Walk Around: My Slightly Above Average Acura Legend
Thought it fitting to start the year off with a brief walk around of my 1993 Acura Legend. I absolutely love these old Hondas, aren't they great?
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  • Terry L
    Terry L

    You're wrong about it having just a regular engine, it's actually quite rare. This was my dream car back in the late 90's that I wanted but they were still 30-40 grand at the time

  • Ayush Bhowmick
    Ayush Bhowmick

    Sex Machine.

  • Nick Babeaux
    Nick Babeaux

    Thanks for the video, had a 91 Legend Coupe automatic Pearl on black, soft-close doors works perfectly 25 years later, my head gasket did go at a hundred thirty thousand miles but I think I had a bad mechanic that was taking my money and not doing the maintenance thanks for sharing your beautiful Legend

  • Taylor McMillan
    Taylor McMillan

    I just purchased a ‘94 Legend 4DR.


    beautiful car

  • Arturo Quintero
    Arturo Quintero

    BBS fs💯 an I got a Acura legend 94 but 4 door all white overall clean 2 door

  • David Segura
    David Segura

    Can I follow you? Cause of that legend

  • TU nguyen
    TU nguyen

    I have 91 integra

  • rANDOMdUDe

    And she drives a manual....😵😱

  • Ian O'Grady
    Ian O'Grady

    If u want that car to last... go back to stock everything... tires rubbing... no bueno! U can have that car almost perfect for like $1500.. rims. New front bumper air box timing belt...GOLDEN...

  • VegaTron2020 Yeeesssa!
    VegaTron2020 Yeeesssa!

    U like cack? Miley Cyrus looking azz

  • Everett Sims
    Everett Sims

    Hey I just saw your car in a Donut Media Video 😅🔥👍

  • C'z Locs 624 559
    C'z Locs 624 559

    I gotta 92 legend sedan and I love it!! Still want to do a lil more to it

  • Jo-Ellen

    Great car! The last one I had was a 93 4dr sedan.......it was my all-time favorite car and the Boss stereo was awesome! I love all cars that Honda manufactures! The only thing is I like a stock car with stock wheels and stereo! Enjoy that baby!

  • Wilfried Prokop
    Wilfried Prokop

    Great car, would love to own one!

  • Steven Ruth
    Steven Ruth

    Some dsl

  • Steven Ruth
    Steven Ruth

    U sure have done great dsl lips

  • R P
    R P

    What are maintenance costs per year ? Just wondering thinking about getting one for three grand.

    • R P
      R P

      That’s the only thing holding me back finding a good one and maintenance but yours looks great hope I find one like that. Thanks for the advice.

    • notatoyota

      Uday Hassan Hard for me to say since I've never had to pay labor costs. Also depends on the condition of the car you're looking at and how recently timing belt/water pump/etc. (the big services) were performed. If you find a Legend that was regularly maintained and a good/trusted independent shop that won't charge you a "luxury vehicle tax", then your yearly maintenance costs will be around that of other Hondas from the 90's. I say "around" because some parts are hard to find or discontinued and aftermarket options are laughable, which means no competitive pricing for the consumer. So you have to fork over more than average every now and then for certain parts.

  • Lisa

    Take it to maaco it will look slick

  • james sykes
    james sykes

    I have two Lexus and I still want a Legend!

  • Amit715

    U still have it ?

    • notatoyota

      Amit715 , absolutely 😎

  • sterling snow
    sterling snow

    Love this. I have a 94 Acura black on black 6 speed also and love the car. Never getting rid of mine. You have a beauty

    • sterling snow
      sterling snow

      notatoyota all we need now is the tint on the windows. That’s about all I can say. 😉

    • notatoyota

      sterling snow Thanks!

  • Ron O'Connor
    Ron O'Connor

    Love the G2 6-spd coupes! Best of luck keeping this one going. I'm still hanging on to my white/tan G1 '89 5-spd L coupe. Hoping to get it back on the road after fixing (what I suspect is) a BHG.

  • Andrew Payonk
    Andrew Payonk

    Very nice!

    • notatoyota

      Andrew Payonk Thanks!

