Virginia Roberts Giuffre opens up about Prince Andrew in new interview with BBC | ABC News
The prince has said he never witnessed any of the criminal conduct that Jeffrey Epstein was convicted or accused of.
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  • Pedro Miguel de Almeida Areias
    Pedro Miguel de Almeida Areias

    Bolsheviks dealt with this problem in a very clean manner.


    Shell die next in a car crash

  • NOMATIC 1 Lordnomad
    NOMATIC 1 Lordnomad

    Is there a such thing as the statue of limitations?

  • Mary Alexis
    Mary Alexis

    I hope more little girls will came and support Poperts the little girls are more important of Prince that have a friend a paedophile .way the system is protecting him.

  • Alexis Matson
    Alexis Matson

    He doesn't remember cus she is not the only one.

  • Lord Cow-Tart Bungleturd
    Lord Cow-Tart Bungleturd

    British Royality holds the highest standards - I am sure Prince Andrew only ever had sex with Fergie or wanked himself!

  • Shannon S
    Shannon S

    Epstein looked like Lurch.

  • LaQuetta Boren
    LaQuetta Boren

    I am curious on where these parents were when their children are being flown to the other side of the world?

  • Kay Izzio
    Kay Izzio

    Yeah, I’m still waiting for any substantial proof that Prince Andrew abused children..... the photo proves nothing. We don’t even know how old Virginia was in that photo, it’s not dated. Anyone can make claims, especially against something like the royalty family. It doesn’t mean they are true. In fact, I’d imagine lots of people try to make false claims against them, seeing as lots of political elites have their own twisted agendas. Doesn’t mean any of it’s true. I reserve judgment.

  • Yassine Errayes
    Yassine Errayes

  • Edward Buchanan
    Edward Buchanan

    If Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew did have sex with this young woman the DNA evidence will determine it conclusively. However, if the defense does not produce actual evidence then she will be exposed as just another fraud trying to get rich off of other people's success.

  • Rose Rowe
    Rose Rowe

    So Prince Andrew was close friends with Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Charles was friends with Jimmy Saville and former bishop Peter Wilfred Ball. Her majesty sure did raise some sick, sociopathic pedos - I have no respect or sympathy for her (particularly given the patent denials she has released).

  • liten48

    not sure about her, think she,s justout for what she can get ,and she was 17 afterall

  • Linda Taghon
    Linda Taghon


  • Diana Cline
    Diana Cline

    He should be ashamed for what he's done

  • Gina Gladden
    Gina Gladden

    Ms Virginia Roberts is complaining to the media that her sexual experience with Andrew didn’t last long enough. It was too quick. How the hell can she claim to be a traumatized victim when she is clearly begging for more. Look at her face in that photo. She was not disgusted. She was not traumatized. She was happy and eager to please her pimp, Epstein. She’s an extortionist, a murdering whore and I will not stand by and watch her destroy him for any bs reason. I don’t care if she felt ashamed after. She chose this. Big as shit! She was jilted. Now she’s furious and here she comes... so obvious. She’s a jealous jilted whore. Nothing more.

  • Crystal AcFam
    Crystal AcFam

    Prince Andrew is definitely lying about many of his stupidity but an adage in my place says "he/she who weeps to tell a tale of this nature is definitely lying also & desperate to be believed"... What does Ms Roberts want? In the images of her pictures with him, there was no sign of being forced or manipulated We were once 17year olds!? You will definitely see it in us when we are deeply unhappy and forced to do a thing. I honestly wonder if your age was 17 at that time because your conduct was much more of a grown wild female...I feel the Princs should sue you for never giving him an indication that you were underage I do not support abuse or manipulation of young minds but unfortunately you are not helping yourself in this story

  • Dave Clarke
    Dave Clarke

    Big decline in appearance from 17yo and 35yo. What man wouldn't prefer the former?

  • Adam Garcia
    Adam Garcia

    dead to royal PARASITES.

  • alistair lorimar
    alistair lorimar

    Body language speaks a thousand words!😉

  • Lula Mamie
    Lula Mamie

    Why isn’t Maxwell being investigated? Maybe she is and I missed it 🤔🤔🤔

  • BeingBadAtMaths

    Oh, so NOW ABC News wants to report and talk about anything related to the Epstein case! Took you long enough! Utterly pathetic. You're a disgrace to journalism.

  • Wendy Gillard
    Wendy Gillard

    Why hasn't the FBI & Scotland Yard insisted on talking with Andrew? If it was a member of the public they would have. Disgraceful!

  • Merlene Taylor
    Merlene Taylor

    AH HA!!!! Don't have the Sussexes around to scapegoat and deflect from Andrew. NOW SPEAK ON IT!!! SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!!

  • Pamela Drake Wilson
    Pamela Drake Wilson Something happy, in contrast to this scandal. BING CROSBY'S NEPHEW sings his new song, produced by SNAGGLEHOUSE STUDIOS. Not to detract from these poor young ladies who have been victimized. Let's hope justice comes sometime soon!!

  • Sara Spenser
    Sara Spenser

    I didn't see interview..yet. How young was she? At time they had sex?

  • Mj Jones
    Mj Jones

    All the people who keep asking why maxwells not arrested yet it’s simple . she’s helping british police with there 🖐🏻HAND JOBS I meen Enquiries . The enquiries come second after British police have CUMM FIRST 😁

  • Kay Evans
    Kay Evans

    When the news is out to get you then pull down your trousers because you are doomed!! These young girls knew what they were doing living like queens high and if Andrew did or is lying who hasn't these girls income run out now they want more

  • Pete Kersey
    Pete Kersey

    Look at his body language.. shaking his yes when he's saying no! Not a very good liar!

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    Ghislaine Maxwell killed Jeffrey Epstein.

  • Jacques Ingram
    Jacques Ingram

    Maxwell not charged why ??

  • Jacques Ingram
    Jacques Ingram

    Jeffrey esptein Brother Mark said he had injuries on his wrists and shoulder

  • Buddy Mandery
    Buddy Mandery

    All of these ultra wealthy people saying that they didn't know about his conviction as a sex offender ! trump ,roylaty ,gates,the Clinton's,all lies. They all knew. They just didn't care ,until their name gets printed I. The papers. They are ALL guilty. Its funny how short their memories are when the shit hits the fan. The elite on this planet are pulling a scam on us. Time to wake up people.

  • hippy t
    hippy t

    Just watched another video of a Good Morning Britain interview with this woman's father. In his own words he describes her as a good actress. She had numerous occasions to open her mouth and speak. She went back to Epstein again and again willingly. She is a lying gold digger who wants nothing more than fame and fortune. No doubt the book and film are to follow of which the royalties will keep her very comfortable. I hope she's happy with what she has done.

  • slytlygufy

    ABC has zero credibility after killing the story.

  • Edward Catton
    Edward Catton

    Hope all this shit on Andrew does not mean we forget about all the other GRUBS that abused hundreds of girls on the island, in New York, in New Mexico fuck I could probably go on for days. Hope Justice prevails.


    Who give a shit

  • Question4 4Question
    Question4 4Question

    #abccoverup. Again, why did you cover up your interview with Virginia? MSM and the BBC keeps protecting the Elite monsters.

  • Rabbi Law31r1
    Rabbi Law31r1


  • Scarlet Red Magic
    Scarlet Red Magic

    What a lowlife scumbag he is