a fantastic song. Fantastic! Well done!

  • Romie Gumayagay
    Romie Gumayagay

    Wow!.. finally, we see some hard work here,... and great job Jordan. good luck! God Bless. video really good...

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