  • Your LightingGUY
    Your LightingGUY

    nosoft.info/hd/video/sJ24o2KXmH97x3s here is a REAL TYPE 2

  • Your LightingGUY
    Your LightingGUY

    TYpe 2 IS THE 3.5 NOT THE 3.2, so you need to take that type 2 badge off

    • DJCYCLONEdotcom

      The Second Generation Acura Legend had C32A1, C32A2 (Type II) both were SOHC. Other C series were, the C35A SOHC was in the Acura RL/Honda Legend 96+, C30A DOHC (NSX) C32B DOCH (NSX), there was also a C32A6 found in the TL from 1996-1998 that was SOHC as well. There are a few other C series engines that I didn't mention that were found in the 1st generation Legends and a few 90s Accords. NOTE: I've owned 3 Acura Legends although 1 was a parts car. I still own 2 of them. All 3 of them were C32A2 (Type II). I've build these motors with forged pistons, rods, crank-work, and head-work. I'm active in the Legend community and I am in a very small niche of Legend owners that are running extremely custom builds with boost and other custom fit parts from other vehicles. The 3.5 RL motor is often either completely swapped in the Legend or it is used for the bottom end (block) and swapped keeping the Legend heads. This method is often known as a Frankenstein motor swap. This is very common in the Honda world or even with Toyota/Lexus on the 2JZ swap with IS300 heads. The Type II (and it's roman numerals, not a "2" numeric digit is and has always been a 3.2L Acura Legend motor. Some confusion comes to people when talking about the Japanese motors. As they had different names for the trim levels. In the North American market you had base, L, LS, SE, GS trims. JDM had 'Beta' and 'Alpha' models. The Type II in Japan was only found in the Alpha Touring Series model. This model is rare and included not Navigation, Projector headlights (which I've never even seen), the Alpha Touring grille, dual zone climate control, TCS, and similar equipped options available to the US market in the LS and GS models. I hope that clears a few things up for you.

    • notatoyota

      Your LightingGUY The RL was the successor to the Legend, yes, another astute observation of yours. My point still stands. "Type 2" denotes a *variation* of the 3.2 (C32A) engine, not the 3.5 (C35A) engine found in the RL. Different car, similar but different engine. No *Acura* Legend (the car featured in the video) in the *North American* market came with a 3.5 from the factory. Nice try. 😂

    • Your LightingGUY
      Your LightingGUY

      @notatoyota wrong TYpe 2 is the legend that had a 3.5 under the hood in 1994 1995 or 96 fetured the RL that has the 3.5 in it...the legend became the RL. im sure you already knew that....your attentiuon to detail is admirable type 2 lmao

    • notatoyota

      Your LightingGUY I don't need to do shit. The 3.5 is a different engine from a different car. "Type 2" is just a performance variant of the factory 3.2. If you're going to try and correct me, at least know what the fuck you're talking about. 😂

  • Your LightingGUY
    Your LightingGUY

    its not mint if you dont have stock wheels......it a clean CAR BUT NOT minty

    • notatoyota

      Your LightingGUY 😂😂😂😂😂

  • David Micevski
    David Micevski

    i dont know why i like this car so much but ill definitely buy one for fun. Do you still own it?

    • notatoyota

      David Micevski Sure do.

  • zo maq
    zo maq

    You are beautiful :-) & I love your hair. Also, very nice ride you got there

  • Jermaine J
    Jermaine J

    Man these cars man, HARD to find. I need one of these in my life. I have an SC400, Datsun 240z, 91 MR2. Man love those big body coupes. They just don't make cars as well, as they did back then. Seats look like they are in great condition.

  • VegaTron2020 Yeeesssa!
    VegaTron2020 Yeeesssa!

    Your face makes me angry.

  • Łukasz Rzedzicki
    Łukasz Rzedzicki

    Great car, I like classic Hondas ;) Legend looks great.

  • Alexa Rios
    Alexa Rios

    that's my dream car hope to own one again. but for now my rhd gsr is a dream as well

  • megachef04

    For years I always wondered the name of this car

  • The007FMG


  • deepfriedjack wrx
    deepfriedjack wrx

    "It's cute its cute" 😂 my legend scares the shit outta me, its bi-polar on performance

  • wayne han
    wayne han

    Love the black interior. I have two 95 sedans and one 94, 6sp coupe all tan color:( Didn't have a choice for black since it's dying breed.

