Using Drones to Plant 20,000,000 Trees
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Thanks to my friends at Discovery Channel for helping us find Arbor Day in the first place and then capturing all the footage for my video. They are absolute champions to work with I've got some really cool projects coming up soon.
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If you want to learn more about C02 in ancient ice, check out this great video from Dr. Joe Hanson at It's OK to be Smart-
0:28 - On My Way - Tom Goldstein
3:27 - Arrow (Instrumental) - Andrew Applepie
4:42 - Dive - Lvly
6:27 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
9:16 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
11:13 - Q - Blue Wednesday
12:22 - Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak

Summary: The internet challenged Mr. Beast to plant 20 million trees. That is a really hard thing to do. So we banded together all our NOsoft friends and started #teamtrees. Basically we partnered with Arbor Day and got them to agree that for every $1 we raise, they would plant 1 tree.

MERCH (all proceeds go to Autism Speaks):
They are soft-

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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober

    If NOsoft doesn't allow for donations in your area just go to to donate!!! WE GOT THIS!!!!

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      Syed Daud Qutb

      Ohh hi mark

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      Elsa Joseph

      Mark Rober zzjxk

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    • N8 Anim8s
      N8 Anim8s

      Donated 10$, lets make the world a better place

    • Suhey García
      Suhey García

      When Nature Dabbed on Fire Fire:GOD DAMMIT NATURE

  • Lylah Rigby
    Lylah Rigby

    I have 1 thing to say to Gavin NEVER ENOUGH NEVER ENOUGH NEVER NEVER NEVER FOR THE WORLDDDDD comment if you know what movie that’s from (I changed the words a little)

    • Lylah Rigby
      Lylah Rigby


  • wonder_ games
    wonder_ games

    chandler is litterly falling asleep 1:27

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    Budz Pabas

    TEAM TREES!!!!!!!🌲🌲🌲🌲👍👍👍👍🤠🤠🤠🤠

  • KKeith YT
    KKeith YT

    People are better than government Government is the one who will donate there atleast 50000 dollars and help, but instead they're the one who plant we're the one who donate

  • Dennis Saunders
    Dennis Saunders

    should have planted marijuana plants instead of trees they take more co2 out of the atmos

  • Ednax Playz
    Ednax Playz

    Money doesn’t grow from trees but do tread grow from money

  • Life’s Calling
    Life’s Calling

    You are doing a good thing but can you help all of youtube and the world that watches it in a few months the COPPA law will hit youtube and will effect it drastically by signing this petition you will help stop this law

  • XxXLoyangkingXxX

    Hi team trees

  • L S
    L S

    Treevengers assemble!!!

  • Twitch_StarLord_

    Nice! Well done! ~Random Star

  • Mr.Snitch

    We went from trying to help aliens to escape to helping the world stay

  • Rukhsana Yasmeen
    Rukhsana Yasmeen

    tree trunks are made up of biomass

  • Covers With luke
    Covers With luke

    Go you!

  • john rajkumar
    john rajkumar

    don't know why I'm saying this but I'm making a solar powered phone charger (also I'm 10)

  • Cursed Wither
    Cursed Wither

    OK I believe in climate change... But... Why is it always so cold in the Netherlands when it should be hotter...?

  • Rodri Guerra
    Rodri Guerra

    Hey bro. Only 1 million trees left :)

  • axceleric

    At 2:32 if the tree is growing that big, but the soil in the pot still stay the same volume, then yes the tree is eating the soil, lol

  • OG Bros
    OG Bros

    Who else yawned when Chandler yawned


    Hello Mark Rober, I am innovating certain products that I believe could help a lot of developing countries, I call it Spitgy as it relates to its funny history of how I arrived at my solution. I made these models with my good friend Cody Jen. I need someone who is smart, innovative, has extraordinary engineering skills, I knew you are the perfect person that could help us out. We are unsure if our plans could even make a difference but I would love to give it a shot! My email is! Please send me an email if you would like to help us out! BTW I kive your videos it is the only youtube channel where I could enjoy the beauty of science. Thank you!