  • junie VertZz
    junie VertZz

    Was a dream car of mine but went with another rare car. An audi a4 cabriolet 2007. Love her.

  • iPalmBeach Vapes
    iPalmBeach Vapes

    “Feels great on the ass” My kinda girl. 😂

    • j millie
      j millie

      iPalmBeach Vapes good one

  • Jenkanz

    Hey can u fold down the rear seats on this model?

    • notatoyota

      No, that'd be nice though.

  • Cmdr Riotz
    Cmdr Riotz

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="165">2:45</a> you know what else feels great on the ass? Preparation H.

  • Gabriel Pacana
    Gabriel Pacana

    That car is beautiful

  • Neil J
    Neil J


  • robert hildebrand
    robert hildebrand

    Btw "cold air intakes" are bullshit watch the mighty car mods vid def go back to stock air box

  • robert hildebrand
    robert hildebrand

    Ok so when do you wanna kiss????


    am i the only one who would kill to have an legend

    • Noel Reynoso
      Noel Reynoso

      You can just buy one. No need to kill lol

    • Brittany Sahadat
      Brittany Sahadat

      I’m on the hunt for one now... so no your not the only one

    • daniel zamora
      daniel zamora

      I got a 1995 acura legend ls automatic coupe with 140k miles orginal type 2 engine

  • Branden Shervington
    Branden Shervington

    I have a 95 black Coupe. Awesome.cars. Wish my interior was black 😔

  • F32_Koto

    Only owners that are true legends own Legend'ary cars.

  • pragash gnana
    pragash gnana

    I have an 04 TL, I've always loved the legend but hard to find

  • Henry Tang
    Henry Tang

    regular ass v6 my ass, 30 valves longitudinally laid out , find me another if you can.

  • Trigga Fingahs
    Trigga Fingahs

    proud owner of a black on black 4dr 94 GS appreciate your videos #goals

  • Shawn Morris
    Shawn Morris

    Definitely a fan of the older Acuras. Acura/Honda enthusiast here. Definitely subscribed 👍🏽

    • notatoyota

      Shawn Morris Dope, thanks for watching!


    your legend looking real clean👌.90's cars are the best imo. ill probably sell my e34 soon for another 90's car and im kinda digging the acura.

  • The Gee Lifestyle
    The Gee Lifestyle

    Great find. Rare indeed.

  • Alex Cabrera
    Alex Cabrera

    Nice 👍🏿 video sister and I’m her bother so back off hates how belt you Chang that dis like to a like

  • The Boogeyman
    The Boogeyman

    A woman?

  • Amit715

    My favorite car ..I had a 92 5speed

  • LeftyLin72

    Wish I had a 6 speed sedan instead of auto

  • Reginald Garcia
    Reginald Garcia

    I love that car. Great choice always a classic

  • MiniToBe

    liked the post....I'm working on rebuilding my 95 Coupe LS 6sp engine. I got stock separating the engine from the manual transmission. Do you have any tips or tricks to get it out? thank you

    • MiniToBe

      @notatoyota thank you for the pointers. I was going crazy becuase it felt like wanted to come but didn't...i brused the bell housing prying against it..lol. I'll search for this tool and hope to progress further with this project. I also scored a 6sp GS that might need a head gasket! Again, thank you.

    • notatoyota

      Salah Sharief Yeah, don't forget about the intermediate shaft; you'll have to make a special tool to pull it out. Also, don't go crazy with the prying. If it doesn't separate with reasonable force, you probably forgot something.

  • imyanigmw

    This shit hard as fuck, definitely my dream car back then. I'd still drive this shit. This, Mazda MPV, Lexus GS300, Caddy Eldorado, Buick Riviera, Taurus SHO wagon were some hood classics back in the day. Good shit sis!

  • Ben Broly
    Ben Broly

    Love the way you stated the leather seats are “great” on the ass. Got me all frothy in the mouth.. 😜😜🤪

  • TheCrimson Fucker
    TheCrimson Fucker

    Great to see other people who love the Legend. I also have a black '91 coupe with a plethora of upgrades including nos. Beautiful cars, good luck with yours!

    • softwarebrian

      Getting a sedan next week, very excited

  • TheArtimov

    Beautiful car :-) I have a European model, Honda LEgend KA7, 1993. She is in good condition. I use every day my car and my colleauges are a bit envious.

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen

    Thx for sharing, can’t find these car even in that shape anymore. Car is sexy like the owner 😘


    You got good taste baby👌🏾🤙🏾

  • Kevin Oliveros Aguilar
    Kevin Oliveros Aguilar

    I just got a Legend '92 !! Not really car savvy so if you could keep those videos coming that would be awesome!!!!!!!!

  • IND4GR0V3

    love this car what type of oil do you run? used to have 03 cl type s 6 speed currently have 04 tl

    • notatoyota

      IND4GR0V3 I use full synthetic, Mobil 1 typically.

  • Floyd McCarty
    Floyd McCarty

    I’m not gonna lie it almost turned my stomach to see that air intake , and I tepidly say that radio. A lot of people changed their systems and I never could figure out why because there were options that made the factory systems sound remarkable. Bet you would think the front bumper. Not so I had just got my front and back bumpers done. Beautiful! Some guy decides to eat a subway sandwich and drive ,lacerated back bumper and I’m scared to fix it until I get the mechanic dimples removed from the fenders and that will be when somebody gets this check engine light fixed. The Vigor was so fast and everybody had a legend that knew what a car was ;) the Vigor would give that big Lexus a fit! For half the price. And still pure sexy. I’m justly saying. Think about putting the original stereo back in. Please don’t think me as a critic. You keep being cool 😎 okay 👌.

    • notatoyota

      Floyd McCarty I actually agree with you. I much prefer the factory head unit to the aftermarket din that's in there now, it doesn't even work. Thankfully the previous owner gave me the old unit, so I'll have that installed eventually.

  • orangejuiceneggs

    Lexol for the leather, get rid of the air intake and go back stock, you’ll get better low end torque in the warmer weather.. Get a drop in performance filter. That ram air is terrible with the heat, wish I had never removed mines back in the day.

  • Sebastian Sutton
    Sebastian Sutton

    I've had 2 legends and loved them both. I'm glad you have this channel!

  • Andy Kang
    Andy Kang

    What’s your thoughts on Nissan 300ZX? It’s my current obsession.

    • notatoyota

      Andy Kang Don't know much about them apart from being difficult to work on, and much like Legends, I hardly ever see them. Really dig how they look though; another sexy 90's import.

  • Nperez1986

    I have a white 91 restored one, made me appreciate these SO much more :). Gotta love that interior

  • #anthonyron82

    This was my dream car like 20 years ago.

    • Fire Cast
      Fire Cast

      It's one of mine now.

  • Taylor Lam Himself
    Taylor Lam Himself

    Why are you me and what are you doimg with my car?

  • Kevin O'Donoghue
    Kevin O'Donoghue

    Great Vid, and a great car. A very rare car here in the Emerald Isle of Ireland and known as the Honda Legend Coupe. Less than 10 of these cars left between Ireland and the United Kingdom! Show us some more vids soon. Much Greetings from Dublin, Ireland.

    • notatoyota

      Kevin O'Donoghue Wow, and I thought they were rare here in the states! Appreciate your comment, thanks for watching :)

  • Roberto Salvatti
    Roberto Salvatti

    Those ghetto wheels ruin the car, try to find the originals.

    • Ryan

      malik rileynkjl,lb` woah smart guy alert!!!

    • malik rileynkjl,lb`
      malik rileynkjl,lb`

      I thought the Ghetto was a inner city slum what does that have to do with the rims???

    • Jordan Price
      Jordan Price

      Those if I'm not mistaken, are the old Volk TE37 wheels that are actually quite rare being that they are long discontinued.. those are like mid 00's old, like 2003 old

  • Gabriel Segundo
    Gabriel Segundo

    Love the sedan, have one but i want a coupe!

  • Sabroso Lopez
    Sabroso Lopez

    Congratulations on getting your dream car!! I also just got my dream car. 11 Acura TL 6MT

    • notatoyota

      Thanks! Glad you were able to get yours :)

  • Chris Deveney
    Chris Deveney

    I have a min condition 92 coupe with 78 k miles on it. Love these old hondas as well!

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