  • ZATT

    So were giving wood to make wood

  • 1423 171
    1423 171

    I mean if you go back a while longer you will see that Carbon was Significantly higher than 500PPM and the evolution of trees and all stiff body plants almost turned the earth into an Ice cube

  • mag steel
    mag steel

    I think $1 each for 20 million units sounds expensive

  • Ssteven Playz
    Ssteven Playz

    Has bill gates donated yet

  • Darth Danny
    Darth Danny

    2019:planting trees 2020: cleaning oceans

  • Darth Danny
    Darth Danny

    2019:planting trees 2020: cleaning oceans

  • Darth Danny
    Darth Danny

    2019:planting trees 2020: cleaning oceans

  • Darth Danny
    Darth Danny

    2019:planting trees 2020: cleaning oceans

  • Silent Sugo
    Silent Sugo

    Why don't you just have everyone of mr beasts subs to donate a single dollar

  • Joel Alfaro
    Joel Alfaro

    Bru tees Are litering air

  • Silent Sugo
    Silent Sugo

    Of COURSE chandler is the one yawning

  • Jeanene S.
    Jeanene S.

    2019: planting trees 2020: cleaning oceans Everyone spam so Mark and Mr.beast see :D

  • ForTheDhole RoLo
    ForTheDhole RoLo

    I do think that’s really how photosynthesis works but alright, love your videos though

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  • RiftGloomz ._?
    RiftGloomz ._?

    You guys remember that some episode of Futureama when they give the tree the abilities to replicate like a virus and the whole earth gets covered in trees Is that possible

  • threeMetreJim

    Please use any surplus from the wix sponsorship to plant more trees. Leading by example is cool.

  • RiftGloomz ._?
    RiftGloomz ._?

    What if twenty rich NOsoftrs donate 1 million dollars each Or 500 thousand and 40 yters

  • Lloyd Caguinguin
    Lloyd Caguinguin

    The teacher showed us this and we keep on shouting "Mr Beast 6000" to pay respects.

  • Robo Void
    Robo Void

    8:58 time to harass flamingo/albert.

  • Jacob Brandt
    Jacob Brandt

    3.5 to 7 billion trees get cut down each year 20 million is nothing

  • ribs 777
    ribs 777

    I'm trying to make a robot That picks up trash and I'm making a new channel on NOsoft about it when I get the design

  • TheDrJ2006

    Fly Those Drones Over Eagle Creek Portland Oregon USA

  • Caitlynn Spencer
    Caitlynn Spencer

    Humanity: We can fix the Earth later Lil Dicky: If we don't turn things around in the next twelve years, we're screwed. Humanity: Let's plant 20,000,000 million trees!

    • DeepSpaceWanderer

      Reality: 20 million trees is nothing compared to our yearly CO2 emissions

  • FaDed _Apex
    FaDed _Apex

    Plz explain why 7k people dislike this why!!!

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    Christian Zhang

    y does this have dislikes

  • Michelle Waterhouse
    Michelle Waterhouse

    15,543,899 trees!!!

  • Tracie Ficker
    Tracie Ficker

    Your next video should be about bubbles and the stuff

  • Doctor Headshot
    Doctor Headshot

    *Arizona rainforest noises*

  • Ebony The bunny
    Ebony The bunny

    I will donate 10 dollars

  • Silly Bob Science
    Silly Bob Science

    We really wanted to get behind this project, so we decided to make a #teamtrees video on our channel. We had never taken our channel’s puppet presenter out of the studio before, but we felt it would make sense to film it in a forest. Got loads of funny looks from dog walkers, but we had so much fun going out and about. So I wanted to say thank you, not only for what you’re doing with this incredible project, but on a personal note, because it led to such a wonderful experience for us.

  • Dreadpirate Dan
    Dreadpirate Dan


  • Ethan Pyle
    Ethan Pyle

    2019: planting trees 2020: cleaning oceans

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    NanBo Chen

    WHY ARE THERE 7K DISLIKES ON THIS?????!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avenged

    I'm going to go out and plant my own tree in my local area

  • Avenged

    How the F does someone dislike a video about planting trees?

  • Fuzzzy Unicorns
    Fuzzzy Unicorns

    This is why I like Oregon

  • linkfan 3 muskateers
    linkfan 3 muskateers

    I did the math so if they do 100 drones they will do 200x better than a team of humans

  • joe zhao
    joe zhao

    Its basically dollartree

  • Pittsburgh Guy
    Pittsburgh Guy

    2019: Planting trees 2020: Cleaning ocean Let’s get these messages seen

  • Mārtiņš Ozols
    Mārtiņš Ozols

    I don't need to pay you. I can plant my own trees from saplings